Thursday, September 27, 2018

Unknown acetate – Rock Me Over – Glam era Rock n’ Roll Revival

Rock Me Over –Emidisc Acetate ( UK 197?)

Here’s another unknown. Obviously triggered by the runaway success of The Rubettes, Rock Me Over is a catchy ditty that also reminds of Wizzard or Smiffy (See You Later). Unlikely to be of the pen of Bickerton and Waddington, the performance and tunage of Rock Me Over still has the charm fitting of a sunny afternoon. Any clues?

Hear a full version of Rock Me Over

Sunday, September 02, 2018

Purepop Set Sale September 2018 - One Week Only



Here is the full set sale list of the record I am selling as a set sale. First come, first served for one week only

I will be regularly updating the list here, marking the ones that have sold (in RED)

A big bunch this spread out over 4 categories:

Part 1: 60s Freakbeat, Psych, Beat and Bubblegum
Part 2: Junkshop Glam, 70s Pop and oddities
Part 3: Heavy Psych, Bonehead, Hard Rock and Proto Punk
Part 4: Aussie Heavy Rock, Glam, Bonehead and dripping Grillfat…

In order to get the list with prices and condition you need to contact me and I will email the list to you. You can contact me via comments with your email address (I will not make the comment public), or via email purepop1ukATyahooDOTcoDOTuk,

Part 1: 60s Freakbeat, Psych, Beat and Bubblegum

Act, The - Cobbled Streets/One Heart -Columbia UK Demo SOLD
Alexander Bell -Alexander Bell Believes/ A Hymn…with Love CBS (UK)  
Billy Nicholls -Would You Believe/Day Time Girl -Immediate -German pic sleeve SOLD
Blue Beard -Sly Willy/Country Man -Ember UK Pic sleeve 
Casuals -Caroline/Naughty Boy -Decca (UK) SOLD
Cherry Slush –I Cannot Stop You/Don’t Walk Away –Coronet Germany  SOLD
Derek Paul -Drugtaker/Riverboat -Young Blood (UK) SOLD
Easybeats -Peculiar Hole in The Sky/HP Man -Parlophone (AUS)
Easybeats -Sorry/Funny Feelin -Parlophone (AUS) SOLD

Fickle Pickle -Just an Old Fashioned Love Song/ Ask The People -Explosion Dutch pic sleeve SOLD
Fingers, The –All Kinds of People/Circus with a Female Clown –Columbia Demo UK 
Fire -Round The Gum Tree/Toothy Ruthie -London (US)  
Flowerz - Flyte/Talken about Love -Kingston (US) 
Fresh Air - Running Wild/Stop Look Listen -Pye Demo (UK)  SOLD
Jay and The Americans -French Provincial/Shanghai Noodle Factory UA Demo (UK) SOLD
Just William - I Don’t Care/ Cherrywood Green –Spark Test Pressing (UK) SOLD
K.G Young -Spider/Spider Woogie 9th Movement -CBS -German sleeve  SOLD
Kult, The - No Home Today/Mister Number One -CBS Demo (UK)  SOLD
Marmalade -I See The Rain/Laughing Man -CBS Dutch Pic Sleeve SOLD
Merseys, The – So Sad About Us/Love Will Continue –Fontana UK  SOLD
Nimbo -When The Swallows Fly/ Noticeingly By - Pye UK  SOLD
Peter and The Wolves -Little Girl Lost and Found/Is -MGM (UK)    SOLD
Peter Janes -Emperors & Armies/ Go Home Ulla -CBS -UK art sleeve 
Please - We Aim To Please (rougher version) /Paper Anne (Acetate) SOLD
Power - Children Ask (If He is Dead) /She is The Color of -MGM (US) Promo issue 
Raspberry Pirates -Looky Looky, My Cookie's Gone/ Good Morning Baby Atlantic (UK) SOLD
Rupert's People -A Prologue to a Magic World/ Dream on my Mind -Columbia Belgian Pic sleeve SOLD
Smoke -My Friend Jack/We Can Take It -Columbia SOLD
Street People -Jennifer Tomkins/All Night Long -Ariola German pic sleeve SOLD
Them –Walking in The Queens Garden/I Happen To Love You –Tower US Pic sleeve 
Troggs -Lost Girl/The Yella in Me -CBS (UK) 
Yardbirds -Happening Ten Years Time Ago/Psych Daisies -Columbia 
Yellow Pages -Here Comes Jane/Ding Dong Bell -Page One Demo (UK) SOLD

