Sunday, January 25, 2015

Cherry Slush –I Cannot Stop You

Cherry Slush –I Cannot Stop You/ Don´t Walk Away - Cornet ‎5006 (1968 German issue)

Although a bit earlier and better known than the usual fair future featured here, I just love this track too much not to post it. Also with Dick Wagner’s recent passing, it’s nice to remember him as more than just half the twin leads on Rock n’ Roll Animal or Welcome to My Nightmare. The Slush came out of Saginaw (MI) and had the chance to hook up with Dick somewhere between his Bossmen and Frost Days. I Cannot Stop You apart from being a great tune, features a wonderfully original production, elevating it beyond typical Garage/Psych stuff into a drone infused commercial outing that deserved more than it local success. Read more about The Cherry Slush here:

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Friday, January 16, 2015

Snow -Sunflower

Snow -Johnny B. Goode/ Sunflower - Castle 108 (1970 US)

Snow was the new name for Negative Space following the release of their Hard, Heavy, Mean  & Evil LP (also on Castle). Fronted by Rob Russen and based in Trenton, their tenure as Snow was short-lived and they seldom played beyond New Jersey. Johnny B. Goode was in fact the A side, but is no more than a perfunctory version, however the B side is where it’s at. A bit overlong, Sunflower features softer interludes between bouts of intense rampant riffing. Although not quite meriting an Ultimate Bonehead accolade, Sunflower stands in its own right as a prime example of lo-fi early 70s heaviness.
More info here:

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Wednesday, January 07, 2015

Pagan Blitz vs Quick Fox: The genre that doesn't know its name

Pagan Blitz –Slippen Away/Rosalie –self release (US 197?)
Quick Fox –Feel My Touch/Indian –Wild Records A11-0678 (US 1978)

Sometimes records just don’t fit either in a fixed time period or match a pre-identified style. The two records in question ring all the right bells, but are too late for Proto Punk, as in one case at least, were released after the first wave of Punk. Both releases have Powerpop tendencies, but not overtly so…They are not AOR, as both releases have an energy and sensitivity that elevate them far from that field. Wherever they sit, both records are most enjoyable. All I can say about Pagan Blitz, is that they were from Greenwood Virginia and they cover Bob Seger’s Rosalie on the B side which probably betrays a bar band background. Quick Fox were from Massachusetts and released at least one other single (Pretty Baby) 4 years later. Here the mix is even more engaging with anglophile near Milk and Cookies vocals over some tasty and tough guitars. The B side Indian even reminds me of a Hard Rock Buffalo Springfield. (Thanks to Collin for turning me on to Quick Fox)

Quick Fox (from left to right) Nick Soldato, Johnny Soldato and Mick Valenti

Photo: Dan Valenti

Hear a full version of Slippen Away

Hear a full version of Feel My Touch