Friday, September 30, 2011

Singles for SALE!!!!

Hi I have just listed the following singles on ebay. It took a bloody long time to do! Some rare Punk, Powerpop, Glam plus the ususal Purepop stuff. I am about 1/3 through and will be listing the second lot in about 3 weeks' time -Good Luck!
You may find them here
As I reminder -check out the clip of the great Josuha track...

Autographs-While I'm Still Young- RAK UK 1978

Automatics - When The Tanks Roll Over Poland Again- Island UK 1977

Barry Ryan-Do That - Dawn UK 1975

Beaut-Goodbye Judy -Infinity Aus 1976 ( A MUST!!!)

Big Carrot-Black Jack/Squint Eyed Mangle -EMI UK 1973

Blitzkrieg Bop-Let's Go-Lightning UK 1978

Boys- I Don't Care-Movieplay Portugal pic sleeve 1978

Boys-(She's My Girl) She's All Mine (PIC SLEEVE!) Outrage US 1975

Buster Jangle's Flying Mattress-Love Has Taken Over My Brain RCA UK 1971

Casuals-The Witch/ Good Times Dawn UK 1974

Change-Lazy London Lady Orange UK 1974

Christ Child-Let 'Em Eat Rock Barak UK 1978

Class 50-Freerider/The Time Machine The Electric Record Company UK 1977

Covers-Modern Girls Decca UK 1979

Cyanide-Mac The Flash Pye UK 1978

Dancer-Hate Generator Dawn UK 1975

Dazzle-Jim'll Fix It DJM UK 1975

Dwarf-Backstage Queen Merlyin US 1975

Esprit De Corps-Anxiety Come UK 1981 (not the 70s lot, but rare DIY PUNK)

Flamin' Groovies-Slow Death UA UK 1972 (UK pic sleeve)

Goom-Massai (parts 1+2) Pye UK 1972

Heartbreakers-One Track Mind Track UK 1977

Helter Skelter - I Need You/Goodbye Baby Sticky UK 1977 (DEMO)

Jeff Britton & The Spitfires- Rub Out Decca UK 1976

Josuha-Jenny -Jupiter Germany 1973

Ken Khury-Baby Doll-Jupiter Germany 1975

Kimi & Ritz -I Was in Love With Danny But The Crowd Was In Love With Dean Epic UK 1975

Laurie Marshall (Paul St. John) -Carry On Loving Emidisc ACETATE UK 1972?

Legs-So Many Faces WB UK 1973

Linda Kendrick-Sympathy For The Devil Dawn UK 1974

Maniacs-Chelsea 77 UA UK 1977

Matayo-I Like Rock N Roll/ Matayo RAK UK 1975 (Paul & Barry Ryan)

Matchbox-Don't Shut Me Out/Rod RAK UK 1971

Matt Black & The Doodlebugs-Punky Xmas Punk UK 1976

Meteor-Any Minute Break Away US 1977

Monsoon-Hot Honolulu Nights Trojan UK 1971

New Hearts-Just Another Teenage Anthem CBS US 1977

One Hit Wonders-Hey Hey Jump Now/ Goodbye CBS Germany 1972

Paul Ryan-Natural Gas Maple Annie UK 1972

Paul St. John-Flying Saucers Have Landed Pye UK 1972

Rammalamma -Roll It over Private Stock UK 1975

Ramones-Swallow My Pride Sire UK 1977

Ramones-Blitzkrieg Bop Sire UK 1976 (Original pic sleeve)

Ramones-Rockaway Beach Sire UK 1977

Ramones-I Remember You Sire UK 1976

Razar-Ascension Day Polydor UK 1978 (YEAH!)

Rockets-Rock and Roll Drummer Philips Germany 1974

Rowdies-A.C.A.B Birdsnest UK 1978

Shepperton Flames-Take Me For What I'm Am/Goobye Deram UK 1969

Sisters-There's A Raver Coming Home WB Germany 1974

Stefan And The Wild Boys-Dying in St. Louis Gonna Make You Blue Artists of America US 1976

Suzi Quatro-Rolling Stone RAK UK 1972

Sweeny Todd- Roxy Roller Nova Germany 1976 (German Pic sleeve)

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Coloured Balls –Flash

Coloured Balls –Flash/ Dave The Rave –EMI 10344 (1973 Aus)

Led by the late great Lobby Loyde, Flash finds the band in their absolute Sharpie-Ball-Power prime. It’s such an exuberant performance and although the band can really play, Flash finds them containing any musical indulgences and any over-muso leanings that would at times appear on their second LP. It’s just an amazing straight-ahead down the line full-on power trip. The B side is slightly more Bluesy and somehow reminds me of Stackwaddy. A truly great single

Hear a full version of Flash

Friday, September 23, 2011

My Version Is Better Than Yours Part 13: Do Ya - Elmer Goodbody Jnr vs. Forest

Elmer Goodbody Jnr. –Do Ya/Mad About You –Charisma CB 279 (1976 UK)
Forest –Do Ya/I’ll Stay With You –Midland International MID 1 (1976 UK)

Do Ya exemplifies the maxim –maximise the minimum, where less always means MORE! The Move’s Do Ya is probably one of the greatest riff songs ever and follows a prestigious lineage that goes all the way back to Louie Louie and lives on through to Fireball and other Sweet Jane knock-offs. So what makes these two versions so weird is that they both lessen the impact of that riff, and attempt to highlight the song beyond.. Elmer Goodbody Jnr’s (Mike Sheridan’s leather clad alter ego) version is more akin to George Harrison transplanted to a Brum backwater...A strange revisit but quite charming in its laidback approach. Forest on the other hand play it straight, shorten the intro (what were they thinking of?), and emasculate the power of the riff (to make it more radio friendly?) An OK version that gets better as the song nears its end...but nothing to write home about...

