Sunday, April 14, 2019

Utrecht Record Fair April 2019 - Day 4 (Sunday)

So all things come to an end. On the whole it has been an enjoyable and fruitful Utrecht, much more of a buzz compared to last November's fair

Today, was a controlled and leisurely affair. Sunday is the day when the best deals can be cut, and there are less qualms about negotiating bigger discounts... So I managed to bag some nice UK titles that were price prohibitive on Friday

Particularly nice is that Norwegian Zombies. There were 2 copies at the fair, one less than half the price of the other

So November will be here soon enough...but BIG but... first there is going to be a record shopping spree that it going to make Utrecht look like buying a pint of milk at the cornershop

Watch this space just the other side of Easter....IT WILL BE NUTS

Saturday, April 13, 2019

Utrecht Record Fair April 2019 - Day 3 (Saturday)

Whereas Friday is full on Adrenalin, on Saturdays a certain steadiness and predictability sets in. Purchases and searches are usually more planned and transaction-based but the odd surprise still pops up, including the the chance to buy the first 2 Motions singles and the Outsiders debut. The Dutch contingent surprise was the small label release Kwyet single, a recent discovery for me

The 60s portion included a nice Swedish Science Poption which had a nice promo photo card included. The coupling on the Kingsmen single is strange to say the least as it features a Skip Bifferty and Fairytale tune on each side...

The 70s included a sprinkling of Glam and Powerpop along with the extreme heaviness of Belgium's Load Control 45. Nice to find a perfect copy of Streetlight Fight (Angie)

Bring on the Sunday stroll.... with hopefully some finds of note

Friday, April 12, 2019

Utrecht Record Fair April 2019 - Day 2 (Friday)

So here we go with the main event...

Today, it was mainly a question of quality over quantity. In just a few hours I managed to remove quite a few tenacious blemishes off my UK wants list. Including that Bunch single, which was probably my top remaining UK want.

Some nice, if less high end (i.e expensive) stuff including UK issues of those 2 Procession singles, both are great pop

The Johnny Coolrock is a tough one to find -first you don't really go out of your way to look for 70s Casablanca singles, secondly there can't be many of them about. It's a cracker in any case

What was apparent is the complete drought of European Glam singles in the wilds of Utrecht... has the well run dry? OK, I didn't have the patience to sift through boxes upon boxes of cheap singles, but even the usual dealers who feature Junkshop Glam, had become paupers...

Bring on Saturday, which is usually "consolidation" day...

Friday 07:04 am - Into the "Ghastly Blank..."

Friday 07:23 am -The feeding of the needy

Thursday, April 11, 2019

Utrecht Record Fair April 2019 - Day 1 (Pre-fair)

And  bright sunny day it was in Utrecht too...

 The outdoor fair at its new location at Janskerkhof is starting to take hold and has expanded beyond its original intention. It now meanders and winds around which makes for a convivial experience.

Some nice pieces including this Norwegian Byrds single I had never seen before....

This Wayne Fontana B side was  a recent discovery for me

Anyhow, tomorrow bright and early the real stuff begins....