Friday, May 29, 2020

Moonquake – Bang Bang Baby – Top Canadian Glam Stomper!

Moonquake – Bang Bang Baby/ Main Man – Aquarius AQ -5054  (Canada 1976)

You may already be aware of my affection for Moonquake. Their first album was a huge favourite in my teens and I even covered their iconic Remember single on a Barracudas B side back in 1990.

To say to find out about this single was a seismic surprise would be understatement.

 I thought I owned their entire output from the first issue of Remember (under the name Earthquake) along with the Crescent Street Stompers singles. And there is more good news….
Bang Bang Baby is simply ace and amply lives up to the expectations conveyed by its title. There is even a bit of a Streak similarity going on here. The beat crunches on with ancillary handclaps, the guitars growl and bite, the vocals are spouted by Jack August with snarly street cred. Sublime!

So this single seems to have been the last shot by Moonquake. Guitarist Hovaness Hagopian had sent me another great unreleased song 15 years ago, so perhaps there is more to be uncovered?
The B side is one of the stand out tracks from their second album Starstruck

Update: I have just heard the sad news that bass player/singer Jack August passed away earlier this year

Hear a full version of Bang Bang Baby