Saturday, March 16, 2024

Roger Noel Cook (Stud Leather) 18 June 1946 – 10 March 2024


Very sad to hear about the passing of Roger Cook. For readers of this blog he will forever be associated with the wild high energy slab of madness which is Cut Loose

He was so much more than this though. He made a fortune with Paul Raymond along with his career in comics - read the fine obituary here

More than anything he was a lovely and approachable guy. 

He was happy and helpful when it came to featuring Cut Loose on Bonehead Crunchers 3 and having the single reissued in on a small label back in 2016.

It was so cool of him to pick me up in his green Bentley and to spend an afternoon at his his plush residence in Spain. He had a recording studio set up and was still actively involved in music with the Spanish version of X Factor.

Sometimes good guys make it...

God bless you Roger

Tuesday, March 12, 2024

Chorish (Cherish?) – Big Daddy – Unknown UK Glam Acetate (1974)


Chorish  (Sherish?)– Big Daddy – Emidisc Acetate – 27/06/1974 (UK)

Total mystery time, there’s absolutely nothing found about this anywhere. I thought at first that this would be an ode to the 70s wrestling star, but no, it's just some eager young ladies waiting for a big daddy to shake ‘em and take ‘em...

Production-wise it bears some similarities with the Angels Of Islington, but on a more adult theme

The production is actually spot on (3rd mix!). So who is this and who is behind it? Sounds like another hit that wasn’t even given the chance to be heard

Hear a full version of Big Daddy