Thursday, December 30, 2010

Sleaz Band –Midnight Man

Sleaz Band –All I Want Is You/ Midnight Man –Fontana 6007 034 (1974 UK)

Midnight Man is a short (under 2 minutes!) and snappy No Brain-Boogie Cruncher with Proto Punk velocity and unreconstructed 70s values. It deserved to come out in 74 where it firmly belongs. The A side is OK, it also rocks out but in a more subdued (read commercial) manner, but the B side is the real keeper here with its wild cheap Fuzz pedal. Stay tuned for the final ending... This single was the only released output from this long standing Dundee band who hooked up with Jim Kelly (Ex Honeybus) in time for this recording. Read the full story and dig the photos here:

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Saturday, December 25, 2010

Headstone –Turn Your Head

Headstone –Turn Your Head/Searching Light –EMI C 004-96449 (1975 French issue)

Post Rare Bird outing by Mark Ashton. Following his UA single Get Up And Groove  and still under the auspices of John Anthony, Mark formed Headstone with this single also being included on their second LP. It’s a lovely piece and although permeated by a slight ethereal feel, Turn Your Head is Purepop in its inception and delivery. I hate the term “grower” (as life’s too short) but Turn Your Head’s lack of immediacy and upfront impact is overturned by its creeping appeal, melodicism and chorus that will not leave you alone. A pure delight...Happy Xmas!

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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Moonshine–Just A Little More Line

Moonshine–Just A Little More Line/ I Am The Tail –RCA 1954 (1970 UK)

Just A little More Line is a classic Bubble-cum-MOR jewel. Moonshine was in fact a duo formed by Clodagh Rodgers with Brill Building songwriter, Bubblegum prince and future Yellow Dog Kenny Young. Just A little More Line is one of those songs, which hits parts other tunes don’t often reach. It’s poppy, catchy, evocative and aimed at the top of the charts on merit alone. The 2nd Moonshine single Rocking Horse Man is a letdown in comparison. Both Moonshine singles were released as Moonshyne in the US.

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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Stone Axe –Snakebite

Stone Axe –Slave of Fear/ Snakebite –Rampart Street Records RSRS 0361 (1971 US)

Texas born and bred, Snakebite is pure No-nonsense Dumb-ass Bonehead Boogie from Ex Josefus members Pete Bailey and Ray Turner. Stone Axe only issued this one single and for me the B side is the proverbial meat and two potatoes... although some may prefer the A side which is more in the Heavy Psych genre and somewhat more musical. I guess I just love it dumb...Enjoy

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Monday, December 06, 2010

Chris Neal –Mr. Leather and Velvet

Chris Neal –Mr. Leather and Velvet/Daddy Don’t Go –EMI C 006-95243 (1973 German issue)

Mr. Leather and Velvet is a gorgeous Glam-era tune from the Aussie Prog and soundtrack stalwart. It may owe quite a bit to 72 Bowie with Psych/Pop elements, but stands on its own right as a perfect piece of Purepop: Innocent, as catchy as they come, deserving of widespread recognition and sounding like a HIT!

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Friday, December 03, 2010

Chilly Chimes –Join The Army

Chilly Chimes –Join The Army/ Let Me Inside –Private release (Sweden 1975)

All the way from Sweden, please welcome Chilly Chimes with a unique slice of Mindless Square-head Militaristic Thug Boogie (MSMTB). In fact this single could be construed as the answer song to Pheon Bear’s War Against War  as sonically it shares many similarities. These guys are all gung-ho, but what were they hoping to achieve by joining the Swedish army? The days of kicking Norway in the butt were long gone in 1975...but then again, anything is possible in a drunken stupor. Musically its dumbness is superb, big fat and stoopid, perhaps could have done with some lead guitar in lieu of blues harp but the snare gunshots are on the mark in sloppy fashion as expected. The B side starts off in whiny gurgling Stones/Thunders fashion before settling down into more mindless boogie. Classy lyrics though “Let me inside I want to feel your breasts...”
This cover art is totally out of time - the cover depicts some form of Odin-worshiping helmeted biker, which is probably what he is, but it looks like it could have been some god-awful Indie single from 1985...
I know absolutely nothing about this one...Any info anyone?

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