Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Scorpion –It’s All Over Now

Scorpion –It’s All Over Now/Wolf’s Mouth Song –Green Light/MNW 0020-MNW-37 S (1971 Sweden)

One year on from the Kim Fowley infused I Am The Scorpion LP, Bo Anders Larsson returns with this two sided Killer single. Kim Fowley doesn’t appear to be present this time, but both sides are strident examples of top notch early 70s rock at its best. It’s All Over now is the Valentinos/Stones classic, although credited to Wally Whyton who recorded a song of the same name in the late 50s. Anyhow the version here is full of proto punk venom, wild yet fully realised in its own setting. Wolf’s Mouth Song is a heavy stoner instrumental with hard guitar to the fore which positively screeches by the end. Hot stuff!

Hear a full version of It’s All Over Now

Hear a full version of Wolf’s Mouth Song

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Utrecht Record Fair Day 2 / Phil Spector unreleased Acetate -Lucy in London

Just a gentle 7 hour walk around the stalls today...

Some nice if not midblowing stuff...BUT

.... -There is the little matter of this unreleased Phil Spector acetate from 1966 which featured in the Luclle Ball in London TV special...It looks like it was one of only 4 acetates made...

You can watch a newly edited clip from the show and hear the song loud and clear. It's a great tune and performance with a wonderful wall of sound and a near Pet Sounds middle bit. It appears that this is Phil Spector singing himself

Watch the video here

The rest...
A nice Dutch Sister Morphine and an upgrade of the Pussy single

Friday, April 11, 2014

Utrecht Record Fair April 2014 -Day 1

Reporting back from Utrecht where the first day was not always the usual fair...

First things first. The records. One thing that has changed in the last couple of years, it that it has become more and more unlikely to pick up cheap  Glam/Proto Punk singles. There are still plenty of cheap singles, but where you could unearth gems before, the word is now out and you are now likely to find them in the €20 -€50 bracket. Some dealers  even have Junkshop Glam sections on their stalls. Still there is plenty of great stuff out there although you may now have to pay a price.

A great mixture of classic Garage Punk (Haunted / Oxford Circle and Freakbeat (The Dakotas' The Spider and The Fly) along with great Supachief and Jerusalem pic sleeves. The choice of the bunch might well be Scorpion's It's All over Now/Wolf's Mouth Song (Sweden)

At Last The 1958 Rock and Roll Show features Ian Hunter on bass.

Some more Glammy stuff including 2 entries from East Germany, fierce Gallic Punk and the  pre Fickle Pickle single by Samsun. Particularly nice is the I Drive Superstar single.

Thanks to Mauro who got a full cheese fondue together behind a record stall (with Absinthe!) which provided much relief from the Frikadelen and frites...

Guerrilla Fondue
Fondue Terrorist

Bring on tomorrow!

Wednesday, April 09, 2014

Utrecht Record Fair April 2014

God how  time flies. November seems like it was only a few weeks ago...

Anyhow I fly off tomorrow. I will have time to check out the small outdoor fair on Thursday then it's back to the wonderful madness from 7am on Friday. There are bound to be some prized hot ticket items with the Swedish mob bringing back a good chunk of Michel Terstegen's collection. So  will it be a case of 10 expensive buys or 100 cheap ones?...let's see

Friday, April 04, 2014

Carriage Company –The Beasts

Carriage Company –The Beasts/Come Along –CBS 4144 (1969 Belgium)

The Beasts was the first of 5 singles released by this great Belgian outfit. It is also the most far out of their releases. The Beasts is just full to the brim of ideas from the Biblical opening to Fuzzed out Heavy Rock through Easybeat chord changes all the way to the Sleazy Blues/end Freak Out. The Beasts is an incredible trip, but God knows what they were trying to do. The singer does a wonderful job out-taxing Wally Tax and shines across both sides while the guitar playing is cutting and a model of controlled lunacy. The B side Come Along is slightly more sane, but still a raucous affair featuring again some great guitar and further tempo shifts

Hear a full version of The Beasts

Hear a full version of Come Along