Friday, March 28, 2014

Rippa –Witches Brew

Rippa –Witches Brew/Same –Rocky Coast Records RC 19762 (1976 US)

Here are the Galahad boys Gerry Morris and Tony Atkins on what must be the most obscure entry in their catalogue. Although a bit overblown; the production values apparent in Rocket Summer still linger. It is a strange Heavy Rock/Glam concoction, with a severe case of–“OK we have this new mixing desk and all this outboard –how far can we go? Oh that’s handy, there is a horn section in the next studio...” I suspect drugs and too much time to mix. Enjoy

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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Hog –Cop Killer

Hog –Cop Killer/Driving Pusing –You T579-422 (197? US)

This is probably one of the most basic, shambolic yet gripping slices of Bonehead you will ever find. The playing is just so…well crap, but somehow riveting, it’s just like watching a car crash, or in this case a band implode, in front of your eyes, well ears. COP KILLER!!!! Are these a bunch of bikers who had free time in a pal’s studio? Did they ever get to even rehearse this opus? With names “Jew” on lead guitar, ”Mad Dog” on bass, “Biggy” and “Sticks” on drums they give Peppermint Ridge a good run for their money and deserve your full attention. This is actually the B side to Driving Pusing (sic) a gooey piece of rambling stoner absurdness by what might be a different bunch of people. Ah those mysteries…

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Thursday, March 06, 2014

Clapham Junction –Emily on Sunday

Clapham Junction –Emily on Sunday/Good Time Music –Du Monde SDM-309 (1970 Australia)

Emily on Sunday is a classic piece of Aussie Freakbeat/Powerpop with crashing Who-like powerchords and Anglophile inflexions similar in approach to what the Raspberries would emulate later on. It’s not a full frontal assault, but a great performance making all the right melodic noises. Clapham Junction were from Sydney and this was their sole release with singer James Willebrant then moving on to Toby Jug. Emily on Sunday is backed an OK cover the Katz/Kasenetz workhorse Good Time Music

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Here's a nice clipping provided by Robyn Cahill (Tony's (Purple Hears/Easybeats) sister)

Monday, March 03, 2014

Cagney –Gypsy Sunrise

Cagney –Gypsy Sunrise/Sun on The Run-Cagney 6093-198 (197? US)

Apologies for all the crackling on this one, but it’s worth it. Gypsy Sunrise is a fabulous Bubblegum tune played with loud conviction with a fuzzed-up yet tasteful guitar player ably supported by a monolithic cowbell Imagine a garage version of Boston attempting the Archies catalogue... It’s tuneful, rockin’ and a real classic in my book. No information on this one (Mark Dutton get in touch!) but it’s near perfect in construction and execution.

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