Saturday, March 31, 2012

High Street East –Newcastle Brown

High Street East –Newcastle Brown/Everybody Knows –Rubber Records (1969 UK)

Owing a lot to DDBMT’s Hold Tight and somewhat a precursor to Glam, High Street East’s opus is an ode to the local brew but using the metaphor of a local fictional character. The football terrace beat, loud guitar and infectious melody make this one stand out in that uncomfortable transition from the late 60s into the 70s. Probably a studio creation; the label itself was more known for developing local talent from the Geordie scene. Copies with a picture sleeve with the famous logo appear to exist.

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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Tales –Rockin’ Suzanna

Tales –Someone Like You/ Rockin’ Suzanna –MAM 93 (1973 UK)

On the B side of a commercial poppy affair by Roger Holman and Simon May comes this enjoyable Rolling Stones pastiche. Rockin’ Suzanna is a great  Jagger mimic job. It has all the Jaggerisms down pat over a Down The Road Apiece/Route 66 chugging machine. Nifty guitar too…Imagine a 1972 Stones track without the smack. I’m not sure if Tales was an actual band or not. Is the Christie credit related to John Christie which could underline a De Sykes connection?

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Monday, March 19, 2012

67 singles for sale on ebay!

Hi I have just listed 67 singles on ebay in time to replenish the coffers in time for Utrecht. Some pretty nifty titles all with sound clips. Including this cute Glam era update of the Spector sound...

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You can find them here:

Here's the full list -good luck!

Brett Smiley –Va Va Va Voom/Space Age Anchor (1974 UK)
Corporation -Wild Time/Let's Try To Put Him Down -Negram (1970 NL)
Frenzy -Poser/Things You Do -DJM (1976 UK)
Muff -Do The Hand Jive/Discotheque King -Polydor (1975 German issue)
Helter Skelter – I Need You/Goodbye Baby –Sticky  (1977 UK)
Sweeney Todd -Roxy Roller/Rue De Chance -London (1976 UK issue
Monsoon-Night of The Fly/Caroline The Wine Was Good -Blue Mountain (1972 Dutch issue)
Sonny and The Sovereigns -School is Out/Walm Jetz -Rare Earth (1974 German issue)
Rock Co.Co. -Rokoko Man/Happy and Smiling -Polydor (1974 German issue)
Legs –So Many Faces/ You Bet You Have –WB (1973 UK)
Mabel -I'm Only Here to Rock 'n' Roll/Boom Boom -Polydor (1977 German issue)
Trevor White -Crazy Kids/Moving In The Right Direction -Island (1976 UK)
Big Wheel -Shake-A-TAIL Part 1/ Part 2 Bell  (1973 UK)
Peter D. Kelly -Rock To The Jukebox/Brotherhood Within -DJM  (1974 UK)
Ugly Duck -Sorry Dorry/Nights of Violence -Negram (1973 NL)
I.P.O.H -Caveman Billy/Doggy -Pye (1973 UK)
Friends -Piccolo Man/Mythological Sunday -Deram (1968 Dutch issue)
Peter Dunton -Taking Time/Still Confused-RCA (1973 French issue
Parson-Smith -The Letter/When It Rains -Polydor (1972 UK issue)
Seafruit -Indian Priest/ Cake Walk -VIP (Bel)
Milk N' Cookies -Little Lost and Innocent/Just Friends (Island 1975 NL)
Dog Rose -All For The Love of City Light/All For The Love of Each Other-Satril (1972 UK)
James Hogg –California Blues/Everybody Smile –Regal Zonophone (1972 UK)
Barrracuda -Summer Girls/ I Feel So Down -EMI (1973 UK)
Candy -Orang Utang/ The Rock Comes Back -Pink Elephant (1973 Belgium)
Ducks Deluxe -Coast to Coast/Bring Back That Packard Car -RCA (1973 UK)
Ducks Deluxe -Fireball/Saratoga Suzie-RCA (1973 UK)
Jinx -I Saw Your Face/ I Love You-Pink Elephant (1974 Bel)
Shelby -(Dance with The) Guitar Man/Jump Into The Fire-Ariola (1973 German issue)
Rockids -Summer Love/Candy Kiss –TKO  (1979 US)
Hector -Wired Up/Bye Bye Bad Days -DJM (1973 French issue)
Angel -Good Time Fanny/ Who D'Ya Think Yer Fooling -Cube (1974 German issue)
Plastic Feet -Big Blond Baby/Magic Queen -BASF (1974 Belgian issue)
Hans van Hemert -Because of The Cats/You Have Got To Sing Tonight -Philips (1974 NL)
Air Traffic Control -Gotta Get A Message Back To You/Move On Up -CBS (1977 UK)
Bonnie St. Claire & Unit Gloria -Knock On My Door/Do You Feel Alright -Philips (1975 German issue)
Skid -I Saw Her Standing There/ Endless Sleep -Ariola (1977 German issue)
Jimmy Pasha and The Hi-Shots –Dance To The Rock ‘N’ Roll/I’ll Be There - SKY (1974 UK)
Randy Pie & Family -Queen of Dream/Train Goes On -Atlantic (1972 Ger)
Jon Symon -Sliver Star part 1/ Part 2 -BASF (1975 Ger)
Cash and Carry -Mary's in The Closet/Green Mountain Girl -UNI (1970 Us)
Sinbad -Come Back/Good Time Woman -EMI (1974 UK)
Brat – Not Quite Right/ Long Time Away –Red Rooster Records (1974 US)
After Hours -School Fool/I Need You I Want You -BUK(1975 UK)
The Troggs -Everythings Funny/Feels Like A Woman (1970 German issue)
The Troggs -Good Vibrations/Push It Up To Me - Penny Farthing  (1975 UK)
Libido -Hold On To Your Fire/Same -Mooncrest (1973 UK)
The Story -Rock 'N' Roll Way/Sweet Lalaina -Woodcock Records (1974 US)
Galahad -Rocket Summer/Elephant Stomp -Bell (1973 German issue)
The Jets -Tearaway/Impossible –Decca (1979 UK)
Robert Nat Young -Hot Stuff/This Bird's Gonna Fly -Sticky (1977 UK)
Phoenix -Pictures of You/Thrill Me With Your Love -Dawn (1975 UK)
James Hogg –Lovely Lady Rock/Happy Sad –Regal Zonophone (1972 UK)
Andy Bown -New York Satyricon Zany/Party Games - Philips  (1974 French issue)
Ted Mulry Gang -Jump in My Car/Give To Me -Philips (1976 German issue)
Blu Maxx – O' Come All Ye Faithfull/Rev It Up –Brother Studio  (1979 US)
The Protectors -Loretta/Jump The Sidewalk - Live Wire  (1975 UK)
Big T. -Tea For Two/I Know a Place -Avalanche (1973 UK)
Ricky Wilde–Teen Wave/ Round and Round UK  (1974 UK)
Sky Pony -Jubeldown/Chubby -Decca (1970 UK)
Albatross -Tobacco Road/ Let it Roll -Gull  (1975UK)
Starbuck -Do You Like Boys/You Never Wanna Rock n' Roll -Bradleys (1974 UK)
Cardinal Point -I'm The Grand Pretender/Lolly Linda -Philips (1973NL)
Light Fantastic -We Are The Song/Raining-Blue Jean (1975 UK)
Haffy's Whiskey Sour -Shot in The Head/ Bye Bye Bluebird -Deram (1971 UK)
Amnesia -Cry Uncle/Over and Out –Private label  (1976 US)
Lee -Come On Back To Me/From LA to Chicago -Vogue (1973 Bel)

