Tuesday, February 06, 2024

Khristian Young/Barry Rolfe – Boadicea/Sayonara -Obscure UK Junkshop Glam/Proto-Punk (1973


Khristian Young – Boadicea/Sayonora – Surrey Road Records -PSR115 (1973 UK)

Khristian Young’s Boadecia is a hitherto unknown entry in the Junkshop Glam/Proto Punk cannon. The points of reference are that Barry Rolfe released a different version of Boadicea on the B side of his Beam Me Up Aboard Mr. Spock single. 

The producer is one Bob Bloomfield who officiated across both releases.

I believe that Khristian is in fact Barry Rolfe. The Khristian Young version is much more cutting, but somebody forgot about the bottom end. It probably has the tinniest sound you will ever find, so it’s up to you to play with the equaliser! 

Khristian’s version also has an extra snotty, sneering Punk delivery compared to the Barry version. I have added the Barry version to the video for comparison. The B side Sayonara is an earlier version of Molly Molly (B side of Look The Business). It has a wider sound  with proper EQ, it’s a real driving slab chugging Glam. The backing  is provided by Britania (here spelt as Brittannia) who released the Glamster Right Down The Line on EMI. All releases have the same publisher (Golden City Music) involved.

So there you go – is the case convincing that this is Barry Rolfe? He was good at playing ruses as he was also known as Nicky Rolfe on the 2 Bell releases.

Hear full versions of both  Boadiceas and the B side Sayonora (in that order)