Friday, June 25, 2010

Beadfreak –Crazy Motorcycle Freak

Beadfreak –Eve of Destruction/ Crazy Motorcycle Freak –Rotten Rat Records R-1001/1002 (197? US)

Note quite Uge, Wild Man Fisher or The Legendary Stardust Cowboy, but Beedfreak does his best to up the stakes on this Novelty biker number. The gravely atonal vocals, make the record stand out but also grate, making this a pretty much a one-off experience. A much better record would have ensued if the over present harmonica had been replaced by a fat fuzz...The Rotten Rat label’s address is in Brooklyn, so someone must have info on this release.
Eve of Destruction is also pretty much out there, but less so when considering that the gruff vocals are not a million miles away from Barry McGuire’s delivery, although eve of destruction comes out more like heave of destruction...Again someone/somewhere must be sitting on a few boxes of this one, still dreaming of a bright empty highway ahead...

Hear a full version of Crazy Motorcycle Freak

Hear a full version of Eve of Destruction

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Paper Lace -So What If I Am

Paper Lace –So What If I Am/ Himalayan Lullaby –Philips 6000176 (1975 German issue)

I never thought that I would ever review a single by Paper Lace...but what if I am?
Looking like the outright winners from an all night Bavarian fisting competition, the normally clean and commercially viable Paper Lace tough it up on this non-hit outing from 1975. Rarely has a record sounded as much like its picture sleeve as this one. Obviously posed and contrived to gain entry with the Boot Boy crowd, So What If I Am is built upon a convincing stomp, with though guy vocals and silly synth bleebs sprinkled on top. It all ends up sounding rather marvellous and if it were not Paper Lace, this would be high on many a wants list, where it firmly belongs...Now if only they were sporting steel capped DMs under their elephant flares...

Hear a full version of So What If I Am

Saturday, June 19, 2010

My Single collection

I have been attempting to somehow manage my record collection a bit better by entering my main single collection onto an Excel spread. There are 2 main tabs, the main one with Glam, Bubblegum, Powerpop and a few Punk singles and the one I am currently updating with the Garage Punk and Girl Group singles.
Please note these are not spare singles that I am selling or trading, but you are welcome to have a perusal. Please let me know if there are any glaring omissions on the Glam/Bubblegum section which I must own!
Also if there are any particular reviews you would like to see based on the spreadsheet, I will consider these requests, but I have to be in the right mood!
The link to download the spreadsheet is at the top of my links.
But you can also access it through the link above

Not sure why I have 15 Reparata (with/or without Delrons)...

I used to buy records, then I started to collect them, now I just accumulate...

Have fun!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

My Version is Better Than Yours Part 11: P.J. Hollywood vs. Dominik -Rocket

P.J. Hollywood –Rocket/Telephone –Movie Play SN 20.917 (1974 Spanish issue)

Domink –Rocket/Telefon –Music Records 13576 (1974 German issue)

Or a case of my Rocket will go higher than yours...But both versions use the same backing tracks (produced by Peter Weinkauf) and both issues have the same B side, so not too sure of the story here.

Prior to the work he was most famous for –Donna Summer, Janet Jackson, Elton John, Tina Turner, etc...Pete Bellotte released the stomping Moonshiner on Decca using “Tracey Dean” as his pseudonym (check out: ) ...and now potentially this version of Mud’s Rocket.

This Spanish sleeve actually features the same photo that was used on the cover of Moonshiner and his proud moustachioed look is on a par with his sometime partner Giorgio Moroder...Could it be that the Spanish art department just borrowed the photo from the Tracey Dean sleeve and that there’s no Bellotte involvement here?

Anyhow much is less known of Teutonic love God Dominik ( or was he a front?). His version uses the same backing track, but it’s kind of a blast to hear it in German. Below you will find both the German and English Dominik versions. The English version was released in France on Eurodisc, so the choice is yours if you have the time and inclination...Although the conclusion may be that both English versions are pretty much the same apart from the end edit, so is it just a case of with or without a moustache?

Next someone will tell me that Peter Weinkauf is in fact Pete Bellotte...then I will really be confused!

