Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The Ritual –Granny Goodbox

The Ritual –Granny Goodbox/ Unseen Destination –Jewel Records 968 (1972 US)

Better known for their great Heavy Psych single Speed Freak/Walls of My Mind, Indiana’s The Ritual returned in ’72 with this absolute scorcher of a single. Any previous Iron Butterfly leanings are blown away by 2 sides of TOTAL Energy Heavy Rock ‘n’ Roll. It crunches, it buzzes, it fuzzes and fully delivers on all levels. The hilarious intro to Granny Goodbox (Granny’s was a club in Muncie), leads into a driving rocker where tight and super trebly guitars (sounding like highly strung Dan Electros), raspy vocals and frenetic drumming rule the roost. The B side Unseen Destination is barely less wild and rocks out in fine Stones/Faces fashion until the surprising break in the middle where it nearly goes into Journey To The Center of The Mind territory for a few seconds… Not sure how this single ended up on Ohio’s Jewel label, but thank god it did. I just can’t praise this single enough.

Hear a full version of Granny Goodbox

Hear a full version of Unseen Destination

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Which is The Coolest?

Now which is coolest? The poster for the last Hollywood Stars gig featuring the first live appearance  from a three piece Runaways (Sans Cherrie) or the German Captain Groovy and His Bubblegum Army poster (in the background)? Photo by Roberto CalabrĂ²

Thursday, October 18, 2012

For Sale: 45 singles and 2 LPs on ebay

To achieve perfect sense of symmetry I’ve just listed 45 x 45s on ebay. Yes 45 essential singles along with 2 LPS. Including the great Eric Elder single

All 45s have sound clips, so pop along, have a listen and bid if you feel that way inclined!
You can find the singles here:
Singles (and 2 LPs) on ebay

Here’s the full list

HAMMER- Hitchcock’s Lullaby –The RAREST Dutch GLAM single (1974)
Chris Neal –Mr. Leather and Velvet –GLAM Rock Classic (1973)
Brats –Keep On Doin…NY Proto PUNK Glam 1976 1st issue
Smith & Weston –A Shot Of Rhythm And Blues –Raw Crunchin’ GLAM –Demo 1973
Imperial Dogs –This Ain’t The Summer of Love-Proto Punk- Blue Oyster Cult
STEPSON –It’s My Life/ Rude Attitude –Bonehead Cruncher Proto Punk 1974
Flamin’ Groovies –Slow Death RARE-German Pic Sleeve 1972
Bang -Questions/ Future Shock -Great US HARD ROCK 1972
Hammersmith Gorillas –You Really Got Me - Top Proto Punk-German pic sleeve
Appaloosa -Saved By Rock & Roll -Velvets -US HARD ROCK Bonehead 1973
Douglas –The Monkey Song - Killer Heavy BUBBLEGUM/Glam 1974
Frog -Monie Monie -French GLAM 1976
Tartan Horde -Bay City Rollers, We Love You -Nick Lowe -1975
Rockmore Williams -It Was Her -Stomping UK GLAM Demo 1973
Stonebridge -1976 –RARE US Bonehead Cruncher HARD ROCK
Mabel –Look In Her Eyes –Crunching Danish GLAM 1975
Snapp – Cheat, Cheat –Great 60s GIRL GROUP Recreation 1974
Whizz Kidds –Sweet Honey/Big Teaser –Hard US Powerpop 1977
Donnydale-Thank Goodness For The Rain/ Oh Yeah - Obscure Powerpop BIG STAR
Truth & Beauty -Tuff Little Surfer Boy -ROCKY HORROR - RAK 181
Parklane -The Party -Dutch PUNK/ GLAM THUG Cruncher 1977
Ken Khury-Baby Doll –Sleazy Junkshop GLAM 1975
Mother Trucker –Tonight -Hard Female GLAM Cruncher 1974
Ramma Damma –Legendary Killer GLAM Weirdness -1974
Tracey Dean –Moonshiner –GLAM Stomper 1974-Moroder
Stephen -Right on Running Man -Hard GLAM Cruncher-Japanese issue 1974
Alan Blakley –Lost Without You/ Gimme Rock ‘n’ Roll –Great GLAM 2-sider
Tiger -Crazy-Great Danish GLAM -Marc Bolan 1974
Crescent Street Stompers –Louie Louie/Having a Party –Bonehead HARD GLAM
Ted Mulry Gang -Jump in My Car -Chris Spedding - German picture sleeve
Eric Elder –SUNFLOWER /San Tokay Uncomped MOD Psych Dancer Demo
Jon Symon –Silver Star- Killer PROTO PUNK/GLAM
Neil Christian – She’s Got The Power -Top FUZZ GLAM monster
Dahcotah - Too Easy To Love –Mott The Hoople-US GLAM 1976
Children of The Morning –Hey America America –Protest PSYCH Groover
Turnpike - Big Machine –Haunting Psych/GLAM 1974
Troggs –Strange Movies –Hard FUZZ sleaze Classic 1974
Troggs –The Raver –FUZZ Cruncher 1970 –German pic sleeve
Streak –Gonna Have A Good Time –Hard GLAM Classic - 1972 Test pressing
Wellington –Swoop Down on You -UK Junkshop Glam STOMPER 1975
Purple Avalanche -Oh-Bah-Um-Dee-Dum Obscure 1969 BUBBLEGUM Killer
Rattles - Mr...Keep Your Hands off My Sister -Overlooked KILLER 60s Psych
Equals -Stand Up and Be Counted -Hard Fuzz Stomper 1972
Jamie Lyons Group –Gonna Have A Good Time-EASYBEATS-MOD Dancer

