Monday, April 24, 2023

Den Bosch Record Fair - Day 3 (Sunday)

So that was it - the 3rd edition of the Den Bosch fair. It was a good fair, perhaps not quite a buzzy as November's, but that is often the case. Great stuff though

So I walked 77,138 steps, spent too much money and came back with some great titles.

I have now definitely made the jump emotionally from Utrecht to Den Bosch. The Thursday outdoor Utrecht fair is REALLY rubbish, cheap shit and clueless chancers, so I will refrain from stopping off at Utrecht on the Den Bosch again. Utrecht you are now dead to me

What is missing from Den Bosch are large hotels within a short walk of the fair. Utrecht had the NH and Park Plaza where there was a great amount of socialising with other buyers and sellers. In Den Bosch everyone is spread out. 

I ended up staying in a converted convent, that was actually really cool, however a 32 minute  walk from the fair.

So the last day

Pick up of the bunch is the French Love EP. Old shop stock with the tab (languette) and seamingly unplayed, paid a bit too much, but it's now done.

Swedes...The Shakers improve on Thee Stones' original - still desperately missing Who Will Buy (These Wonderful Evils).

and a few Yanks... The UK McCoys demo is a highlight

Till November then!

Saturday, April 22, 2023

Den Bosch Record Fair April 2023 - Day2


A more subdued day today...

It seems dealers are more and more expecting Discogs asking prices (NOT sold prices), so there were many records I had to walk away from.

Thank god for some sellers I know well and who's best price request often cane out better than I was expecting (often 30% less than asking price)

Love the French Beau Brummels EP - still with the "languette" (as is The Motions). The Charlatans is Danish so nice to have it with a small hole

I love the German pic sleeve for the MPD Ltd. It's not in the best condition, but I am sure another will pop up one day

Tomorrow many sellers drop their prices by 25 - 50%., so hopefully I will get some nice deals done

Friday, April 21, 2023

Den Bosch Record fair April 2023 - Day 1


As a change to the way I usually do these reports, I have done a short video - saves me typing! 

Here are also the Photos of today's haul