Friday, October 12, 2018

Rowing Gamblers - A World of Roses -Swedish Pop perfection (1969)

Rowing Gamblers - A World of Roses/My Very Special Dream –Parlophone SD 6071 (1969 Sweden)

A World of Roses was the 4th Rowing Gamblers single released in 1969 and it’s a perfect piece of Swedish Pop  recalling Badfinger with some back to basics Let It Be/White Album meaty guitar sound.
 It also fits nicely with The Tages or Blond’s pop sensibilities which is not surprising when you learn that Göran Lagerberg from those bands actually wrote the tune. The bridge, late on, has a very recognisable Tages melodic twist to it. 
The Rowing Gamblers were formed in the Stockholm area in 1965 and released 5 singles prior to disbanding in 1970

Hear a full version of A World of Roses