Thursday, January 07, 2016

Diehard -Heartbreak

Diehard –Heartbreak/Lonetowers –Posae Records 208 (197? US)

Heartbreak is at the crossroad of crunching Hard Rock with a nice fat guitar riff and Prog due to to proggy leanings instilled in the vocal delivery and synth break. What really saves the day is the masterful unifying power of the mighty Cowbell that grounds the performance in fine fashion. God bless the Cowbell! I am assuming it is played by Dan Derda who  was the drummer the pre-David Marks Band Without a Name. The production is tight and Stan Ross is on engineering duties, but does that mean that it was recorded at Gold Star? It’s an LA affair in any case, with the Posae /Sea Seven labels having been around since the 60s.

Hear a full version of Heartbreak

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Anonymous said...

so nice this one! can we listen the second side please?
thank you