Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Bruce Spelman -29 Years to Doomsday

Bruce Spelman -29 Years to Doomsday/Cutting The Traces Leaving The Places/Remember This –Montagu -Mont 3000 (UK 1972)

Montagu Records was an off-shoot of Beacon Records. Bruce actually had an LP on Montagu “You Don’t Know What You’re Paddling in”,  so Phil was a bit of an eco-warrior and 29 Years to Doomsday is another one of those “respect the planet or will drown in a cesspool of muck” ditties, however it goes beyond being an expected laidback folky dirge and is actually quite a concise driving and catchy tune similar to a Phil Cordell or Hetherington type number with a nice line in cutting fuzz guitar.

Hear a full version of 29 Days To Doomsday

Friday, May 15, 2015

Mike King –Rock n’ Roll Waitress

Mike King –All the Boys and Girls/ Rock n’ Roll Waitress –O Brothers PW 440 (197? US)

Here’s a strange one that I can’t find any information on. It appears to be out of Oklahoma City and I assume it’s late 70s. Rock n’ Roll Waitress is a grinding cross of Johnny Thunders/Heartbreakers (One Track Mind) and Flies on Sherbert (I’ve Had It) era Alex Chilton minced through a Bonehead grinder. Simple, rough and effective. The A side is also pretty decent, but with more of a bar band tinge. Why is this a Google ”0”?

Hear a full version of Rock n’ Roll Waitress

Hear a full version of All the Boys and Girls

Tuesday, May 05, 2015

Pesky Gee! –Where is My Mind

Pesky Gee! –Where is My Mind/A Place of Hearbreak –Pye 7N. 17708 (1969 UK)

Pesky Gee! Was in fact Black Widow before their name change. Their cover of this Vanilla Fudge track finds them leaving their soul cover band origins behind and heading into the weirder territory they would later occupy. The saxophones and high vocals add a certain baroque feel which is odd yet fitting with the Heavy dose of Psych fuzz. Ex Pesky Gee! members Clive Jones and Clive Box would later re-appear in the late 70s as Agony Bag, releasing the incredible Rabies is a Killer. I was lucky enough to see Clive perform the track live with Guida last year shortly before his untimely death.

Hear a full version of Where is My Mind