Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Shocking Blue –Out of Sight, Out of Mind

Shocking Blue –Out of Sight, Out of Mind/I Like You –Pink Elephant PE 22.056-Y 60 (1971 Belgian issue)
Sometimes you can get stuck in reviewing obscure records mainly for obscurity sake, but once in a while a better known act released a classic tune that you were not aware of. This is the case here with a tune that has all ingredients to give shivers down your spine. Out of Sight, Out of Mind was a top 6 hit in Holland at the time and it’s simply glorious. The pulsating saxes pumping along during the dead simple, but Purely Pop chorus is just one of those magic moments I crave for. Mariska’s vocals are ace, understated, but oh so present...Oh, and the backing groove probably really influenced The Garnets too...

Hear a full version of Out of Sight, Out of Mind.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Next –Hard Time

Next –Hard Time/ Caught in The Doorway/High Degree –Radar –RDR 001(1976 France)

Proudly proclaiming “English Rock ‘n Roll” on its sleeve, Next were probably a bunch of unknowns stranded in France when their van broke down and  who somehow ended up in a French recording studio to record these three tracks. Hard Times starts promisingly with yet another (this time verbal) proclamation of “Rock N’ Roll”...The track is a good enough straight rocker, but it plods a bit although the vocals are nice n’ sleazy...Think of a tired Streak in need of refreshments. Caught in The Doorway ups the tempo, but only really gets really gets going by the 2nd lead break and then comes across like a Flamingo outtake...Not at all bad. The meat and most of the potatoes in fact reside on the B side with High Degree, which goes on for 6’35 but is proto punk enough in a Radio Birdman kind of way to justify it length. In fact this single plays at 33.3rpm to contain all three tracks... Who were these guys? Colin and Alan Rosier, Dave Hinksman, Phil Ward?

Hear full versions of Hard Time and Caught in The Doorway

Hear a full version of High Degree

Friday, May 20, 2011

Big T. –Tea For Two

Big T. –Tea For Two/I Know A Place –Avalanche AV 67324 (1973 UK)

From the deranged mind of Ed Welch, comes this classic and so far undocumented Junkshop Glam stormer from Big T. Yes, as ridiculous as it sounds, this it is the showtune you think it is, but god...it pulls out ALL the Junkshop weapons from the Glitter arsenal: Loud Fuzz, handclaps, HEYs, gangshow vocals...So all in all it’s a great unpretentious Stompfest which will delight and amuse in equal measure

Hear a full version of Tea For Two

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Pelican – Jenny Darling

Pelican –Jenny Darling/My Glasses –Á. Á Records – Á Á 017 (1974 Iceland)

All the way from Iceland and giving Change http://purepop1uk.blogspot.com/2011/01/change-lazy-london-lady.html  a good run for their money, Pelican’s first single is a great bouncy and quirky BubbleGlam number that was actually a hit amongst the frozen Tundra. Not sure how many sales that actually equated to, but Pelican can be considered a big national catch. Whilst Change went to London, Pelican went to Massachusetts to record, but their appeal remained strictly local. I love the near Walkers (DK) delivery along with the twists and turns that showcase a true distinctiveness in Purepop mode.

Hear a full version of Jenny Darling

Many Thanks to Hannes for the Icelandic package!

Thursday, May 12, 2011

LA Finds 2 and End...

Saying that LA is spread out is an obvious but oh so true statement when it comes to record shopping. Two days were not nearly enough time to get around. Anyhow, picked up a few more singles, the best bargain was The Cookies “I Never Dreamed” and it was cool to find a copy of Loose Gravel's “Frisco Band” as well as Heavy Cruiser’s “Louie Louie” with a different B side from the French issue.

Shops of note included Freakbeat in Sherman Oaks and Wombleton in Highland Park. Wonderland Pop Emporium on Pico is definitely worth a visit –a one off shop to be experienced –they are open until 2am!!!!

The real experience though was visiting The Record Collector on Melrose...Let’s just say that I got lectured to when enquiring if they had any singles...there are 10.000 of the buggers in the back, but they offer “a high end service” and you have to pay $200 for the privilege to be escorted to go through them in 30 minutes. Calling all LA residents- go in there and make the same request, the guy may crack...

I missed out getting out to Long Beach to visit Bagatelle, but it was just too far. Now, time to get ready for the flight back and ensuing jet lag...

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

LA Finds part 1

OK, been offline for a while, mostly driving around Arizona (with a quick poke into Utah). Very little in the way of records, but enjoyed a great trip as a real tourist.
Anyhow back to Purepop business

First day in LA and visited Ameoba and Rockaway, where I found the singles below and this damn fine poster (above). How much More LA can you get? The Hollywood Stars(just before implosion) supported by the pre- Currie 3 piece Runaways! Paid a packet but could not leave this behind...

Of the singles, perhaps the most interesting is the 3 track single by Next. A UK band based in France and coming across like a Flamingo era Groovies, mixed with UK Hard Rock with a dollop of Proto Punk. More soon on that one...
More shopping tomorrow and Wednesday, before flying back to Blighty on Thursday.

More soon...

Monday, May 02, 2011

Austin finds...

OK, as warned it is definitely NOT Utrecht or WFMU for that matter. It was very much like what record fairs were like 30 -35 years ago. A lot of old timers, "Teeners" "Rockers", "Groups" etc..., still some good finds, if nothing really incredible including the first Boys with all the inserts, The Legends, West Minist'r and not quite sure how a UK Jook Demo showed up in Texas

...........................................Have a nice day y'all...