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Mongolords –Slight Recession Blues

Mongolords –Slight Recession Blues/Pardon Me –Ganesh R 2885 (1974 US)

Slight Recession Blues is a neat novelty lo-fi Boogie ditty with a Punky edge –just think of Savoy Brown mixed in with the Velvet Underground (check the end part…) it also features some cool Stones-like lead breaks. The overall effect is nice and scuzzy. The Mongolords were out Virginia and the singer was 15 at the time but I am not sure if anything else was released. As relevant today as it was then-Yeah Man –KEEPING IT REAL!

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Friday, March 09, 2012

Mushroom –Where I Belong/Crying For You

Mushroom –(I’m Going Back To) Where I Belong/ Crying For You –HELP ZH 50164 (1971 Italian issue)

With a title like Crying For You, you might expect a soppy boring number, but be prepared for the explosive performance ahead. Bombastic toms introduce this stupendous Bonehead Hard Rocker, it all ends up like a wilder and more primitive Led Zep. The guitars are complete killer and I love the use of slide under the cutting lead breaks. Phew…The A side is not quite at the same level; but Where I Belong is a catchy hash-smoking number featuring more fine guitar interplay
Mushroom were from Amsterdam and this was their only release. The line-up: Ed van Steijn (voc, org) Joop van Waveren (gtr) Ton ten Hage (flt) AndrĂ© Koning (b) and Cocky Akkerman (dr). In 1970 Koning was replaced by Wilbert de Gooyer. Steijn and de Gooyer later played in Rembrandt (nothing released). Cocky also played on his brother's first solo LP Talent For Sale, but we won’t hold that against him.

Hear a full version of Cry For You

Hear a full version of Where I Belong

Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Lance –Marilyn/Fireball

Lance –Marilyn/Fireball –Owl 61x77 (US 1974)

Here’s a real obscurity. The band was probably from Ohio as they recorded at Owl Studios, but queries sent have been left unanswered…Also the date is a bit of a mystery. I would like to think mid-70s, but it is likely to be later. Anyhow Marilyn is a raucous rocker with lo-fi New Wave feel albeit with a mighty bite... Fireball is my favourite of the two tracks it has a Raw Power feel melding Garage and Hard Rock ethics - The drums thump, the vocals screech and the guitars ooze filth. A real killer and heavy performance to be cherished…Please I need info on this cracker!!!!

Hear a full version of Marilyn

Hear a full version of Fireball

Note it has since been confirmed that the single was released in 1974 -more news soon, but in the meantime feast your eyes on this delightful snap of the band