Part 2: Junkshop Glam, 70s Pop and oddities

Alan Steve -Honey Baby/ Daisy Five -Egg French art sleeve 
American Jam Band -Jam Jam/ Back on The Road- Young Blood German art Sleeve) SOLD
Andy Bown -Supersonic/ Feeling Better- GM (UK) 
Angel -  Good Time Fanny/Who D'ya Think Your Fooling -Cube (German Pic Sleeve) SOLD
Arlan Green -Promo EP-Moonbrite/I Do/ Rock Hotel/The Next Time White label -Bell (UK)
Big Star -O My Soul/ O My Soul edit - Ardent (US Promo)  SOLD
Bo' Flyers  -Do The Buster/So Young and in Love -Pye (UK) SOLD
Bo' Flyers - Saturday Could only Last Forever/17 Teenage Dream - Pye -Portuguese Pic Sleeve  SOLD
Chicory Tip -Survivor/ Move On -Vogue  French Pic sleeve 
Frenzy - Poser/ Things You Do - DJM  (UK)  SOLD
Gerry Morris - Sunlover/Only The Beginning -  York UK Demo   
Giggles  - Reaching Out/ Street Dancer - EMI UK Demo  SOLD
Hero - Love Gone Bad / Nothing Comes Easy - Private Stock UK Demo 
Imperial Dogs -This Ain't The Summer Of Love / I'm Waitin For The Man -Backdoor Man (US pic sleeve) 
Jackal  -The Year of The Tiger/Big Star BASF-UK Demo  SOLD
Jet - My River/Quandary -CBS (UK) SOLD
Jinx -Saw Your Face/ I Love You - Pink Elephant (NL pic sleeve)    SOLD
Lance Romance -California Summertime/ Hollywood Nites - Now (US)    SOLD
Loco -At The Local Dance/ The Man -BUK German Pic Sleeve)    SOLD
Marcus Hook Roll Band  -Natural Man/ Boogalooing is for Wooing -Regal Zonophone (UK) 
Mustard -Good Time Comin/I Saw I heard - EMI Demo (UK) SOLD
Nick Lowe  -So It Goes/ Heart of The City -Stiff- (UK) SOLD
Ning -Machine/ More Ning - London US issue  SOLD
Pete Dunton -Taking Time / Still Confused -RCA -French art sleeve SOLD
Pheon Bear -War Against War/ 87th Precinct - Pye Demo  (UK)  SOLD
Puzzle -Houla/ Do You Feel The Pain -DJM -  German Pic Sleeve  SOLD
Rescue Co. No. 1-  I Want to Save You/Amanda -Jam (UK)  SOLD
Robin Goodfellow -Why Am I Waiting/ Love You 'Til Friday -Pye Demo (UK)  SOLD
Shakane - Gang Man/ Jenny - UA (UK)  SOLD
Shambles -Hello Baby/Held Me Spellbound-RCA (UK)   SOLD
Shamrock -Bird Dog/Some Things that I Need-Polydor  NL Pic sleeve)  SOLD
Sisters  -There's a Raver Coming Home/Help The Music -WB (German pic sleeve) SOLD
Smyle -It's Gonna Be Alright /  She Means a lot to Me -Polydor -Dutch pic sleeve 
Spode -Cincinatti Woman/Singalong Song-Decca  Bel art sleeve)  SOLD
Stray -Move It/ Crazy People -Transatlantic-UK SOLD
Wellington -Alright I'll See You Tonight/How would you like to Rock with Me - Concord (UK) SOLD
Whistle  -The Party Must Be over/Hideaway - York (UK) SOLD
Yello Taxi -Anna Laura Lee/ Mary Ann -President (UK)  SOLD
Yellow Bird - Attack Attack/ Right On - Ariola German Pic Sleeve)  SOLD

