Monday, April 24, 2023

Den Bosch Record Fair - Day 3 (Sunday)

So that was it - the 3rd edition of the Den Bosch fair. It was a good fair, perhaps not quite a buzzy as November's, but that is often the case. Great stuff though

So I walked 77,138 steps, spent too much money and came back with some great titles.

I have now definitely made the jump emotionally from Utrecht to Den Bosch. The Thursday outdoor Utrecht fair is REALLY rubbish, cheap shit and clueless chancers, so I will refrain from stopping off at Utrecht on the Den Bosch again. Utrecht you are now dead to me

What is missing from Den Bosch are large hotels within a short walk of the fair. Utrecht had the NH and Park Plaza where there was a great amount of socialising with other buyers and sellers. In Den Bosch everyone is spread out. 

I ended up staying in a converted convent, that was actually really cool, however a 32 minute  walk from the fair.

So the last day

Pick up of the bunch is the French Love EP. Old shop stock with the tab (languette) and seamingly unplayed, paid a bit too much, but it's now done.

Swedes...The Shakers improve on Thee Stones' original - still desperately missing Who Will Buy (These Wonderful Evils).

and a few Yanks... The UK McCoys demo is a highlight

Till November then!

Saturday, April 22, 2023

Den Bosch Record Fair April 2023 - Day2


A more subdued day today...

It seems dealers are more and more expecting Discogs asking prices (NOT sold prices), so there were many records I had to walk away from.

Thank god for some sellers I know well and who's best price request often cane out better than I was expecting (often 30% less than asking price)

Love the French Beau Brummels EP - still with the "languette" (as is The Motions). The Charlatans is Danish so nice to have it with a small hole

I love the German pic sleeve for the MPD Ltd. It's not in the best condition, but I am sure another will pop up one day

Tomorrow many sellers drop their prices by 25 - 50%., so hopefully I will get some nice deals done

Friday, April 21, 2023

Den Bosch Record fair April 2023 - Day 1


As a change to the way I usually do these reports, I have done a short video - saves me typing! 

Here are also the Photos of today's haul


Thursday, March 23, 2023

Reform - One For The Boys/ Salt Away - Crunching Irish Glam (1974)


Reform – One For The Boys/ Salt Away – Young Blood International YB 1066 (UK 1974)

This one has been hard to track down as it has taken me over 10 years to finally acquire a copy. Reform also had another great single in a similar vein namely I’m Gonna Get You

One For The Boys was produced by Miki Dallon in the UK and shares similarities with contemporary singles such as Getting Hungry by Big Boy Blue as it features slight Barron Knight inflections without forsaking its Irish pedigree “The crack…”. 

Now I had never heard the B side before and Salt Away is a revelation with a fully bloodied raucousness recalling acts like The Sensation, Brother Susan and other 1974 crunchers

More information on Reform can be found here

Hear full sound clips of both sides

Monday, February 06, 2023

Cold Touch - Ride to live, Live to Ride - Essential unreleased Bonehead


Cold Touch – Ride to Live, Live to Ride – Splattered Records -Splat 30 (US 2022)

A few years back I was sent an obscure Gold Star acetate that set many a tail wagging.   The singer then got in touch with me and once I heard there were further recordings, I contacted Reed at Splattered Records, as I knew this could be right up his street

Heavy and not so ‘umble, these lost recordings by Cold Touch hit the spot and would be positioned high in the Bonehead Parthenon. The recordings are  basic but of high quality, rough with just the right amount of ready 

The opening trio of Ride to Live, Greasepaint Widow and Derailed Ladies (what a great title!) set the scene of much of what is to come. Again, as demonstrated on the acetate singer Barry has an inimitable garble-warble which is quite remarkable in its uniqueness and character. 

His vocal delivery is in perfect fit with the heavy powerful Thudding that underlines these gems. Land of The Foxes has a Love It To Death Alice Cooper feel to it. 

Side 2 is more of a mixed bag with a saxophone which tarnished the acetate version of Ride to Live, making further appearances. I have always had an aversion to men sticking things in their mouths and blowing on them, although I am partial to a bit of harp – go figure! There are still gems on the 2nd side including Rock n’ Roll Star which somehow reminds me of Mogan Davis and His Winos! The 2nd side also includes several alternative versions of some of the best tunes from side one, however often derailed by the sax

If some of these songs had come out at the time, people would be clamouring about them in the same way as Seompi, Supachief or Purple Sun. If this album had been released privately back then it would certainly be commanding four figure sums nowadays.