Hear a full version of P.J. Hollywood’s Rocket

Hear a full version of Dominik’s Rocket (in German)

Hear a full version of Dominik’s Rocket (in English)

Monday, June 14, 2010

Tiger –The Bomb + Tigers on Vaseline –The John Scene

Tiger –Hot Amsterdam/ The Bomb –Philips 6012 376 (NL 1973 )

Ladies and Gentlemen...time to unleash this is the third Tigers on Vaseline single and in particular the more Proto than PunkTHE BOMB. Yes more Punk before Punk featuring singer Arthur Kolkert’s Eccles impersonation over a super charged guitar onslaught supplied by producer Boudewijn de Groot ...and it’s only the B side! Would you believe it also features a timbales break?...Hot Amsterdam finds the Tigers in Jacques Brel meets Liza Minelli pre-war Cabaret mode....It seems like anything went in Hot Amsterdam...

Beryl sighs cos her eyes won’t turn out a surprise,
It’s her husband who’s topping the show!
He looks smart, Super-Tart as his mother would snarl,
Suffragette of the ever-go-round,
Airport macs deal in sacks, giggling monotone tupes,
by the same time Bill does the custom-desk,
But a way of life opens when he’s lost in the dozen
Of all Factor Maxed Angels of Hell!

What?????? The lyrics even puts The FrenchiesLola Cola or Dillinger’s Coming to shame...

Oh yes and there’s more as I have reinstated the missing sound file of the incomparable The John Scene (see original review here: ) and added the B side, the lunacy which is What My Hairdo?
Could someone please confirm that their first single What You Will/ Alabama Shake actually exists!!!!

Hear a full version of The Bomb

Hear a full version of Hot Amsterdam

Hear full versions of The John Scene and What My Hairdo

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Pax –All The Way To Memphis

Pax –All The Way To Memphis/Baby I Love You –Reca RS 2059 (197? DK)

Let’s stay in the rotten state of Denmark for this one. Tiger, Walkers, Children, Zig Zag Band or Mabel were not alone as I now bring you Pax... Apart from their accents, these bands definitely had something going with their neat and clean hair. Yes they rocked out, but their stylist and a bottle of good conditioner were never far behind. So let’s hear it for Carl Erik Simonsen, Dan Olsen, Jan Ploug, Michael Johansen and Claus Johansen. At first I was hoping that this was going a miss titled cover of Mott’s All The Way From Memphis, or even better an answer song. Well perhaps it is, I’m not too sure, but it’s a straight ahead rockin’ little number spruced up with some Glammy HEYs and those peculiar lo-fi synth beeps... No great production values here though, as we are talking small label, but All The Way To Memphis is a perfunctory rock tune that still fits right in on Purepop...although The Walkers have nothing to really worry about. So -what else is there in ol' DK?

Hear a full version of All The Way To Memphis

Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Tiger – I Love You

Tiger – I Love You/Jeannie –BASF 05 15574-3 (1975 DK)

I Love you was the second (and last?) single from Denmark’s Tiger. It is taken off their fine LP Superman’s Band and although not quite as life affirming as their first single Crazy, it stands firmly on its own merit in its quirkiness and general pizzazz. The Toy-like synth combined with the near-Bolan twinned with Steve Harley vocals and minimal DIY arrangements, makes this one charming little keeper. Nifty sleeve eh? They certainly had it down pat in Denmark in 1975...

Hear a full version of I Love You

Thursday, June 03, 2010

Zakatek –Get Your Gun

Zakatek –Get Your Gun/Gotta Runaway –Bell 1335 (UK 1973)

Preposterous and overblown ode to the plight of the red man as only an English middle class white woman could write. Get Your Gun makes The Garnets' Indian Uprising sound positively credible and insightful!
This was Lenny Zakatek’s second single after being discovered by Linsey De Paul and it packs an incredulous punch. Dig the arrangement, sentiment, and spoken interlude... what an opus. Lenny is still playing these days, but I can’t quite imagine him singing this one as an encore, then again I could be wrong...

Hear a full version of Get Your Gun

Thanks to Ram for the photo of Lenny. Taken from the German issue of the single...