Monday, April 29, 2013

Lenny Drake –Love Eyes (Cast Your Spell on Me)

Lenny Drake –Love Eyes (Cast Your Spell on Me)/(I’m A) One Woman Man –Rated X (for Excellence) Records 6969 (1970 US)

Now this is a hot one from 1970: Proto Punk, Garage, Bonehead…This single hits all the spots and then some; it really CUTS LOOSE! Love Eyes contains some of the most blistering guitar ever cut to vinyl and it’s no  dirge by any means as it’s a great tune with a real chorus. What makes this an even more remarkable release is that this appears to be a one man band operation all underpinned by a vintage drum machine!!! Weird and truly wonderful…The B side is also good but a more straightforward garage track with a rickety beat and fuzz; but without the edge of the A side. Lenny was the leader of a 60s Detroit area instrumental band Lenny and the Thundertones and is also the man behind the incredible This World (Is Closing In On Me) -Preston/Chris Carpenter. The man certainly loved using brackets in his song titles! More info on the web

Hear a full version of Love Eyes

Hear a full version of One Woman Man

Monday, April 22, 2013

Streetlight Fight -25 singles and 3 LPs on ebay


I have just listed some records on ebay, including Angie's Streelight Fight single which is the title track of Bonehead Crunchers Vol 4

You can see the listings here

Hear a sound clip of Streetlight Fight

and the B side Wild Child

Here is the full list of records

ANT -Banana Pie- RARE Junkshop GLAM -Anthony Bygraves 1974
Slowload -BIG Boobs Boogie -Bonehead Cruncher -1971
J.C. Livingstone –Momma Was a Steamroller Lady-Wild Junkshop GLAM
Feather -Stupid Girl -RARE PROTO PUNK/GLAM 1975
Billy Hamon -BUTCH THINGS -Cult JUNKSHOP Classic Dutch Pic Sleeve
Ramma Damma –Legendary Killer GLAM Weirdness -1974
Rats -Turtle Dove -GLAM Classic-German Pic Sleeve- 1974
Lennart & Dagleth -You Can Make It Better -Top Crunching GLAM 1975
Stephan & The Wild Boys -The Wild Boys -US Proto Punk/GLAM -1976
FOX-Who Do -Obscure Aussie Hard Rock-Bonehead 1974
Blood Chains -Suzie Rare Crunching Glam- 1975
Marcus Hook Roll Band -Natural Man -UK DEMO-Easybeats Vanda/Young 1972
Galahad -Rocket Summer-GLAM/PSYCH FUZZ GROOVER
Neil Christian – She’s Got The Power -Top FUZZ GLAM Monster
Douglas –The Monkey Song-Killer Heavy Bubblegum/Glam
BOSTON BOPPERS -Did You Get What You Wanted-Mutoid GLAM Promo sheet 1974
Flamin' Groovies -Shake Some Action -RARE Dutch Pic sleeve 1976
Angel -Good Time Fanny -Top JUNKSHOP GLAM Belter 1974
Lennart. Messagie & Dagleth -And I Love Her -Classic WEIRD Glam 1975
Angie -Streetlight Fight -on BONEHEAD CRUNCHERS vol 4 Freakbeat/Proto-Punk
SKID-I Saw Her Standing There - UK PUNK/GLAM -1977
Ken Khury-Baby Doll –Sleazy Junkshop GLAM 1975
The Bunch -Bye Bye Rock and Roll Queen- Hard BONEHEAD CRUNCHER 1974
Alan Blakley –Lost Without You/ Gimme Rock ‘n’ Roll –Great GLAM 2-sider
Brother Susan -See My Fingers Fly -KILLER Junkshop GLAM 1974
BONEHEAD CRUNCHERS VOL 1 LP USA Proto-Punk Obscurities 1969-77 Ltd 300
BONEHEAD CRUSHERS (Crunchers) VOL 2 14 Demented Fuzz-Faced Monsters from the USA
BONEHEAD CRUNCHERS VOL 3 Big Boobs Boogie UK PROTO PUNK Madness 300 ltd

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Melodiers –Thinking of You

Melodiers –Thinking of You/Bein’ in Love –Pageant 131 -970 (197? US)

Where the world of song poems and Bonehead Crunchers collide…The unfortunate soul known as Yvonne M. Rioux sent off these heart-felt lyrics along with her cheque to get this paean to lost love put to music. She would surely get the love of her life back once he heard her masterpiece. Just imagine her excitement when the records finally arrived in the post, but then she played it…

The Melodiers were the house-band on The Tin Pan Alley/TPA label once the label had relocated to Florida, and Pageant was on an off-shoot label. For poor,Yvonne the band didn’t even bother changing chords during the song!!!. The singer clings on to the lyric sheet tighter than he does to any semblance of structure or tune, however the guitarist is quite inspired and truly lets rip underpinned by the Dee Dee Ramone drive of the bass. All in all it’s quite an overwhelming experience sitting through this performance, remembering they probably cut another 20 “tunes” during that session. The B side has some other deluded soul’s marriage proposal receiving a crooner delivery

Hear a full version of Thinking of You

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Utrecht Record Fair April 2013 –Day 2

The 2nd day was a more relaxed affair, although some dealers were only displaying their wares for the first time today, so there was plenty of new stock to go through.

