Friday, September 25, 2015

Wizard –Kozmick Dream

Wizard –Kozmick Dream/Get Off Your Duff –Stardust Records SR 675 (1975 US)

Out of Ames (Iowa) came one of the many bands that plied their trade under the Wizard name. Kozmick Dream is a driving mix of late Psych and Hard Rock is closer to Deep Purple’s Fireball than the ultimate in Bonehead. It also has a slight hippie commune feel in the choruses where you can imagine long dressed straggly haired girls banging along on a tambourine, but there's enough of the Heavy Freak to redress the balance. 

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Monday, September 14, 2015

Melville & John –Rock N’ Roll Song

Melville & John –Mademoiselle Ninette/ Rock N’ Roll Song –Penny Records 674-001 (1973? Germany)

It has been at least 18 months, since I’ve been made aware of a new discovery (for me) that would come under the Junkshop Glam flag. Rock ‘N Roll Song does what is says on the tin. It’s a simple, basic but tough as nails Glam Choogler, all very raw and primitive but featuring those HEYs and handclaps that are no longer so prevalent on Purepop. God… look back to 2006-2010, it would have then been featured among a plethora of its brethren, now the paucity of new discoveries in the genre means that Purepop no longer has that same excited Glam fixated focus. I am so glad to renew acquaintance. Did you miss me? 
Back to the record in question. Not much of a clue on who these guys were. I am concluding that these must have been to Beat survivors who jumped shipped from the Star Club, got married locally and got jobs down the docks. Who knows –based on the back sleeve Melville (the one with the fiddle) was also known as Mr. Fireball as lightning struck his house the day he was born. Rock ‘N Roll Song  is credited to Trede/Lango/Grant. The A side is of course a pretty fun version of Hildebrandt’s Soulful Dynamics hit and it can be found on Youtube  It’s also on the same label as Die Kids - Blue-Jean-Rock-Machine (The BB’s You’re So Good To Me in German). 

Thanks to James for the turn on. 

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Friday, September 04, 2015

The Tonics - Daddy

The Tonics –Hugger Mugger Mummery/Daddy- Fontana269 399 TF (1969 Germany)

Absolute Killer Heavy Rock ‘n’ Roll from this Rattles off shoot. The guitars positively spew overload venom over an amazing wild and crazy track. Strangely this B side is a totally different kettle of fish when compared to the irritating screwball Bubblegum of the A side. 
The Tonics were one of the many names (Spots, Ravers etc…) used by Rattles members Herbert Hildebrandt and Hans Joachim "Hajo" Kreutzfeld. Future Rattles and Lucifer’s Friend Herbert Bornhold also drums on this. Thanks To Rich of for turning me on to this monster
Stand by for some 7 degrees of separation Rattles stuff next time 

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