Saturday, September 29, 2012

Reform –I’m Gonna Get You

Reform –I’m Gonna Get You/Story of My Life –CBS YB 1054 (1973 Ireland)

I’m Gonna Get You is one of the few Irish releases that can be safely listed under Crunching Glam. They had another single One For The Boys that nearly hits the spot, but it doesn’t quite have the upfront crunching glory of this single. With its raucous vocals and stomping beat, I’m Gonna Get You fits the Junkshop bill perfectly, yet the thumping piano and great farting Moog sounds take the performance to another level entirely.

Hear a full version of I’m Gonna Get You

Sunday, September 23, 2012

New Barracudas single “God Bless The 45”

After a 7 year gap The Barracudas have recorded a new single to be released early next year.

The tracks are:

A side: God Bless The 45

B side: Festival Pop and East European Girls

The tracks were recorded and mixed at Cowshed studios in London and it’s 100% analog: using Tape delays, EMT Plates, valve compression etc… and recorded onto 2” tape and mixed down to ¼”, just like it used to be…The record will only be available as a 45 (figures!)
                                                EMT Plates

                                           Self explanatory

Once we get closer to the release date, there will be more news regarding ordering and a link to a webpage etc…

UPDATE: All news will be posted here


                                               All together now "Festival Pop!"

Friday, September 21, 2012

Fat & Hungry –The Streaker

Fat & Hungry –The Streaker/ Just Ain’t Right –Watermelon Records V1 2044 (1974? US)

Here is one of the most sought after and best US Proto Punk singles around (along with Killer Frog). It straddles a fine line between a Bonehead Crunch and raw Garage Punkitude. My guess is that this single came out in 1974, as this is when Streakin’ was at its peak (although the highlight that was Erica Roe was a good few years later). The vocals are nice and snarly while the killer guitar and general fuzziness make this single the benchmark for others to measure up against. No info whatsoever on this one. I am thinking Michigan or Illinois, but I have no tangible proof, unless C.S Johnson is Cliff Johnson (Off Broadway) Enjoy!

Hear a full version of The Streaker

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Wired Up - UK Launch Party this Friday (21st of September)

Friday sees the UK Launch of The Wired Up book and the fantastic Guida are playing (they also playing on Saturday at the Lexington –don’t miss this band!

I wrote the foreword along with contributing many of the sleeves. I look forward to finally getting my hands on a copy myself…

This evening has been organised to celebrate the launch of a brand new book, Wired Up! Here's the book blurb. The first 100 copies will have a free Hector 7"...

In these 384 pages of garish, pop and glam rock European picture sleeve glory, "Wired Up!" celebrates the sights and sounds of the zeitgeist aberration that was early 70's glitter rock records; where the flash, shock and outrageousness of the picture sleeve oftentimes proved just as important as the explosive sounds within. A renaissance of style, a riot of colour and the raving rocking rebirth of the three-minute-pop single, "Wired Up!" is not only an early clue to the new direction rock and roll was taking in the 1970's, but the final statement on a disposable era's lasting appeal.

Advance £4 tickets now available from:


Entry on the door: £6

This what the evening looks like. I have a DJ slot at 9:30…See you there!

9pm - DJ Tim Purr
9.30pm – DJ Robin “Purepop” Wills
10.10pm - Band Cyanide Pills
10.45pm – Sing Sing/Wired Up DJs (Jeremy & Mary)
11.15 – Band Giuda
11.50 - DJ Heidi Heelz
12.30pm - Proudfoot Sound DJs (Lorenzo & Enrico)
1pm – DJ Sonic Medusa
1.30pm – Sing Sing/Wired Up DJs (Jeremy & Mary)
1.50pm - Proudfoot Sound DJs (Lorenzo & Enrico)
2.10pm – DJ Sonic Medusa
2.40pm – Any combination of the above DJs

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Deliverance –Lovin’ All Your Sweet Lovin’

Deliverance –Everybody/Lovin’ All Your Sweet Lovin’- Impress Records IMP 720 (1973 US)

Deliverance…No, not the sound of squealing pigs, but a fine undiscovered slab of late Bubblegum. Lovin’ All Your Lovin’ is found on the B side of a decent Glammy cover of the Tommy Roe hit, however the B side is of more interest as Everybody is just so familiar. When LAYSL first starts off I think of Al Stewart on Terminal Eyes, but then the tune switches into a fine Bubblegum tune with some good gritty guitar. All this in under 2 minutes… It sure doesn’t sound like 1973 and yes the chorus sounds just like you expected it to. It looks like this may have been an LA band, but who knows…

Hear a full version of Lovin’ All Your Sweet Lovin’

Hear a full version of Everybody

Saturday, September 08, 2012

Skateboarding and Racing in the UK 1978: Malibu -Skateboarding vs. Second Opinion –King of The Raceway

These two singles are part of an interesting haul I picked up the other day. Both are UK releases from 1978 and pretty much on the obscure side of the skateboarding craze and race track shenanigans...

Malibu –Skateboarding/Billy –Cleverly Bros Records CBSP 1000-100 (1978 UK)

Malibu may have been a studio aggregation from the Nottingham area, Recorded at Rainbow Studios, Skateboarding is a great cash- in with a full on meaty approach a bit like Eddie & The Hot Rods meets Rockpile with added harmonies and some 1978 styled lead guitar. The B side is more akin to mid 70s Southern rock, thus of less interest.

Hear a full version of Skateboarding

Second Opinion –King of The Raceway/Stormbird –Tash 0035 (1978 UK)

 Second Opinion are a Norfolk band with a long history and are still operating today: King of The Raceway is a reved-up jewel which was commissioned by the Swaffham Raceway Stock Car Track and was played at all their events. It’s a great Powerpop tune with fine twists and turns regardless of the theme. The B side is a Shadows-like instrumental.

Hear a full version of King of The Raceway