Monday, April 20, 2015

Gilbert Kopland –Leave The Rest To Me

OST Ultime Gride Dalla Savana –For You and Me/ Leave The Rest To Me –AMP 157 (1975 Italy)

On the soundtrack of the tame and mostly stagged Italian Mondo movie “Ultime Grida Dalla Savana” (Savage Man Savage Beast) lurks this driving gritty rocker which melds Barry McGuire with Chicory Tip into a 3 chord Beat on The Brat no hope wonder. It sounds like it was recorded more as an afterthought with an ending that is more than abrupt. The lyrics attempt some form of socio realism from its factories and assembly lines to switchblade knives, dealers, Junkies, street fighting men and honky tonks with fun results.
  If you like this tune, you’re in luck as there are literally dozen of really cheap copies out there. The A side starts out like Neil Young then goes all Italo-schmaltz…so quite listenable for the first 30 seconds! Gilbert Kopland appears to be a pseudonym; however he sounds reassuringly American.

Hear a full version of Leave The Rest To Me

Monday, April 13, 2015

Shindig! Magazine taken over by usurpers!

Over the years, through its different permutations, Shindig! has not just been the finest (and readable)music mag out there, but also the most influential. It's the shared vision of Jon Mills and Andy Morten that has made Shindig! special and unique. Now through some ghastly underhand tactics, their vision has been ripped out of their hands by Volcano Publishing and has been replaced by some ersatz /pale imitation under the name of Kaleidoscope. If you believe in integrity, if you believe a publication would be hollow with content stitched together  without a driving vision. Stay away from Kaleidoscope and give Volcano a right earful. Shindig! will be back and hopefully soon.

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Sunday, April 12, 2015

Utrecht Record Fair -Day 3

OK, all done now. Today was half price or "Sunday prices" on most of the stuff, so it was worth doing a relaxed last walk around the stands. The weirdest purchase was the 4 track Thai Bloodrock EP!
All in all Utrecht remains the best record fair anywhere and is a constant reminder of how crap fairs are in the UK.

Until November then!

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Utrecht Record Fair Day 2

A more compact bunch today, including this corking heavy Swedish double-header

Zane –Step Aside

Zane –Damage

Although the sleeve has seen better days, I was well chuffed to find this single by Panda

Panda –Medicine Man

The rest of the 45s...

Now not my usual buying behaviour, but I also picked up 4 LPs....

Tomorrow I will spend a few hours and perhaps a few Euros more at the fair before flying back  to the UK...

Friday, April 10, 2015

Utrecht Record Fair DAY 1

oOOooOOoo  good start today. One killer now off my virtual wants list: Matchbox -Run Much Faster

Now this no longer really happens in this day and age, but the bunch of 32 singles below cost €2 each. Nice to get those Smoke and Creation singles. Bargain!

More  nice stuff including the Dutch Jetz single at a reasonable price.

I'm here until Sunday...So I will report back

Thursday, April 09, 2015

Utrecht Record Fair April 2015

Yes, Spring is in the air and my flight to Holland is but a few hours away. I will report back all the finds, sights and smells over the  next 3 days. With WFMU at the end of the month, April is a monster record buying month...

Monday, April 06, 2015

Stumpwater –Turn Me on Woman

Ronnie and Natalie -6 Times/ Stumpwater –Turn Me on Woman –WMC Records (1975 Canada)

Beware Canadian content! Stumpwater emanated from the outlands of Nova Scotia and this is actually the B side of the single which they shared with Ronnie and Natalie. Stumpwater were without any doubt a killer combo supremely loud and heavy, oozing attitude and a rampant sexuality, but not quite as rampant as on the other side which features Natalie Pollock who co-hosted The Pollock and Pollock Gossip Show and who’s screeching vocals complement Ronnie. Judging the size of Natalie’s ample bosom, it is no wonder Ronnie managed to get it up 6 times a night…This single will soon be re-released on the Supreme Echo label, who have already released the Twitch, Sphex and Triton Warrior with much more cool stuff to come.

Hear a full version of Turn Me on Woman

Hear a full version of 6 Times