Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Unknown Acetate: Stop Messin' Around

Unknown : Stop Messin' Around-Emidisc Acetate (UK 1972)

Here's an absolute monster unknown and (as far as I can tell) unreleased Proto Punk monster from 1972. The guitars remind me of Third World War's Ascension Day, but the overall performance recalls more Barry Rolfe (Look The Business 1973) or a less focused Streak. The song was recorded as a demo for Carlin Music, but it is clear why it didn't get any further than the acetate stage as it was definitely 5 years too early. It really forges a link between Garage Punk and Punk and is more proof that Crushed Butler weren't the only proponents of loud and brash riffing with a snotty attitude in the UK at that time.

Anyone with any clues or information -please step forward

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Thursday, October 16, 2014

Clinton - Midnight in New York

Clinton –Falling Behind/Midnight in New York –Shotfire EU 694210 (1976 US)

With members from Uniontown and Masontown (PA), this record seems to have been Clinton’s sole outing. Recorded at Audio Innovators in Pittsburgh, this great double sider was released in August 1976. I am only featuring the rousing Proto Punk scorcher Midnight in New York as the A side is in even worse condition, although it’s a great Hard Rock number. Anyhow the B side is loud and crunchin’ a bit like Streak with some Under My Wheels era Alice Cooper licks. The band was comprised of Lee Hayes (vocals), Tom Skelton and Bill Osniak on guitars, Bill Rankin (drums) and songwriter/bassist Jim Tait.

Guys, if any of you see this –please get in touch. I need more information and an upgrade!

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Friday, October 10, 2014

Canadian Satanists on the rampage: Morse Code Transmission –Satan’s Song vs. Merriday Park -Witchcraft

Morse Code Transmission –Cold Society/Satan’s Song-RCA SPCS-45-116 (1972 Canada)
Merriday Park –Witchcraft/My Shady Friend –Columbia C4-2942 (1970 Canada)

Two major label Canadian outings screaming to be untied from the stake…Quebec’s Morse Code Transmission were more from the Proggy side of the spectrum, but on this non-album B side they let all hell loose with some near Proto Metal machinations and silly vocals. Ontario’s Merriday Park released 3 Heavy Psych singles with prominent organ, but here on their second single they added a fun line in exploitation groovy-ness to their brew (Evil’s black, hairy black… )!

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Thursday, October 02, 2014

Galactus –Live With Me

Galactus –Live With Me/You Can’t Win –Airship 6042-22 (1976 US)

Continuing the Swamp Rats’ (Psycho!) tradition of only releasing cover versions, lead singer Bob Hocko reappeared in 1976 with Galactus. Live With Me is a gritty near-Proto Punk rendition of The Let It Bleed number instilled with crunching guitars and snotty vocals. They also surprisingly cover the Kinks Kontroversy obscurity You Can't Win  on the B side. I am sure their sole LP (Cosmic Force Field) is worth hearing as it includes a cover of The Move’s Do Ya which should work great based on the performances on this single. Galactus is of further interest as it also featured Jim Wilson, the Creme Soda (Tricky Zingers) bassist

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