Thursday, August 15, 2019

Philadelphia Brown – Vote For Rock and Roll – UK Junkshop Cruncher

Philadelphia Brown – Hold Me/ Vote For Rock and Roll – Strawberry C.J.5 (UK 1976)

Was Philadelphia Brown some obscure Philly Soul session guy? Was Philadelphia Brown a potent form of Pennsylvanian heroin? Nope and Nope... Philadelphia Brown was an outgrowth of Angel who under the tutelage of Andy Scott and Mick Turner released a couple of great Sweet soundalike Rabble Rousers namely Good Time Fanny and Little Boy Blue on Cube.

Philadelphia Brown was comprised of ex Angels - guitarist Bob Banasiak (who also was in Fancy with Nigel Benjamin), singer Brian Johnson and drummer Steve Rickard

They ended up releasing  2 singles on the President Strawberry imprint. While the first one  1-2-3 is of limited interest, on this single’s B side they certainly hit the jackpot. Unshackled of the obvious Sweet trappings, Vote For Rock and Roll is a loud, crunching, hand clap driven monster with one hell of a hook and full production values. The A side Hold Me is an obvious top side choice as more commercial in a chugging Rubettes-like pastiche fashion. Hold Me was also covered by Hello. While it is an enjoyable ride, you are bound to flip sides over and over again to regal in this unheralded 70s Gem

Hear a full version of Vote For Rock and Roll

Hear a full version of Hold Me