Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Spode -Cincinnati Woman

Spode – Singalong Song/Cincinnati Woman –Decca 64 023 (1971 French issue)

Spode appears to have been a pop alias for Heavy rock band Toby Jug (Brotherhood) who prior to signing to D’art (Dart), released the mediocre Sing Along Song on Decca. However Cincinnati Woman is pretty amazing. The echo and reverb could place this song bang in the middle of a Holloway Road Joe Meek extravaganza and the galloping rhythm adds an overall Outlaws/Tornados feel. Very strange for 1971 indeed…

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Friday, July 26, 2013

Purgatory –Polar Expedition

Purgatory –Polar Expedition/Lost War –Purgatory 0559 (1970 US)

Purgatory were a Dayton (OH) high school band who got as far as releasing this single. In fact it sounds pretty advanced and well worked out considering this was their first commercially released recordings. There’s an undeniable Doors influence especially in Rick Fannin’s vocals, but we are not in Phantom (Capitol) ersatz Doors mode. Polar Expedition is the up-tempo side and has a Morrison Hotel feel whilst Lost War is a more atmospheric yet tuneful Psych Track. Purgatory were Rick Fannin (vocals), Robert Davis (guitar, Mike Parker (bass), Mark Carlton (organ) and Bruce Carper (drums)

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Thursday, July 18, 2013

Ash-Midnight Witch

Ash-Midnight Witch/warrant –Havoc H1002 (1970 NZ issue)

Ash’s Midnight Witch would have been featured on volume 5 of Bonehead Crunchers, only my copy is too ropey to feature. All is not lost, so in all its crackly glory, here are both sides of this stupendous heavy nugget. Written by Doug Ford of The Masters Apprentices, Midnight Witch is top notch heavy fare owing much to Blue Cheer and Black Sabbath. Warrant follows a similar hard hitting and crunching theme with some killer guitar moves by Ron Hood. Ash hailed from Melbourne and this was the band’s 2nd and last single

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Saturday, July 13, 2013

Monica TÖrnell –Long Long Weekend

Monica TÖrnell –Long Long Weekend/Give It Back –Philips 6015107 (1974 Sweden)

Nice take on NQB’s Long Long Weekend. Starting off more like Sympathy for The Devil, it’s taken at a slower pace but packs a gritty punch and Monica’s raspy voice somewhat at odds with her sultry teenage looks. Monica had a long career in Scandinavia, but Long Long Weekend finds her at her best, however he B side oversteps the mark in the funky department.

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