Saturday, November 21, 2015

Utrecht Record Fair November 2015: Day 2

Saturday, normally all the good deals are made on the Friday, but this time I had not picked up stuff in the usual numbers.
However I am well pleased with the finds.

A new discovery for me was this Penny Wise single. I believe it is the 2nd of 3 singles the band released before they metamorphosed into Amsterdam
It's a lovely lush pop number, starting in a near Pet Sounds setting then crossing the Atlantic into a British 68 popsike sound...

Now a new feature these last few Utrechts are the Omega auctions taking place on the Saturday.
I had dreams of  living out my Storage Hunters fantasies

However there was a reason. I had my heart set of securing an original sleeved copy of the A2 Looking at You. A nice touch was meeting John Sinclair after the win. He asked if I wanted him to sign it and I reacted by a loud NOOOOOOOO!!!! Not too cool on my part, but I was well pleased that he signed the white paper sleeve. He confirmed that there were 500 sleeves.

 I lost out on I Can Only Give You Everything, but my flutter on my main object of desire paid out without going too crazy even with the 25% commission!

Of course there was another A&M God Save The Queen, but the prices are decreasing each time as the awareness spreads of the number of copies still available

Friday, November 20, 2015

Utrecht Record Fair November 2015: Day 1

So it really began in earnest...only this time it felt rather flat. I was there at 7:10am as the first dealers drove in, but by 9am, I had only found 3 singles! Normally I have upwards of 30 by that time.

Some of the regular German singles guys had less in the way of 60s/70s stuff, more 80s. Also I no longer have the urge (and patience) to go through 10.000 cheap singles in one swoop.

But as the day went on, I found some good stuff, main winners included the 32nd Turnoff Italian only single, but I will only spend one night with this tiger as it is destined to someone who has been looking for it for years.

The Thane Russall and Cape Kennedy Construction Company are the main personal finds.

Of interest is the self-released  Dutch Trash single a buzzing proto punk take on Johnny B Goode 1973)  and the Weird Swedish Don Curtis single (1969)

Let's see if the excitement levels  rise tomorrow...Well John Sinclair will be there, and there's the live Auction which includes some great MC5 stuff. Storage Wars, here we come...

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Utrecht Record Fair: Day - 1

Here I am in a dark rainy Utrecht. I got in quite late and only caught the end of the pre main fair outdoor mini record fair.

Picked up a nice upgrade copy of the rare third PANTHERMAN single, where Frank goes for the Kiss unmasked look. You decide which is more scary....

Anyhow I will be there at the main event from 7am....who knows what tomorrow will bring

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Kingdom – All I Need

Kingdom –All I Need/Nothing Could Be Better –United Artists UP 35145 (1970 UK)

Heavy Gritty Freakrock of the highest order. All I Need is a deep dirge that reeks of a Carnaby Street hangover waking up in the middle of Underground Explosion ’69. The cavernous drums are amazing as is the lead guitar played with wild abandonment.  The performance works even better as the chorus helps to keep things tight and compact. The B side is also good, but is more diffused and lacks the focus of the other side.

I couldn’t find much about these guys, but it appears this single was a one-off. Nice touch it being a “joint” production. Heavy man, heavy…

Hear a full version of All I Need

Hear a full version of Nothing Could Be Better

Thursday, November 05, 2015

Choya –Let The Children Boogie

Choya –Let The Children Boogie Choya –Let The Children Boogie Part 1/Part 2 –Cue C502X (1973 Canada)

An interesting example of a Canadian Glam and Hard Rock crossover by Ex Magic Cycle/ TheCycle member Paul Clinch. Mid tempo, both sides sound like they were obviously inspired by T. Rex but the vocal delivery is closer to Heavy Cruiser or Thundermug. An extra dimension is added by the use of old synths and especially a Mellotron, which is somewhat unworldly and really takes off on part 2.
This was the first of three singles Choya released. An album also came out on Buddah in 1976.

Hear a full version of Let The Children Boogie Part 1

Hear a full version of Let The Children Boogie Part 2