Monday, June 25, 2012

Magnum –I Gotta Move

Magnum –I Gotta Move/Love Me –Rosebud Records NR11266 (US 197?)

Now this isn’t going to be everyone’s cup of tea, but for some reason I have a real fondness for this platter. Apparently from Tennessee; Magnum delivery a highly melodic piece of near AOR which kinda sounds Pavlov’s Dog featuring Joey Ramone on vocals, it would also have slotted in quite well on side 2 of BOC’s Agents of Fortune…It’s a bit over-played (just how long did it take them to work out that ending?), but there’s enough melody, Gimmie Shelter Guitar and hooks to make the grade

Hear a full version of I Gotta Move

Thursday, June 21, 2012

33 Singles and 1 lp for sale on ebay

I have just listed 33 singles and one LP on ebay. All with low starts and sound clips

You can find them here: Purepop1uk records on ebay

The lot includes the great Balls (Trevor Burton) single

 Here is the full list:

Walkers -STRIP TEASE -Great Danish Glam 1974
Sound of Imker -Train of Doomsday-KILLER FUZZ 1969 
Casuals -Good Times-EASYBEATS - Kansas Hook -Hard Rock
Balls - Fight For My Country-Trevor Burton-The MOVE Demo
Tailfeather (Tim Staffell) -Don't Count Your Chickens- ex SMILE aka QUEEN Demo
Silence -Mother's Game/ Devil Woman -Top Rare Dutch HARD ROCK
Quicksand -Time to Live - Rare UK Psych DEMO 
Pip Williams -Hey! Mr. Record Man -Tough Junkshop GLAM
Black Fire -Come On and DO IT -Top Crunching Glam 
Hammer -Rock Off-Obscure Irish HARD ROCK/GLAM -Vertigo-1973
Hard Stuff -Inside Your Life - RARE Non-Lp Hard Rock on Purple Records
CLICKER -Tennessee Tailspin-Obscure US HARD Powerpop/GLAM-1974
Sweet Wine -The Pickpocket - Rare Swedish Hard PROG Dancer
Third World War -Ascension Day-Brutal PROTO-PUNK-UK issue
Parklane -The Party -Dutch PUNK/ GLAM Bone Cruncher
Andy Bown -SUPERSONIC -Crunching Glam UK TV Theme
Smyle -Crazy Lazy Little Miss Daisy -Great Dutch POWERPOP
Jimmy Pasha & The Hi -Shots -Dance To The Rock n Roll-GLAM Phasing
American Machine -Snowball- Obscure US BUBBLEGUM
Turnbull & Arkwright -Smugglin' Man -Tough ROCKER –Demo
Paul Cass -Mini Marianne -KILLER Obscure Glam
Troll Brothers -You Turn Me On - GARAGE GLAM - with signed press photo
Tom Hartman -Sunshine Woman -FUZZ -Bonehead Crusher RARE
Riff Raff -Little Girls Know -UK POWERPOP -Billy Bragg
Mark Ashton -Get Up and Groove-FLAMIN' GROOVIES -1972
Rats -Don't Let Go/ Dragon Child -Top Glam-KILLER
Tears -Ooh Lah -Extremely RARE Swedish HARD Glam 1974
Sleaz Band -Midnight Man -Bonehead Cruncher-HARD ROCK/GLAM
Ted Mulry Gang -Jump In My Car– German Pic Sleeve-TMG 
Chaos -Guitar Man - Rousing JUNKSHOP Glam 
Radar -Sweet Baby Sweet -TOP NederGlam CRUNCHER 
Tag- Off Down The Road –Overlooked GLAM classic with Killer Guitar
Eli Culbertson -Need Your Love Tonight- VERY RARE Glam -DEMO

And 1 LP…
BONEHEAD CRUNCHERS VOL1 LP USA Proto-Punk Obscurities 1969-77 Ltd 300

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Free Flight –All Your Love

Free Flight –All Your Love/Rock Star –RM Records RM 1001 (US 197?)
All Your Love is a full on Garage/Hard Rock assault immediately recalling Roky Erickson and Bleib Alien’s Red Temple Prayer with the blistering guitar full of Duane Aslaksen twists and turns. Its chorus and simple chord structure make it instantaneously memorable and an outright obscure US classic up there with Lance, Maalstroom or Inside (see previous posts). It looks like the band may have been from Florida and this single was probably self-released in minute quantities with the name of the band stamped on the labels. Did Free Flight perhaps operate under another name? Information is sorely missing…The B side is a good example of primitive Heavy Bonehead mixed in with more subtle moments, but its unveiling will have wait until another day…

Hear a full version of All Your Love

Sunday, June 10, 2012

A Little Shopping Trip: Frankfurt Record Fair June 2012

I hopped over to Frankfurt for a spot of record shopping. The fair itself is a bit outside of town but within easy reach of the airport. It’s a friendly and pretty large fair with around 100 dealers. There’s plenty of vinyl, with a healthy amount of singles. I didn’t pick up tons of stuff, but a nice manageable selection including:

The Dictators single. Interesting to see Heartache earning A side status giving the band a powerpop.angle for the record company to work on. Other highlights include a perfect copy of The Balls and American Machine. Also picked up bunch of Rattles singles including the the weird OTT opus Mr…Keep Your Hands Off My Sister (spread over 2 sides) and the Shop 15 promotion single.

Staying in Rattles territory, I finally got the Propeller LP. Featuring Achim Reichel and Herbert Hilderbrandt, it’s great hard hitting stuff and of course features the personal favourite Apache Woman

An alternative to Frikadelen?


Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Maria Anzai –End Mark

Maria Anzai- Koino Bakudan/ End Mark –Toshiba Records TP-20049 (1974 Japan) 

One of the highlights of my recent Japanese haul, Maria Anzai’s single is of particular note for its B side. End Mark fits somewhere between Cindy & Bert’s Paranoid and if Bonnie St. Claire had been backed by Kansas Hook instead of Unit Gloria. Its high energy riffage and Hammond fuelled drive give this corking song a hard hitting edge. Although written by The SpidersHiroshi Kamayatsu the song is highly derivative of…(Oh, it’s killing me, it sounds so bloody obvious, but I can’t place it –Help…). The A side sounds more dated for 74, it’s kinda cute but certainly doesn’t hit the same spot, although the slide guitar part is pretty cool and incongruous.
“Foxy” actress/singer Maria Anzai released another 12 or 13 singles and 4 LPs, but it is believed that End Mark is her high point. Thanks to Atsushi Kasai for the swap and background info. 

Hear a full version of End Mark

Hear a full version of Koino Bakudan