Thursday, December 27, 2012

Casting the Runes (Do What Thou Wilt Volume 2)

Casting The Runes –The Recorded British Abyss
 “A grimoire of infernal rituals and pubescent incantations culled from forgotten pressings, acetates and reel audio tapes offering a momentary insight into the recorded British abyss 1969 -1976”

Around 2 years ago, the seminal comp Do What Thou Wilt  was released in minute quantities and caused quite a stir as it included some killer and incredibly obscure hard and heavy tracks. Well now here’s volume 2, and this time it’s a much more unified and hard hitting effort. All fuzz, doom and total Freak; the overall heaviness has been maximized and the obscurity stakes notched up quite a few levels. The self-painted/handmade appeal is the same as last time round and there are 50 deluxe and 150 standard copies, so compared to this, the Bonehead Crunchers series is positively mainstream! There is no other way to hear these great unknown tracks except here as most of them are from unreleased acetates or original master tapes, so it’s a case of getting your finger out and not delaying ordering yourself a copy. What of the contents? Barnabus are featured 3 times. The tracks are culled from an unreleased LP, and based on the songs featured here, it would be a real coup to get the LP released one day as it’s a dose of top draw heaviness. The Hashish track is real killer and Satanic Temple truly live up to their moniker. My favourite track though  is by Gabriel Ratchetts. It’s less full on than the other tracks, but it’s completely mesmerizing, like a doom laden Morning Dew (Tim Rose). Tonge (pre Depressions) are once again featured and the best known act is the Edgar Broughton Band with an unreleased and earlier take of Evil. The LP can be ordered via email

Hear a sound clip of Hashish

Hear a sound clip of Barnabus


Hear a sound clip of Gabriel Ratchetts

Friday, December 21, 2012

I Callifi - Col Vento Nei Capelli

I Callifi - Col Vento Nei Capelli/Felicita, Sorriso E Pianto –Cetra SPD 660 (1973 Italy)

I Callifi hailed from Florence and after tasting success with several commercial pop singles in the 60s, they went all proggy in the 70s. Culled from their Fiore Di Metallo LP, Col Vento Nei Capelli (with the wind in your hair) is a sprightly upbeat affair sporting a killer riff and some great over the top moog. The vocals are as Italian as you expect them, but not too far removed from William’s Gulliver  . This single was promo only and did not receive a full release. Is it Glam, is it Bonehead, is it Prog? Well a bit of all the above actually, but the B side is pure wank….

Hear a full version of Col Vento Nei Capelli

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Chris Andrews –Yo Yo

Chris Andrews –Yo Yo/ Hey Babe –Vogue DV 11098 (1970 German issue)

Yo Yo is a later infectious Bubblegum tune by Chris Andrews. It sounds exactly like you expect it to, although the thumping beat gives it an extra edge to its overt commercialism…Fun, groovy, totally danceable and easy to find at a cheap price. The B side is also cute, but lacks the incessant beat.

Hear a full version of Yo Yo

Thursday, December 06, 2012

Alan Steve –Honey Baby

Alan Steve –Honey Baby/ Daisy Five –Egg 641004 (197? France)

Here’s a weird and wonderful one. The mysterious Alan Steve is a French invention relocated to London at Lansdowne Studios in order to record this sublime piece of nonsense. You wanna dance baby?….No thank you –ra-ta-ta-ta-ta-tat…scream (result: dead meat). So you shouldn’t spurn the advances of this particular Gallic Romeo. The French accent in the verse is cute, but the lead guitar FUZZ is positively Killer…Any idea who Alan Steve was? It is arranged by one Johny Glider and produced by Anthony Sharp. So who’s hiding behind those names?

Hear a full version of Honey Baby