Part 3: Heavy Psych, Bonehead, Hard Rock and Proto Punk

3's (Threez) - Do You See/ Transporter - Threez (US)  SOLD
Artist - Every Lady Does It/For The First Time -Peppermint (US)  SOLD
Black Rose  - Love Handles/ Man is Blind-Michigan Nickel (US)    SOLD
Brood  - The Roach/Virginia Neal -Lemon (US) 
Budgie - Crash Course in Brain Surgery/ Nude disintegrating Parachute Woman –MCA German Art sleeve SOLD
Chilly Chimes - Join The Army/ Let Me Inside Swedish Pic Sleeve  SOLD
Corporation  -Wild Time/Let’s Try to Put Him Down Negram (NL) SOLD
Griffin - I Am The Noise in Your Head/ Don't You Know-Bell (US issue)  SOLD
Hard Road - Pain in My Heart/ Movin' Down The Line -Marjon (US) SOLD
Influence, The - Driving Me Wild/ I Want to Live-Orange (UK) 
Lucifer  ‎– Mr Jack / Mr Jack -private (UK) SOLD
Lucifer  ‎– Pr**k / Want It-private (UK) 
Merriday Park ‎– Witchcraft / My Shady Friend -Columbia (Canada)    SOLD    
Morse Code Transmission - Satan's Song/ Cold Society -RCA (Canada)  SOLD
Nick Simper's Dynamite ‎– St. Louis / Soul Rider -Ariola (Dutch pic sleeve) 
Old Scratch - Devil Take You/Diamond Lady –Colly Records  (Canada) 
Pentagram ‎– Livin' In A Ram's Head/ When The Screams Come -High Voltage (US) SOLD
Raving Maniac, the - Rock n Roll Man/ Freedom -Cricket (US) 
Rog & Pip - From a Window/ Warlord -Philips German pic sleeve SOLD      
Smog ‎– Wiched Man/ Time For The Blues -M&G (Peru) SOLD
The Jax - The Jax are Back (Live)/ The Jax Are Back -Baddog (US) SOLD

Part 4: Aussie Heavy Rock, Glam, Bonehead and dripping Grillfat…

Ash band–Let's Go/ Since She Left Me –Kanandra (AUS)  
Buffalo- Just a Little Rock and Roll/Barbershop Rock -Philips (AUS) 
Buffalo- Little Queenie /The Girl Can't Help It -Vertigo (AUS)  
Buffalo- Lucky /On My Way Vertigo (AUS)   
Buffalo- Sunrise (Come My Way) /Pound Of Flesh -Philips (AUS) 
Buffalo- Suzie Sunshine /No Particular Place to Go -Philips (AUS)              
Buffalo- Sweet Little Sixteen /Essukay-Vertigo (AUS) 
Buffalo- What's Going On /I'm Coming Home -Philips (AUS) 
Bullet–Rock My Lady/Mover –Chicago (AUS)  SOLD
Finch –Out of Control/And She Sing –Picture Records Australa (AUS) SOLD
Geeza–Song to Warilla/Dragon Queen –Living Sound (AUS) 
Geeza–Sydney City Ladies/Run n Hide –Laser (AUS) SOLD
Geeza–Vambo/Get It –Living Sound (AUS)  SOLD
Nitro–Blues in My Shoes/For Me or For You –Warm and Genuine (AUS)  SOLD
Sweaty Betty–Every Little Thing/Man of The World –Van Diemen (AUS)  
U-Turn –Living in The City/Do You Remember –Laser (AUS) 
U-Turn –Sidewalk Teaser/One Day Love Affair –Laser (AUS) 
U-Turn –Traffic Lights/Long Lost Years –Laser (AUS)  SOLD