Monday, November 13, 2023

Den Bosch Record Fair November 23 - Day 3

Finally back home and completely worn out. Note to self: Get much fitter for next April!

Anyhow I picked up a nice mixed bunch including some spares for my next list

I seem to have a bit of a Paul Revere and Raiders fetish - The German EP has a strange song selection - not a hit in sight

Perhaps the November  fair didn't quite reach the heights of last April, but I am well pleased with many of the finds

Robin signing off (Yawn...)

Saturday, November 11, 2023

Den Bosch Record Fair November 23: Round up of Day 2


The 11 of the 11th is the day when the area goes nuts in a very Dutch way…

But the record fair seems to take place each year over the same weekend

So a more subdued affair at the fair, still some nice pieces including the great Motions single. The Bugs are on the B side of the rather weird Strangler in the Night. 

More info on this one here

Not sure how fruitful tomorrow will be. I have my eyes on a real obscure gem, but I don’t feel confident that my offer will be successful

Friday, November 10, 2023

Den Bosch Record Fair November 23: Round up of Day 1

 Absinthe makes the heart grow fonder… 

I digress

So back to Den Bosch then for the mighty fair. The lay out is different for the November fairs as more dealers take part so it gets spread out over 2 immense halls. It seems were are talking about 700 dealers (compared to 500 in April)?

Hall 1

Hall 2

One of the benefits is that there is a wider variety of stuff to be found, the downside…well there is a wider variety of stuff to seek out!

A good first day, with one key want now happily owned. Yes we are talking about the Swinging Machine. I never noticed how it resembles The Squires Going All The Way. Especially nice to get it at a very reasonable price. 

Another great one where I probably paid a bit over for was The Sevens

The Green Beans in its glorious pic sleeve was another top find, in near perfect condition.

A fun one is the Stach De RolA Danish only single – or Prince Stash (Prince Stanislas Klossowski de Rola) friend of the Stones, a Swinging London happening and now a TIKTOK star.


Anyway a good first day. Saturday might be a bit more measured then I expect a return to quantity on Sunday. We’ll see…

Bye for now