Thursday, July 12, 2018

Ginger –Get Back Mama –Rare Aussie Glam Stomper (1974)

Ginger –Get Back Mama/It’s a Crying Shame –Polydor 2079 053 (Aus 1973)

This one’s been a long time coming! 6 years in fact since the head honcho at The fine Wallabybeat blog outbid me and left me at the alter clutching nothing but a Bo’ Flyers single to make do. The guy selling it at the time was in fact Nick at Glamrock Bear…Now that was such an educational Glam site. Archive capture of the website here GLAMROCK BEAR Capture
Anyhow Wallabybeat reviewed it, wallabybeat.blogspot however not much has been learned since…
The A side is a fine rendition of the Suzi Quatro  1st album track, It’s raw with the guitarist going out to lunch with a Flanger in lieu or of any real production values. The seemingly pre-pubescent screechy vocals recall The Teens with a twist of Darren Burn.

 The B side is also a refreshing find… full on Teen Pop over a phased rolling Glitter beat. So after 6 years of looking and asking…Here are both sides for your entertainment

Hear a full version of Get Back Mama

  Hear a full version of It’s a Crying Shame

  Next time I will probably post another long term Aussie Want…on RCA