Monday, January 25, 2016

Blitzkreig –Kommen Heir Saugling (Come Here Baby)

Blitzkreig –Kommen Heir SaÜgling (Come Here Baby)/ Das Führer –Vier Reich Records SS 1047 (1976 US)

Nazi Proto Punk Boogie of the highest order with a heavy Bonehead twist (and a T shirt).What’s with all this German stuff? With a modest grasp of the German language (can’t spell Blitzkrieg) these Palm Spring bozos went all Nazi for this release, on Vier Reich records with Das FÜhrer on the B side no less. Kommen Heir Saugling (come here you cow!) was released in early 76 and is basic Hard Rock at its most caveman without an inkling of any Übermensch to be found. It sounds like the guitarist had access to the mixing desk for 6 seconds as the volume of the guitar  intro cuts and slashes across the mix in fine fashion. Blitzkreig’s tenuous grasp on reality didn’t last long under the introspection of all that healthy desert sun and this appears to be their only release

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The miscreants...

Monday, January 18, 2016

Ballyhoo –Lovemaker

Ballyhoo –Lovemaker/Paperback Love –Gallo PD 1070 (1975 South Africa)

The link between the Netherlands and its Boer descendants continued well into the Glam 70s, with several Bonnie St Clair tracks getting the SA treatment including Maria’s Clap Your Hands And Stamp Your Feet and Jessica Jones’s Waikiki Man. Here it’s the turn of the storming Lovemaker by Heart (the NL one) to receive the South African treatment. The first difference is that we get male lead vocals replacing Patricia Paay’s vocals and that translates fine, the bum bum titty titty bum bum bum chant is still present and correct, however although the crunching and the stomping has been preserved, the performance here is not quite as wild and brash as the original This was the first single by Ballyhoo who then went on a more MOR trip including the hit Man in The Moon in the early 80s

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Monday, January 11, 2016

Mammoth –Mammoth

Mammoth - Sensations (Head to Toe)/ Mammoth –United World Records UT-01970-001 (1970 US)
Mammoth came out of San Antonio (TX) and the fittingly titled Mammoth was to be found on the B side of a lightweight piece of Psych. Here the bands thump and grind in most HEAVY fashion over what sounds like a Stoner version of Mr. Soul and leave any musical pretensions safely at home. However this was not the case later, when the band morphed into “Der Tremoloids” who might as well been called the haemorrhoids as their awful progressive Jazz Rock leanings is bound to give you piles

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Thursday, January 07, 2016

Diehard -Heartbreak

Diehard –Heartbreak/Lonetowers –Posae Records 208 (197? US)

Heartbreak is at the crossroad of crunching Hard Rock with a nice fat guitar riff and Prog due to to proggy leanings instilled in the vocal delivery and synth break. What really saves the day is the masterful unifying power of the mighty Cowbell that grounds the performance in fine fashion. God bless the Cowbell! I am assuming it is played by Dan Derda who  was the drummer the pre-David Marks Band Without a Name. The production is tight and Stan Ross is on engineering duties, but does that mean that it was recorded at Gold Star? It’s an LA affair in any case, with the Posae /Sea Seven labels having been around since the 60s.

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