Sunday, April 14, 2024

Den Bosch Record Fair April 2024 - Day 3

So I am back home now with 130 singles. I was a bit downbeat in my review yesterday, but today I had a good ride. Altogether across the 3 days, I bought more, but spent less...

I had been noticing and was slightly confused by this Norwegian Who single over the years in Utrecht and Den Bosch - why was it priced so high and why was the Norwegian issue cheaper? OK the Norwegian version is called The Beatles cover (as Keith is wearing a Beatles T shirt), but the Danish wind terms of aesthetics, Still a strange Scandinavian idea to issue Bucket T as an A side. Note I only bought it as the seller halved its price for me

Also got a nice deal on the Dynamites EP along with some nice US and other singles

Now things are definitely changing. Some of the more interesting dealers are going to go more mainstream with the singles they bring. Major artists cater to the Saturday crowd and the more "niche" collectables are no longer selling as they once were.

It looks like the market will veer more to smaller more specialist fairs, which is a shame, but hey we'll see. 

In a couple of months I will be heading to a special fair I have not visited before and I will report back on that one when it happens

Saturday, April 13, 2024

Den Bosch Record Fair April 2024 - Day 2


Quantity and good deals were the order of the day. Nothing really mind-blowing, but the UK Kinks David Watts EP is probably the pick of the bunch.

There was less trading in top 60s singles as with fairs elsewhere big ticket LPs are now ruling the roost. 

Not sure how things will progress, but the signs are not good for my favourite format. It doesn't help that some dealers are opportunistic gougers. I mean €450 for an Excelsior Spring, €600 for a 32nd Turn Off? I don't think so...

Still got a healthy dose of Kinks singles/EPs in top condition. The French EPs seem unplayed and still have the tab (languette)

60s singles were still well represented

And more 70s Junkshop and NederGlam for a future list

Not sure what to expect tomorrow. For the first time I have only spent half of budget by the end of Saturday , but I didn't spot anything I was really gagging for

Friday, April 12, 2024

Den Bosch Record Fair April 2024 - Day 1


So here we go again...

I arrived yesterday (Thursday) and made a quick visit to the outdoor fair at Utrecht (highlight The French Screaming Lord Sutch EP and lunch at Five Guys)

Then took a 2nd train to Brabant.

I picked up quite a bit today, mainly good deals, o I spent less than usual for a Friday and also walked less. (16.000 steps instead of over 20.000)

The biggest surprise was a whole bunch of South African Beat

The expected Glam/Junkshop/Proto Punk

The Bill Case is NUTS (The Trems)

US Sixties

60s Mix

Oh and a few sleeves. Worryingly the stall had boxes of singles and 2 boxes of sleeves - I went straight to the sleeve boxes while having a hot flush...

I think today had a certain subdued consistency. Let's see if things go ape-shit-bonkers -crazy tomorrow...