All in all it’s still an essential release and full marks to Splattered records for releasing this, however for some reason there are no liner notes or any information on the band line ups or recording dates.

From the online interviews found here .primitivemansoundz - Cold Touch it seems these sessions either took place in 74 or 75. 

There are still a few copies left here

Friday, January 20, 2023

Purepop Set Sale and 48hr Mini Auction -Sunday 22nd January 2023


Hi all

The new Purepop set sale and mini auction goes live at 10pm GMT on Sunday 22nd January.

The list with pics and sound clips will be launched here PUREPOP set sale and mini auction

The list also goes out by email to those on my list

Thanks and good luck


Sunday, November 13, 2022

Den Bosch Record Fair November 2022 - Day 4: Sunday

 I was glad to have stuck around on Sunday as I made some great deals, often knocking off 50% on many items I was looking at over previous days

Perhaps the icing on the cake is The Emeralds - UK copies were housed in Dutch printed sleeve, such a cracker I only discovered a few months ago

Some other nice titles at reasonable prices

And yet more spares for my next list

So all in all, I think Den Bosch is making good sense. Things are different, so many of the old dealers and no longer present. 2 years of COVID and the change of location has meant that many old favourites have jumped ship. However there is some promising flesh blood, so it's all looking good for the future

Bring on April then!

Saturday, November 12, 2022

Den Bosch Record Fair November 2022: Day 3 Saturday


Today, picked up a few singles, then got a lift for a furtive glance to check what was going on at The Collector/Antique fair at the old Jaarbeurs location.

Although there is a dedicated area for records/CDs, there were no more than 5-6 dealers, I still managed to pick up that elusive 2nd Belfast Gypsies EP at a bargain price

A good score at Den Bosch were these really clean Tages singles. The sleeves are usually in rough condition as the paper is very fragile.

along with some US titles.

Tomorrow I will be back at the Den Bosch fair, to make a few offers on some singles I had my eye on, then train-plane-home with my aged cheese and records

Friday, November 11, 2022

Den Bosch Record Fair November 2022 Day 2: Friday

Looks just like Jaarbeurs at 7am!

A pretty good day, no mind-blowing finds, but a fine and varied collection.

It started with a bit of Bootboy merriment

Then picked up some nice 60s stuff...Didn't know The Buffaloes

Perhaps the best find was this Tony Brook and The Breakers single, pretty wild stuff for 64


Some more 60s singles. Love that Kink's  Party Line and the Johnny Kid (without patch) is also from Norway. The Portuguese Renegades features Thirteen Women.  Got a nice upgrade on the Randy Fuller

....and finished off with a bit of Glam, mostly spares for my next list

The Den Bosch fair is just under a 30 minute walk from the City centre, so did 20.000 steps today and I now feel at least 14,000 of them. Had my eye on a few more singles, and still  more to wade through tomorrow

Thursday, November 10, 2022

Den Bosch Record Fair November 2022 - Day 1: Arrival and Outdoor Utrecht Fair

 So here we go again, now for the 2nd time of the "Utrecht" fair is at its new location in Den Bosch.

Stopped off at Utrecht for the outdoor fair. There seems to have been a change, several of the regular dealers (those with the more interesting singles) seem to have given up. Some hearsay of disagreements with the organisers...

So it was mainly cheap/overstock LPs and 1 euro singles which seemed to be on display here on the way to landfill

However I found the Sheephouse single with the rare Danish sleeve. Basically a few UK copies found their way to Denmark and a sleeve was produced locally. I had been after the sleeve for 15 years, so a nice surprise. Such a cracker with/without the sleeve

Last April, following the first visit to Den Bosch, I felt the jury was still out about the new location. Since the cancellations due to COVID and the full implementation of Brexit (hardly any UK dealers anymore) things are certainly different. Will report back each day

Friday, October 28, 2022

Purepop Set Sale and Mini Auction goes live on Sunday 30th October 2022 at 10am GMT


Hi all

The list go out by email on Sunday October 30th at 10pm GMT, but it will also go live here on my Purepop Sale Blog at the same time

Monday, October 24, 2022

Kevin Buckingham – Take Me Back - Obscure Aussie Chugger (70s)

Kevin Buckingham – Paradise/Take Me Back – MA 7218- Self Release (AUS  70s)

Here’s a totally obscure Aussie release that was worth uncovering. First thoughts it sounds Welsh, well it’s got that Dave Edmunds chug doing on as well as a melodic Glam overlay reminding of another Welsh combo, The James Hogg Band (Everybody Smile).  Albatross’s Rock and Roll Boogie Man also come to mind. 

