Monday, February 24, 2014

38 Singles and 6 LPs on ebay: Glam, Bonehead Proto Punk, Psych and Powerpop

I have a bunch of choice singles on ebay along with some LPs. All low starts, most with sound clips

You can find them here:

Good luck!

Jimmy Jukebox -Motor Boat (KIM FOWLEY) ORIGINAL UK Picture sleeve
Ohio Express -That's The Way a Woman is-RARE MOD Dancer/Bubblegum 1970
Flamin' Groovies -Feel a Whole Lot Better EP 7" (NOT the 12") UK Pic sleeve
Renegade My Revolution/ A Little Rock 'n' Roll -Killer Hard Glam1974 Demo
TALES -Rockin' Suzanna -Raucous Rock -Flamin' Groovies/Stones-DEMO- 1973
Neil Christian -She's Got The Power -Fuzz Freakbeat/Glam Stomper UNIQUE SWISS Sleeve!
Chaos -Guitar Man- UK Top (hat) GLAM German Pic Sleeve-1975
Dawn Chorus/Galahad -Little Green Men BUBBLEGLAM PSYCH -1973
Hetherington- Teenage Love Song-Powerpop 1973
Dwarf -Backstage Queen-- US-Private Proto Punk -Rare -1976
Dils -I Hate The Rich - US Punk 1977-original
Candy -Whatever Happened to Fun -Great US Powerpop
Wild Angels -Jo Jo Ann -R'n'R Revival/Glam-1972
Wild Angels -Clap Your Hands and Stamp Your Feet-Killer Rockin' Glam 1973
Day 'N Night -I Just Need Somebody -Phased Psych -1970
Simon Turner-SEX Appeal -Stomping Glam JK -1974
Rescue Co. No. 1 -I Want To Save You - Psych/Glam -DEMO-1972
Savwinkle and Turnerhopper -Your Mother Thinks I'm a Hoodlum DEMO-1970
Capital City Rockets -Little Bit o' Fun - US PROTO PUNK/Glam 1973
Jon Symon -Silver Star -Wild PROTO PUNK/Glam Scorcher 1975
Whizz Kidds-Big Teaser - US Glam/Proto Punk-Promo
Tiger B Smith -Morning Bird -Bonehead Glam Stomper 1975
Incredible Hog -Lame-Bonehead Cruncher -HEAVY Glam!-1973
Don Fardon -Don't Do That -Geordie-Blitzkrieg GLAM -1974
New York Dolls -Jet Boy- Rare Dutch Picture Sleeve -Original EX -1973
April-Rollin' It Over - GLAM-Autographed photos etc..." 1975
Christ Child -Let' Em Eat Rock -US Bonehead Crunching PUNK -1978
Shambles -Hello Baby -ORIGINAL UK Glam Cruncher-1975-Demo
Albatross-Rock 'n'Roll Boogie Man-BOOGIE GLAM Pic Sleeve!-1974
Good Habit -Find My Way Back Home -Crunching Glam 1974
Richmond -Peaches - Top UK GLAM 1973
Rockmore Williams -Lady Rock -Raucous Junkshop Glam -Demo -1973
Barry Ryan -Do That - GLAM classic - German pic sleeve! 1975
Mustang -Man On The Radio -German Teen Glam ROCKER-Promo sheet
Rockits -Livin' Without You -Badfinger -Nimbo -Powerpop-DEMO – 1973
John Black -Accordion -Crazy Gallic Glam -1974-Promo
Ritz -Jenny Gentle/Why Love -RARE UK Crunching Glam 1974 Demo
Robin Goodfellow-You Know Me Now- Great Purepop/Glam-1974

Plus 6 LPs
BONEHEAD CRUNCHERS VOL.1 proto-punk obscurities from the USA
BONEHEAD CRUSHERS (Crunchers) VOL 2 14 Demented Fuzz-Faced Monsters from the USA
BONEHEAD CRUNCHERS VOL.4 Streetlight Fight Boot-Stomping Low-life Heaviness

Barracudas -Mean Time Limited Edition PICTURE DISC!!! 30th anniversary Release

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Gidians League - Hey! Did You Know You’ve Got Your Face On Upside Down

Gidians League -Hey! Did you Know You’ve Got Your Face On Upside Down/You’ve Got a Mind of Your Own –Parlophone R 5933 (1972 UK)

Let’s stick then with Robin Goodfellow (see review below) for this bouncy Bubblegum ditty he wrote and produced prior to signing to Pye and being relegated to Dawn.
OK, it is a lightweight piece of fluff but a most enjoyable one thanks to its catchy chorus. It harks back to the pure Bubblegum sound of ’68 but adds a quintessential Englishness to the proceedings. What a great title anyhow...

Hear a full version of Hey! Did you Know You’ve Got Your Face On Upside Down

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Robin Goodfellow -You Know Me Now

Robin Goodfellow -You Know Me Now/I'm Suddenly Alive -Dawn DNS 1057 (1974 UK)

Here’s a great classic unheralded UK 70s pop single with a nod to Glam. It reminds as much of Hetherington as it does Marc Bolan, that guitar is pure T. Rex in any case. You Know Me Now is damn catchy tune with a nice and bouncy production and the B side is also cool too. Robin had another earlier single on Pye (Why Am I Waiting) which is nearly as good while leaning more torwards David Bowie. I haven’t found much relevant information on the Net, so if anyone want to fill in the bits. You're  more than welcome...

Hear a full version of You Know Me Now

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Sugar –Hot Damn

Sugar –Hot Damn/Let It Roll –Lady Records UR-898 (1976 US)

Driven by a gleaming cowbell, Hot Damn is a thumping piece of Riff Rock leaning towards Bonehead Boogie with Glam overtones provided by the camp vocals. These guys were not Glitter clad cross-dressers, but the singer comes across like a truck driver in stilettos with his amusing delivery. The lyrics are a real hoot -Good ol’ boy ethics on how Atlanta boys only want to rock while dissing non-Southerners and wussy English accents. Hot Damn is a joyfully dumb yet juicy Georgia peach.

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Tuesday, February 04, 2014

US –He’s Coming Back/You’ll Never Know

US –He’s Coming Back/You’ll Never Know –Straita Head Records (1975 US)

This looks to be a San Diego band who enlisted Johnny Almond (Ex Zoot Money/John Mayall and half of Mark –Almond) as a guest on the A side of this single. Not sure why 20 seconds of Sax warrants such star billing…Anyhow -He’s Coming Back has a heavy early 70s Who influence, but is even closer to Side Three/Overnight Sensation Raspberries or Artful Dodger stuff. Enjoy the stunning lead guitar over the ending…Very tasteful. You’ll Never Know is Almond-free and it’s a blistering high energy rocker again with a bit of Raspberries thrown in with some top lead guitar. Straita Head was a production company and a well-known Hair Metal club in the San Diego are in the 80s, but you can safely date this single to the mid-70s as Johnny Almond signed to ABC in 1975. A killer double-sider.

Hear a full version of He’s Coming Back

Hear a full version of You’ll Never Know