Tuesday, January 23, 2024

The Huntingtons – You Lose, I Win – Obscure Doom Folkrock (1965)

 The Huntingtons – You Lose, I Win/ Is There a Way – Highland Records 1167 (1965 USA)

Now here is a real moody gem which seems to be completely under the radar. The performance on You Lose, I win exudes a real sense of doom and despair. The instrumentation is dramatic and the backing vocals sound like an open invitation to suicide with the vocalists appear ing to have already taken quite a few Mogadons to ease into the ride. There’s definitely a Surf reverb feels on the guitar, so this must be the first example of Surf Goth...

The B side, Is There a Way is slightly more upbeat in a Beatles kind of way, but the interplay between the acoustic and Fender/Mosrite guitar is very impactful and sounds like a stereo idea in a mono world…

At least 2 members - Joe Aguayo, Ray Luna were school friends at Huntington Park High School (class of ’63), so there is no relation to the other Huntingtons on Wasp or Yorkshire

Joy through despair!

Here a full version of You Lose, I Win/ Is There a Way