Although it has low production values, the performance really cooks and features not 1, nor 2, but 3 lead breaks!

Update: Kevin Buckingham was the guitarist for Melbourne-based band Dave and the Derros.

The A side is pleasant 70s Pop, a bit like a rural Pilot.

Kevin – where are you and do you have a better condition copy?

Hear a full version of Take Me Back

Friday, August 26, 2022

Han Shake – It’s Revolting - Unreleased Glam Era Acetate

 Han Shake – It’s Revolting – Pye Acetate  (UK 1971/72?)

With a title like It’s Revolting, you probably expect a no holds barred Proto Punk venom spewing Trasher, but  in fact you get something quite different. Han Shake (who him/they?) serve(s) up a breezy, catchy but driving ditty. Kind of like McGuiness Flint meets Badfinger with a touch burgeoning Glam. You can easily imagine the same tune in full raucous Junkshop trappings, instead of its stripped back low-key delivery. No idea at all who this could be, but it sounds like it belongs in 1971/72. The answers might be out there…

Hear a Full version of It’s Revolting

Sunday, April 10, 2022

A return to Utrecht April 2022...

So today I returned to the Jaarbeurs in Utrecht instead of a 3rd day at the Den Bosch fair. Utrecht is half way between Den Bosch and the airport, so made a stop over for old time sake

In truth I had rumours that there would be some records as part of the general collector fair. I was even told that one dealer had 100.000 record on show

Well that was true on both counts. One area of the fair was taken over by a gated area where there were at least 100K records. However the whole approach was more like a supermarket/ prison, the staff all wore the same branded tops and what about the records?  Well...

I spent about 20 minutes going through the alphabetised singles, went from W to S and found ZILCH

It was mainly 80s stuff, totally over-priced and crap that should be destined to landfill

Leaving the area in disgust, I then stumbled upon 3-4 dealers scattered around the main hall and found some nice stuff

Of particular note is The Riats. How did a Dutch band n 1967 end up recording 2 Velvet Underground tunes from the first album.


 Although I missed the emotional and social buzz of Utrecht fair when  I was at Den Bosch, I will reserve judgement in term of its merit and how special it might become. Change is never easy, so let's see what happens in November

Saturday, April 09, 2022

Den Bosch Record fair April 2022 - Day 2 (Saturday)


The fair got pretty busy on the first day open to the public, but I had 3 hours before the masses descended on proceedings. As mentioned the new location makes the fair feel roomier, but it feels a bit weird. At Utrecht you knew instinctively where every regular dealer stalled out, now we start again from scratch.

Some nice finds today all nicely priced. Top of the bunch might be The Danish Koobas with the exclusive B side. The Searchers EP is a UK issue and a real tough one to find.

Again some nice US 60s stuff and The Bootles in its Swedish pic sleeve on blue vinyl is a real charmer


 Tomorrow it looks like I am going for a different yet potentially familiar experience…

Friday, April 08, 2022

Den Bosch Record fair April 2022 - Day 1


Due to the COVID organisational mayhem that took place last November, the Utrecht record fair is no more, but has been reborn in 's-Hertogenbosch (Den Bosch)

If anything, It could even be bigger now with 500+ dealers on show with the fair taking places across 3 halls, it definitely feels roomier. However due to Brexit and new EU VAT requirements most UK, Japanese and some US dealers are no longer present. 


Utrecht was a special experience that went beyond just buying records, it had become one constant source of joy these last 20 years (for me). It is too early to say if the move has been truly successful, there is a long heritage and so many memories which were synonymous with Utrecht…well, change is always good they say…

Back to the records. 

Quite a good day 1. No top monsters, but a fine array of 60s stuff with a high percentage of US

One new discovery was this single by The Weeds (not the same band as the pre -Lollipop Shoppe ones). A  great moody single that sounds rather relevant today…


 Tomorrow is the first open to the  public day – stay tuned for more then

Saturday, April 02, 2022

The Dream – Still Alive – Dutch Proto Punk (1971)


The Dream – Can You Hear Me Howlin’/ Still Alive – Pink Elephant PE 22.550 H (NL 1971)

The Dream from Tiel (NL) were an outgrowth of Psych band Mother’s Love – who released an album and 2 singles on Havoc (1967). As The Dream they recorded 3 singles, with Can You Hear Me Howlin’ being their last effort. Although their other singles were at least commendable, this B side is really something else. The performance cuts and spews over it’s sublime 1:07 length. While others are getting high and eating chocolate bars, they proclaim living on speed and energy which partly explains all the spouting Jagger snottiness and power feedbacked guitars. It’s an amazing tour de force that stands out from the patchouli scented Dutch underground and meandering flutes