Apart from the usual bargains...

There were some top ticket items to be found and either

1)      Bought outright for cash

2)      Paid via PayPal by phone

3)      Or left behind to be mulled over until a new opportunity beckons

I couldn’t leave the building without a slice of Bonnie, especially when looking this fetching! (see above)

Novak’s Kapelle. This was a recent discovery for me and I now have their first 2 singles. Check out this very cool TV appearance


Some weird and wonderful heavy Fuzz US releases. and a killer Brazilian? Fuzz Monster

More unique Glam, I was unaware that these 2 great songs from Tears had appeared as a single. So will I ever find God Save the 45 in that format one day? The Monica Tornel is a great version of the NQB song

Next week, there is the London Olympia fair which is always a rather deflating experience after Utrecht, but then again what isn’t...




Friday, April 12, 2013

Utrecht Record Fair April 2013 -Day 1

Got up in time for the early start as usual for set up day...

       Jaarbeurs...6:50am...the gateway to paradise...

I was lucky to stumble upon a German dealer with plenty of unplayed radio copies of some prime Glam singles. All spares...

Picked up the rest during the morning, of particular note is the title track of the next volume of Bonehead Crunchers, namely Streetlight Fight by Angie


Some nice discoveries , including what sounds like a killer Glam single by Zabu. A French guy connected to Magma of all people. Iwas looking for that Charlie Woolfe single with its great B side featuring Ian Hunter and Freedy Fingers Lee. It's All Meat is a cool Canadian single. The B side of that Spode single sounds like Joe Meek...


Tomorrow I start again, but am returning to London tomorrow evening as I have to be at Wembley for the FA Cup semi final

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Utrecht Record Fair April 2013

So here we go again...Always hoping to make new discoveries whilst wading through box after box and crate of singles. I have no wants list as such;  purchases are solely based on opportunity and the mood at the who knows.
Now I received the following comment on my Belgian shopping trip back in February. Of course it was sent by “anonymous”. It appears that this person feels I should refrain from sharing how I actually find this stuff. Now I am not going to write about my ebay purchases, but half the fun is the journey and digging for gems. I know my shopping trips have led to others making the trip to Utrecht as well as going to the record shops I have written about. So what do you think? Should I keep quiet? Could my ego take it? Anyhow here is the comment from the prat himself.

Anonymous said...
Don't you think it's a snobby ego-trip to post photos of records you buy? Nobody like you - the famous collector of obscure 70's 45s! WOW! Buy records - make trade/sell list - that's OK. But better keep posting details about obscure records with sounds on your great blog, than your shopping (ego)trips and comments about record shops. And what is an expensive used record? Used records have no price - the price is what the record collector is ready to pay.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Black Snake Regeneration - Where Ever You Want

Black Snake Regeneration - Where Ever You Want/Tree –Vedette Records 5016 (1971 Belgium)

Black Snake Regeneration are in fact Les Serpents Noirs a long standing Belgian combo from Liege who’s long journey from purveyors of Belgo-Twist in 62 through many stylistic changes continues to the present day.

So a lack of confidence in their own identify probably explains the use of a different moniker for this fascinating single. So where does it fit? Well hard to say, but it’s really bizarre. It starts with  strange lo-fi sounding percussion adds some pounding piano along with  the popsike vocal attempt then returns to the tribal chanting section and ends with some compressed lead and a weird "scratch" effect. What the hell were they trying to do?. It’s a one-off for sure, but a most enjoyable interlude to their career.

Hear a full version of Where Ever You Want

Friday, April 05, 2013

Youtah –Let Me Have It

Youtah –Let Me Have It/Good To Me –Revelation Records Ltd. AS 1029 (1974 US)

Another mystery group; this time purveying a welcoming blend of mid 70s Powerpop. Let Me Have It is the more intricate creation of the two. The song is both riff-heavy along with sporting lush vocal harmonies. The track, although going on a bit, twists and turns highlighting a range of different instrumentation. Good To Me is more straightforward and is closer to classic Titan Powerpop or what bands like Blue Ash or Circus may have been doing at the time. Revelation Records was an outlet for Appalachia Sound Recording studios in Chillicothe (OH) and appeared to have had quite an eclectic release policy.

Hear a full version of Let Me Have It

Hear a full version of Good To Me