And 2 LPs:

BONEHEAD CRUNCHERS VOL. 1 - 14 loud 'n heavy proto-punk obscurities from the USA BONEHEAD CRUSHERS (Crunchers) VOL.2 14 Demented Fuzz-Faced Monsters from the USA

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Mourning Son –Sit Down Honey

Mourning Son –Sit Down Honey/ Where is Tomorrow –Hellfire Records R-5114 SP (1972 US)

Local release by a unknown Harrisburg (PA) act. The A side is a RAW cover of the first Elf single, so it probably places the release date as 1972 and not as a sixties release as could be indicated by the label design and sound. It’s real primitive stuff with killer guitar and vocals; a perfect mix of Garage ethics and Bonehead. If anyone can locate a better copy of this single I would be forever grateful. The B side is a Hammond infused mellow Psych track, pleasant, but no more than that.

Hear a full version of Sit Down Honey

Sunday, October 07, 2012

Allentown Day 4: Allentown Record Fair Day 2

Today was the last day and when the general record fair took place. So new faces, new records, although perhaps 1/3 of Saturday's dealers were still here, this time suplementing their 45s with LPs (which aren't allowed on Saturday).
Found a few very interesting late Garage/early Hard Rock singles including local band Morning Son "Sit Down Honey", The Escape Machine. The biggest surprise is a late single by Five by Five -"15 going on 20" which sounds like a fuzzed up Communication Breakdown.

I'm now at the Airport...looking forward to a good cup of tea when I return...

                                Opportunistic dealers abound...

Saturday, October 06, 2012

Allentown Day3: Allentown Record Fair

Day 3

Finally on my 3rd day is when the fair proper got underway. Now over the previous 2 days I probably had access to 3/4 of the records on show, but I still spent around 8 hours at the fair.
A nice bunch of the singles, the biggest discovery probably Homegrown with a nifty slice of Stonesian rock called Loaded. I believe they're from Mississippi...Also nice to get the first version of Cargoe's Feel Allright (sic) prior to the band signing to Ardent. More on those two soon.
Tomorrow its a more general record fair which also includes LPs, CDs and a new bunch of sellers.

                                        45s, 45s and more 45s...

                                        Gourmets are welcome...

Allentown Day 2

Day 2:
After waking up at 4am, I went to Double Decker records whch is an amazing store although more geared towards LPs. They seem to get new stock including many hot items quite frequently and the place was buzzing. I nearly picked up the Fickle Pickle LP, but didn't which I may regret...

                                          Double Decker

Then onwards to the main dealer hotel. Around 10-15 rooms with open doors full of records and my god, I picked up some great stuff including more well known titles such as The Squires and Chocolate Watch Band. It's hard to resist once you've held a particular record you always wanted in your hands.
Anyhow a good haul so far and the record fair hasn't even started yet!

Apart from the setting of the record dealing at the hotels, it must be stressed just how friendly and helpful everyone has been. Not any of the snootiness one can sometimes associate with serious dealers...Oh and just probably had the best chinese buffet ever.

Tomorrow, ETA for the record fair 7:15am

Thursday, October 04, 2012

Allentown Day 1: Arrival

OK, got my connecting flight, hopped in a cab to the hotel and as I went to open the door to my room, this was what was opposite me...

...and this was further down the hall

So more dealers and collectors around, plus this isn't the main hotel for these types of shenanigans, I will pop round to the other hotel tomorrow as well as  to the local record shop.

The record fair doesn't start until Saturday!

Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Bungi –Numbers

Bungi –Six Days on The Road/ Numbers –Earthquake EQ 101 (1972 US)

Heavy Rock/ Bonehead trio formed in Wisconsin by future Starz and Stories guitarist Richie Ranno. The A side is an OK version of Six Days on The Road, but it’s the B side where the action is. It’s a gritty performance with a meaty fat bass, crunchy guitar and growly vocals; the track comes across like a bit like a gutter version of Steppenwolf. Six Days on The Road was also issued on Target with another B side “Turk’s Squeal”, but I don’t know which came first. 

Hear a full version of Numbers


On another note. I have just update my 45 spreadsheet (see links on the left)