Sunday, November 17, 2019

Utrecht Record Fair November 2019 - Day 3 - Sunday

The last day...

Managed to make some good deals on a few items I had spotted over the last couple of days.

Quite amazed by John Bull Breed's off-the-wall, I'm a Man. Also nice to get the UK issue of The Blue Stars to accompany my NZ issue

The Kim Fowley is zany in a good way. Of particular notice is the mysterious Hard Knox single with a Bonehead side along with a more Greasy Stonesian B side. More on that one soon...

Anyway, the last 3 days have taken their toll on my legs and wallet. Another Utrecht while still in pre Brexit mode is a bonus, god knows what will happen next time, specially in terms of the pounds to Euro conversion...Bye for now, Robin signing off

Saturday, November 16, 2019

Utrecht Record Fair November 2019 - Day 2 - Saturday

Saturday was a  bit more of a subdued but more affordable day...

Two sumptuous pop gems stand out. The Benelux only Majority single - Charlotte Rose, and Mary Kent's (who is she?) wondrous take on Jimmy Webb's Vietnam lament -  Lost Generation 
Funny, It had been on my radar for a while, then I find 2 copies the same week 

  I had never seen the rather fetching German Idle Race pic sleeve before, neat...

Sunday will probably be a relaxed affair... until then

Friday, November 15, 2019

Utrecht Record Fair -November 2019 - Friday

and once more unto the breach we go...

Although I am here twice a year, I am still surprised by some of the finds that crop up...

Utrecht is and will remain the best record fair in the World

Whereas in the UK, most dealers peddle their rarest stuff online, here in Holland enough dealers save their best stuff for the fair itself.
Also there is enough stuff to go round as buyers/collectors have a wide spectrum of tastes, so your niche or preferences should be amply satisfied by the collectables on show

I was well chuffed to find the last big UK 60s want that I was missing, namely the Calum Bryce in perfect condition. I pretty much blew half my budget on this one record, but the deed has now been done "gulp"

Also picked up a vast array of 60s crackers, from South Africa, Australia, UK and mainland Europe

The Bryan Miller's Destruction is a real fuzz fest. The Bad Boys was a UK band, but this gem only released in Italy, Lebanon and Brazil!!! The Steve Davis is pounding and meaty...

Some cool pic sleeves, The Bull's Eye is a great piece of grungy Danish Psych

A few Glamsters and Hard Rockers were found. The Prisoners was a new one on me, a German private release saddling Bonehead and Glam...

At 7.05 this morning, some 12 inch buyers waiting patiently for their "funky" stuff to be served

Bring on tomorrow!