Note: This is the single version, other clips on Youtube seem to be from later compilations which include a longer drum intro which detracts from this succinct and more focused effort

Hear a full version of Still Alive

Friday, January 07, 2022

Advance Warning of Purepop Set Sale and Auction - Sunday 9th January


Hi all

Here is the advance warning for the Purepop set sale list being sent out by email Sunday Jan 9th at 10pm GMT (UK time). I have also created a dedicated blog for this here: Purepop Set Sale and mini auction

The warning email has already been sent to previous recipients. If you haven’t received the warning email or which to be included please let me know

This is how the list is made up:

Part 1: Mini 48hr auction of 6 records

Part 2: 60s Freakbeat, Garage, Beat and Psych

Part 3: Junkshop Glam, 70s obscurities, Punk

Part 4: Heavy Psych, Bonehead, Hard Rock and Proto Metal

Again, it's first come, first served with the lists emailed Sunday 9th January at 10pm (GMT), 11pm (CET), 5pm (EST), 2pm (PST), and 9am (Monday) Sydney NSW

I am also listing 6 records as a mini 48 hour auction. For these 6 records please send an email with your maximum bid and I will let the winners know after 48 hours

The list goes out as an email  PDF attachment, please check you are able to open PDF documents.

NEW: This year at 10pm GMT I will publish the full list with pics sound clips and prices here  Purepop Set Sale and mini auction

Publishing the full list with sound clips, prices and details on this blog will ensure that everyone has access at the same time as there can be delays in emails being received

Important: Only communicate/claim via email.  I will not accept requests via Facebook messenger, What's app etc…This is to make it a level playing field as much as possible

Until Sunday then...

Saturday, November 13, 2021

Utrecht Record Fair November 2021 - The furtive fair

 What a few days this has been....

Finally home on Saturday night with my records and a nice cup of tea

As mentioned yesterday, the Utrecht record fair was cancelled before it could open to the general public on Saturday. Well many collectors had the 3 day pass meaning that most of the serious buying was done on Friday as per usual

But this November's fair was very different to the usual experience. I guess around 40% of the usual dealers weren't present this time. If you add Brexit to Covid it meant that at least 80% of UK dealers didn't come. It was not just dealers from across the divide, many Dutch, German and Belgian dealers didn't gamble and stall out although many were here as buyers...

Today I managed to get in around 9am. Many dealers had already left, but many more were open for business. 

Basically Jaarbeurs cancelled the fair a few hours before the Dutch government announced the lockdown. The fair could still have taken place on Saturday legally and it seems Jaarbeurs took the decision without consulting the organisers. I won't mention more, but  the implications of this could have major repercussions for the future

So today, I spent around 3 hours picking up some nice stuff, see below

I really hope this is not the end of the Utrecht Record Fair as a major international event, here's hoping that the Spring fair will take place...even if it is not in April

Friday, November 12, 2021

Utrecht Record Fair November 2021 - Dealer day - Fair cancelled


Predict the unpredictable...

Hosting the fair this November always carried a certain risk I was originally going to skip this fair and wait until next April, but in this day and age you have to grab any opportunity when it exists

So it is very sad to report that the fair is cancelled. All the dealers and organisers who have invested so much will all lose out in the end, but this is our reality as it is today

I am glad I came as I feel part of Utrecht experience for the good times and the bad.

So tomorrow (Saturday) dealers have to pack up and empty the halls without being able to sell to the general public

Anyhow I found some gems today, no real bargains, but top stuff at fair prices. Nice to get a perfect UK Don Crane's Downliners Sect and that Small Faces UK demo nearly made the trip worthwhile in itself oh and the Tony Jackson Group EP ain't too shabby either

I will report on what happens on a strange and sad Saturday

Thursday, November 11, 2021

Utrecht Record Fair November 2021 - the day before


Well it's been a long 2 years since the last Utrecht...That Bloody Elephant in the room got out and stamped all over the world causing havoc with every thud...

Anyway it's back...and from what I hear the Dutch Government might announce on Friday another lockdown, but I expect the fair will still be able to open its doors on Saturday

The outdoor Thursday market was back in its previous location by the station and I was surprised to find the Australian test/pre-release pressing of Peculiar Hole in the Sky along with other OZ stuff (and a DK issue of the Ravin' Blue)

Then I bumped into a connection at the hotel and got this nice bunch of US singles, with more to come from that source

Tomorrow it's dealer/set up day and I will be there nice and early

More news on that tomorrow!