Friday, April 29, 2016

Smash Well You Know

Smash –Well You Know/ Love Millionaire –Philips 6029 039 (1970 Spain)
This is not what you expect from a bunch of hairy Proggy looking Spaniards. This is snarly Freakbeat at its raucous R&B best. Strange for 1970, looking at  the guys I kinda expected hearing flute...The singer has got that snotty Punker attitude down perfectly, add in some spooky sounding lead and a neat line hypnotic congas and the result is a rousing tour-de-force.. Unexpected and great all round

Hear a full version of Well You Know

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Purepop is 10 years old...

Well that went by quickly...10 years of Purepop already.

Not sure if Purepop will ever reach puberty, but he is currently feeling a bit lazy, let's see if he can't get a bit more productive in the coming months
Thanks for sticking around

Here's a little something to celebrate. It's because of these guys I picked up a guitar in the first place...

Saturday, April 16, 2016

Utrecht record Fair April 2016 -Day 2

A great day today...Where to start?

Some ace scores at incredibly favourable prices. A box was lurking behind a “Punk” dealer’s wares which seemed to have been untouched. Best deal was probably the rousing Better Days single.
 The Spider was an out of the box find and a Kim Fowley single I didn’t know, sounds very weird but fun... and the B side

The weirdest provenance story for sure. These 4 DJM Demos came all the way from Bolivia!. Thanks to Patrick who has all manner of South American connections, a couple of Bolivian dealers had brought these demos with them to Holland. They had been languishing somewhere untouched and unplayed in La Paz...Where the air is dry.

Some random selections now follow...

Glad to have won the legends -great B side. Also nice to finally have a Laughing Gravy with a B side...

Never seen an Eric Elder pic sleeve before. I love Sunflower

a Really great Utrecht -April 2016, one of the best ones ever

Friday, April 15, 2016

Utrecht Record Fair April 2016 -Day 1

After the slight dissapointment with last November's fair, things really took off this Spring

A high return when it came to some choice 60s sides

The Slaves with Slave Time deliver a top Freakbeat performance in its wildest form. A mix of Austrian and Swiss guys apparently. A new discovery for me anyhow

The Lovin’ is also great, thank god for Youtube when looking through singles

Another cool one is Turnstyle’s Single with its killer Trot B Side, Mark Ashton would later show up in Rare Bird

The rest...

Not sure what will go down tomorrow. Bring it on...

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Utrecht Record Fair April 2016 .( A Pre-Fair Affair)

I left the house at 5am to catch the early  flight to Amsterdam in order visit the small outdoor fair in the morning. I usually arrive late pm as the fair is winding down. It was a bright and sunny Spring day, but there wasn't much to be found, so I could have stayed in bed a few hours longer. 
Thursdays used to be special visiting Michel at Da Capo, Plato Records is a fine store for choice  new releases, but nothing the old Beatcave

Tomorrow it all really begins at 7

 A modest smattering of far

Saturday, April 09, 2016

Fancy –Who Would Be The Loser – Unreleased Acetate (Nigel Benjamin pre-Mott 1973)

Fancy –Star Lord/Who Would Be The Loser – Emidisc -Unreleased Acetate (1973 UK)

Fancy were a Hard Glam foursome formed in Southend. Prior to being kidnapped as a direct replacement for Ian Hunter, Nigel Benjamin was their lead singer. The line-up also included Bob Banasiak on guitar, Phil Mitchell on bass, and Chris Holibon on drums.  Banasiak would join Angel (Good Time Fanny) soon after releasing their sole single Star Lord on Sticky. Who Would Be The Loser is the unreleased B side to Star Lord on this emidisc acetate and is by far the best performance out of the three tracks the band recorded. Written by Phil Mitchell, it’s a tough fast-paced rocker with a beefy guitar not dissimilar to the type of sound Streak were producing at the time.

Hear a full version of Who Would Be The Loser