Sunday, August 30, 2009

Shakane –Gang Man

Shakane –Gang Man/Chicago to L.A. –Young Blood International YB 4505 (1974 Italian issue)
Gang Man
is probably the rarest Shakane single out there, possibly only released in Italy. Both tracks aren’t featured on their Sonet or Young Blood LPs, but Gang Man does re-appear as the B side of their Rubettes-like 1976 UA/Rockfield single Jenny. Gang Man is a killer thudding piece of Boogie Glam with some ace power chords and cutting guitar. It has a slight Rockpile feel to it as well (remember they covered Trevor Burton’s Down Down Down in pure Edmunds mode). Gang Man certainly sounds louder here than on the UA release, but both versions appear identical save for a slightly longer fade, so you can probably put the sonic differences down to the mastering. Kingsley Ward (Rockfield owner with Charles Ward) takes production ownership on the 1976 release, but here is the production is credited to Mikki Dallon. Chicago To L.A. somehow reminds me of Belgo Glamsters The Garnets. Again full kudos are due to the guitar moves.

Hear a full version of Gang Man

Hear a full version of Chicago to L.A.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Singles on ebay

I've just listed 26 singles on ebay including Tub-Thumper, Stud leather, Zoot Alors, Boneshaker, Valentine Guinness, UGE etc...
All singles have sound clips -so discover what you don't know or renew aquaintances with lost favourites.

As a reminder here is a sound clip of Tub-Thumper

All the best and good luck!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Streak -Hard Times (In New York City)

Streak -Gonna Have A Good Time/Be Your Rider/ Hard Times (In New York City) A&M AME 602 (1972 UK) Demo only

Streak was formed in NYC by Alan Merrill and Jake Hooker. Jake Hooker (AKA Jake Falsworth) then moved to the UK where a new line-up of Streak came under the production auspices of Roger Bain( Black Sabbath) .On this single the bass duties are handled by Ben Brierly and David Wesley played drums. Hard Times (In New York City) is featured as the 2nd song on the B side of the demo copy of Gonna Have A Good Time. The track does not appear on the general release. The B side plays at 33rpm to lengthen the playing time to fit two songs on the same side. Anyhow Hard Times is another prime example of New York sleaze and is probably the heaviest of the tracks released by Streak; kind of like The Heartbreakers with cement platform boots! Following a switch to Deram with the addition of Paul Varley (little Free Rock) on drums and Ricky Steele (guitar) Streak released the wonderful Bang Bang Bullet. Jake and Alan Merrill later reconvened with Paul and the band then became near teen sensations The Arrows (on RAK).

Hear a full version of Hard Times (In New York City)

Hear a full version of Gonna Have A Good Time

Monday, August 10, 2009

Records that Sound like The Flamin’ Groovies part 4: Mark Ashton –Get Up and Groove

Mark Ashton –Get Up and Groove/ Barking Doges –United Artists UP 353390 (1972 UK)OK, a bit of a cheat here, as this track in fact features Cyril Jordan himself on slide guitar! Released a week before Slow Death, Get Up and Groove is a Stonesian tour-de-force with Cyril's cutting trademark Groovies slide supported by pumping brass with a singer snarling his way somewhere between Jagger, Roky Erickson with a bit of Joey Levine thrown in....well kind of...It also reminds me of Teenage Heaven period Daddy Cool. (Hi Honey Ho)
It appears that Cyril did some session work for a few UA acts at the time, but it’s possible that this was the only appearance that actually got a release; the others not getting any further than the acetate stage. It was recorded at Olympic studios and Cyril played on the B side as well, but the trademark Groovies sound is much less apparent there. Cyril used a blue fender mustang tuned to open G and a brass slide and set the pickup switches to sound like Ry Cooder.... It appears that they just wanted some slide guitar and "there weren't that many guys out there that played slide" so he got the job.
Not quite sure how this remained undocumented for so long, but here it is in all its 1972 crushed velvet and studded leather glory.

Thanks to Don and Cyril for the info.

Hear a full version of Get Up and Groove

Saturday, August 08, 2009


A couple of years ago a glossy mag came out under the name Rock Mania. Perusing that mag and then jumping in head on to explore its every nook and cranny brought about a behaviour unknown since devouring those mid 70s issues of Bomp or the early issues of Kicks. Well guess what –there was never was a 2nd issue, but lo and behold, here is the next instalment and it’s called Brain Lapse!

OK, there’s nothing else around like it in print at the moment (although Shindig and Ugly Things hit the spot in their own individual ways). But this is the real McCoy –fun, entertaining and full of facts, anecdotes all in a glossy full colour easy to read format (great layout) .

There’s a wonderfully in depth interview with Eddy Grant on the Equals (the reason behind the plethora of lesser known 70s singles now makes sense) plus an interview with The Marbles (the US ones), Titan records, quirky French singles (never thought the Yanks would catch on to Au Bonheur Des Dames), a double spread on The Teens for chrissake!
You’ll also find great reviews of obscure Powerpop releases, 70s fanzines and so much more in its 82 pages without any adverts. There are only 499 copies printed, so don’t miss out, give your full support and hopefully more issues will follow.

Friday, August 07, 2009

Ohio Express –That’s The Way a Woman Is

Ohio Express –That’s The Way a Woman Is/Talking ‘Bout You –Hansa 10043 AT (1970 German issue)
Late entry in the Ohio Express franchise. Not sure who was involved in this one, it seems to post date any Graham Gouldman/Strawberry Studios involvement, but came out 3 years before the great Wham Bam (as by Ohio Ltd.).Both tracks are Ritchie Cordell compositions, although The Messengers released the better known version the following year with different song writing credits (Michael Morgan, John Hoier), so it appears that there was some “confusion” over the actual publishing and authorship. That’s The Way a Woman Is truly rocks as a tune and clocking in at just under two minutes, it’s a lean clean Bubblegum machine. Perhaps the Messengers version is more finely realised and amply deserved its hit record status (# 62 in the US and hit in Japan!). Go check that version and GREAT review here: for your own instalment of My version is Better Than Yours...The B side shares more than a similarity with Crimson and Clover and I have included Talking ‘Bout You for your full enjoyment of this double whammy. Nice sleeve too...

Hear a full version of That’s The Way a Woman Is

And Talking ‘Bout You

Sunday, August 02, 2009

The Tricks - Wham! Bam! Ala Cazam

The Tricks - Wham! Bam! Ala Cazam/Lucy Brown –CBS 4867 (1970 UK issue)
Originally released on Date in the US; The TricksWham! Bam! Ala Cazam is a joyful and incredibly catchy Bubblegum ditty with slight Soul overtones. The Tricks were probably one off studio creation from US songwriters/producers Billy Carl & Reid Whitelaw (1910 Fruitgum Company’s Goody Goody Gumdrops, Golden Gate etc...). While the production is bright, full and commercial –They certainly went all out for a hit, the track still retains a single-minded powered driving beat. I don’t believe that anyone will remain unmoved by this one and it should have been a huge hit at the time.

Hear a full version of Wham! Bam! Ala Cazam