Monday, September 30, 2013

Vanda & Young Obscurity: Mike Furber –I’m on Fire/Watch Me Burn

Mike Furber –I’m on Fire/Watch Me Burn -Columbia DO 8970 (1969 Aus)

Great double-sider concept single written by Vanda & Young (their own Fire Suite?) for Mike Furber (Bowery Boys). Although sadly not a hit, the two songs stand proud with the best Easybeats material. Although their demo versions (later found on The Shame Just Drained and The Son of Son of Easyfever EP respectively) are fine performances, the Mike Furber versions are fully realised with neat pop production values and some surprisingly fuzzed-up guitar.

Hear a full version of I’m on Fire

Hear a full version of Watch Me Burn

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Wonderlick –Hey Joe

Wonderlick –Hey Joe/Come On People –MGM K 14510 (1973 US)

Straight from the Garage into the Bonehead. 7 years after hitting the charts with The Leaves; Bobby Arlin reappears in 1973 giving Hey Joe a mighty revamp. Lyrically, the gun has been changed to a joint and it’s all about turning on “the man”. Musically it’s Loud and raucous with some real scorching guitar, there are a few surprises - check out the left of field riffing and other supplementary chord changes This really works.. So all you Garage stalwarts – outgrow your greying moptops and fading paisley shirts and enjoy this greasy haired OTT update. 1973 rules

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Sunday, September 22, 2013

David Ireland –Shoot The Family Man

David Ireland –Shoot The Family Man/ Coming Up Strong –Sovereign SOV 120 (1973 UK)

I couldn’t find much about David Ireland. He had at least two singles released in Holland, including this one that also garnered a UK release. The producer is Richard Pulin who was involved as producer/arranger with Pink Elephant in the early 70s. Both songs are strong acoustic based rockers, somewhere between John Kongos and Dave Edmunds with a little T. Rex thrown in for good measure. Simple, understated and waiting to be discovered...

Hear a full version of Shoot The Family Man

Hear a full version of Coming Up Strong

Monday, September 16, 2013

Stud Leather –UNCOVERED!

Finally, thanks to Alan Kirkham’s visit to his loft, here are the results of Stud Leather’s only photo session in Hampstead Heath in 1973. Positioned in all their freaky glory atop of Roger’s  Firebird, these great shots fit the insane glory that is Cut Loose perfectly. Now is the time for some enterprising souls to actually re-release the single in a great picture sleeve.

From Left to right
Dickie Graves, Alan Kirkham, Johnny Aldrich, Hayden Gridley and Roger Cook


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