Thursday, March 23, 2023

Reform - One For The Boys/ Salt Away - Crunching Irish Glam (1974)


Reform – One For The Boys/ Salt Away – Young Blood International YB 1066 (UK 1974)

This one has been hard to track down as it has taken me over 10 years to finally acquire a copy. Reform also had another great single in a similar vein namely I’m Gonna Get You

One For The Boys was produced by Miki Dallon in the UK and shares similarities with contemporary singles such as Getting Hungry by Big Boy Blue as it features slight Barron Knight inflections without forsaking its Irish pedigree “The crack…”. 

Now I had never heard the B side before and Salt Away is a revelation with a fully bloodied raucousness recalling acts like The Sensation, Brother Susan and other 1974 crunchers

More information on Reform can be found here

Hear full sound clips of both sides