Friday, November 28, 2014

Moby Dick –Clear Days

Moby Dick –Clear Days/Hold on Me - Negram NG 189 (1970 NL)

Moby Dick was out of Delft (the home of that blue pottery). It appears that this single was their only release. Clear Days is a fine example of continental heaviness. Hold on Me also has some merit mixing in softer passages with heavier interludes. Moby Dick was comprised of singer Hans de Koning with Cees Vlottes on guitar, Joop Vavier on bass and Huib de Jong – Drums. Some of the members then moved on to form Cape Canary

Hear full versions of Clear Days and Hold on Me

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Utrecht Record Fair Day 2 (November 2014)

Here I sit at Schipol Airport and about to board. No time to write, but here are some pics. The German Wild Uncertainty single is wonderfull...

Friday, November 21, 2014

Utrecht Record Fair Day 1 (November 2014)


Not a bad first day, with some killer singles as well as som3 accumulation fodder

Some grinding heaviness, of particular note Belgium’s Opus Est and Holland’ Moby Dick.

Nice German pic sleeve of Jook’s  Bish Bash Bosh/Crazy Kids. Unexpected: Donnydale,  Red Temple Prayer and Easy Fever Volume 2

Paying the price, but well worth it; Andy Ellison –Cornflake Zoo with a fun cover of You Can’t Do That on the A side

And the rest...

Let's see what tomorrow brings...




Thursday, November 20, 2014

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Acetate: Bullitt –Nobody/I’m Gonna Win (US 197?)

Acetate: Bullitt –Nobody/I’m Gonna Win (US 197?)

Time for another mystery acetate and a fine Powerpop Pearl specimen. This is really worth somebody doing some detective work as I couldn’t find any obvious trails out there. I assume this is mid 70s and it sits nicely between Pilot-type Anglophile Pop and US Powerpop in the mould of The Raspberries with a touch of Blue Ash. It’s hard to believe that both songs are unreleased as both performances have high glossy production values and are mighty fine tunes to boot. Now unless this has come out under another name, we need to know who these guys were. Terrific stuff!

Hear a full version of Nobody

Hear a full version of I’m Gonna Win

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

The Legend -Portrait of Youth

The Legend –Portrait of Youth/ Enjoy Yourself –R703 (1968 US

We go a bit further back in time than usual for one of the most exuberant Who-inspired performances around. Although owing an obvious allegiance to The Townsend School of Riffs (Think Raspberries I Don’t Know What I Want), the tune goes beyond its Mod/Garage origins into Heavy Fuzz Psych with Powerpop overtones. The production values elevate the tune even further, the power remains, but the overall effect is surprisingly glossy (in a good way!)
The Legend got out of Denver early in their career and relocated in LA signing to the Megaphone label. Portrait of Youth was their second single. They also released 2 LPs, the first under The Legend name, the 2nd when they morphed into Dragonfly when things got even heavier. The B side Enjoy Yourself is a great example of inventive tuneful Psych at its best.

Hear full versions of Portrait of Youth and Enjoy Yourself

Friday, November 07, 2014

Inheritance –Kookie

Inheritance –Kookie/Come on - EMI test pressing (1972 Australia)

After all the Bone Crunchin’ heaviness, let’s go back to the safety of a Global Bubblegum World… Here’s an obscure, Antipodean cover of Kookie originally record by Germany’s Sandwich (pre Bläck Fööss). I think the Aussie version just wins it, by having rougher edges and more hard driving Bubblegum grooves, although the sound is more ’68 than ’72. This appears to be a custom promo pressing prior to gaining a limited release on HMV. Anyhow know anything about Inheritance? –was it a real group or a studio creation? The B side is a pleasant enough pop ditty.

Hear full versions of Kookie and Come on

Here’s a link to Sandwich’s version