Hear a full version of Elmer Goodbody Jnr’s Do Ya

Hear a full version of Forest’s Do Ya

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Maalstroom- There’s A Party Going On/Gonna Tell My Momma

Maalstroom- There’s A Party Going On/Gonna Tell My Momma –Phoenix PX130 (1976 US)

Here’s a big one and still a bit of a mystery...It pretty much hits all the parts - satisfying Heavy Bonehead requirements along with high Garage ethics and also encroaches into Proto-Punk territory. There’s a Party Going On is all beer-swilling Biker Dumb Boogie BUT features one of the cheapest and most gratifying Fuzz guitar sounds around.
Gonna Tell My Momma is my favourite of the two tracks, the fuzz remains but is augmented by what sounds like frenzied bongos while the track’s tempo seems to fluctuate somewhat.
Recorded in 1976 at Pinnacle Sound Studios, it appears that the band may at one time been called Mississippi, but this is not definite. I have tried to track down different band members, but I only got as far as the producer listed on the label, Clyde Snider .

CS: “Around 1976 there was a band in my studio (Pinnacle Sound Productions at the time) called "Mississippi"...They recorded three songs; two songs were for a single and the third song was a song called "Birthday Nose Job" that had hilarious lyrics...”

However it appears that the session producer was an interesting gentleman called Jerry Katz

CS: “The producer was a guy named Jerry Katz. Katz was the one who arranged for the recording session. They were all from out of town so I was unfamiliar with any of them. Katz was a paranoid schizophrenic who thought the government had put a "square-wave transmitter" in his head and was listening in on all his conversations. However, he was a good producer for the band. The recording engineer was Bill Hammitt...”

It is not clear why Clyde ended being credited as producer.

CS: “I doubt there would be another Clyde Snider with Pinnacle Sound Productions anywhere else in the world. Maybe they broke with Jerry Katz and put my name on the label because I owned the studio...The main thing I remember about the session was how crazy Jerry Katz was. The band was in the studio for several days. Before every session Katz would place his head on our big Taberaser tape eraser and turn it on to the scramble the square-wave transmitter the government had put in his head. Then he would put aluminium foil in his ears...”

I have had no luck (so far) in tracking down the band themselves, it may be that one member now works at Clear 1017fm in Oregon, but I have had no response, hopefully this post will help bring more information to light

Hear a full version of There’s a Party Going On

Hear a full version of Gonna Tell My Momma

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Bandy Legs –Ride Ride

Bandy Legs –Ride Ride/Don’t Play Games –WWA WWS011 (1974 UK)

Ride Ride is a fine sparkling Glam number with Elmer Goodbody inflections... Which makes sense as Bandy Legs was a Birmingham outfit with affiliations to the Idle Race and Move (guitarist Mick Hopkins was in the Lemon Tree and post Jeff Lynne Idle Race). The band actually changed its name and became hard rock band Quartz after signing to Jet Records. It must have been quite an about-turn for the band to go all Hairy Metal as another of their singles (Silver Screen Queen on Pye) is in pure Rubettes mode!

Hear a full version of Ride Ride.

Friday, September 09, 2011

Rammalamma –Roll It Over

Rammalamma –Roll It Over/Can’t You Feel It –Private Stock PVT. 10 (1975 UK)

Whilst going through piles of spare singles (will probably be listing around 200 of them in October), I came across this near forgotten gem. Roll It Over occupies that special place between Rock N' Roll Revival and Crunching Glam with nifty Groovies-like Slide guitar. If anything it reminds me of Smith &Weston's version of A Shot of Rhythm & Blues on Decca.

Hear a full version of Roll It Over

Wednesday, September 07, 2011

The Wacky Clackers –Crazy Balls

The Wacky Clackers –Crazy Balls/ How Will I Know –Poko Records NC-S-45-122 (1971 US)

Out of New Orleans, without a whiff of Allen Toussaint, comes this highly entertaining Bubblegum meisterwork to cash in on what was then a huge global phenomenon (Klackers, Click-Clacks, Clackers, Ker-Knockers etc...) Whatever they were called, they would surely be banned in school nowadays as offensive weapons!

The Wacky Clackers were in fact the Montalto Trio in disguise who consisted of brothers Lance -guitar (AND Clackers!), Richard - bass and Alfred Montalto on drums. Crazy Balls is beautifully dumb and catchy, and god...don’t those clackers cut through the mix? Enjoy! Me?...I’m off to clack my balls...

Hear a full version of Crazy Balls

PS: I have just updated my 45 collection, see the first link to download. Still a work in progress...

Monday, September 05, 2011

Chook-Cold Feet

Chook-Cold Feet/Tables Turn –Havoc H 1005 (1971 Aus)

Chook were a local Melbourne band and only managed to release this sole single before splitting up soon after. However a promo video was made, which you can see below. The sound is crunchy and heavy with top lead guitar from Alex O’ Hara. Not quite reaching the depths of pure Bonehead, but worthy in its riff-led heaviness all the same. The band were Mick Sampson (Vocals), Alex O'Hara (Guitar), Ian Ryan (Bass) and either Jeff Lowe or Kim Constable on Drums.

Hear a full version of Cold Feet

Hear a full version of Tables Turn

What the video for Cold Feet