Saturday, July 28, 2007

The Eggy- You’re Still Mine

The Eggy- You’re Still Mine/Hookey-Spark SRL 1024 (1969 UK)

The Eggy were formed by ex-Sorrows guitarist Roger Lomas and possibly included Pip Whitcher (also ex Sorrows). You’re Still Mine is an amazing Proto Glam/ Late Freakbeat number with incredible over the top Wah Wah guitar effects and a superb twin lead break. It bridges the 60s and 70s perfectly and is a top tune as well. The B Side Hookey is also great, reminding me of The Smoke at their best.
Roger Lomas would later re-appear with Renegade (A Little Rock ’N’ Roll/My Revolution on Dawn) and The Dodgers before taking on a producer’s role in the late 70s/80s.

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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

The Sunshine Kid –My Linda

The Sunshine Kid –My Linda/Get Your Rocks Off Baby –RCA 2413 (1973 UK)

Post Apple single by Chris Hodge. My Linda has some real meaty power chords, a bit of funky Wah Wah and a strange Asiatic interlude, there’s a lot crammed in for sure. As for the subject of Chris’ desires…Perhaps this is why Chris was pushed or jumped ship from Apple???? The Beatle Oooohs are a nice touch in any case. Get Your Rocks Off Baby is a more straightforward boogie work out; again very strong in the guitar department.

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Monday, July 23, 2007

Latest shopping trip...

Just got back from a few days gallivanting around Witchfinder General territory. I Managed to hit one record fair plus a few record shops in Norwich and a car boot sale in Banham (not far off the B 1113)! I came back with around 50 singles -No real amazing finds, but cool stuff including some choice Bugglegum: Nevada Sound with a cool version of Gimme (Gimme) Good Lovin' on Pye, Bubbles -Hazy Hazy Crazy Crazy (in Europe they edited out the Crazy Crazy from the title), several Demos on UK including Sloply Bellywell, Robin, Handful of Cheek, Ricky Wilde...

A whole slew of Jam promos (Sylvester -Gimme Time, Bitter Suite -Six O' Clock News, Walter Mitty -Caroline etc...).

Biggest disapointment: A 1973 single on RCA under the name Hammerhead...weak poppy reggae.

Best deal -The Passengers -Something About You for 25 pence!

As for the Sakkarin single above? It is in fact a demo copy of Sugar Sugar!

Back soon...

Friday, July 20, 2007

Gisela Dreßler -48 Crash

Gisela Dreßler -48 Crash/ Can The Can –Amiga 455984 (1974 DDR)

Released in East Germany in ’74, Gisela delivers two admirable Suzy Quatro cover versions. Perhaps 48 Crash has the edge, but both performances are top draw and there is no lack of power within the grooves . Gisela (the perfect mix of Romy Schneider and Bobbie McGee?) shows no restraint in her delivery and the result is very convincing. I am unaware if there is a Lives Of Others (Das Leben der Anderen) subplot behind her story, but it’s great stuff to be enjoyed for what it is...

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Thursday, July 19, 2007

Stanley Frank -Run For The Sun

Stanley Frank (S'cool Days) has recently updated his site with some new songs including an absolute corker called Run For The Sun. It's an unreleased early 80s song produced by Mick Ronson and is as good as The Raspberries' Cruisin' Music -Purepop ecstasy!

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Monday, July 16, 2007

Andy Bown –Supersonic

Andy Bown –Supersonic/Feeling Better –GM GMS 9039 (1975 UK)

Yes, the same Andy Bown (and NOT Brown), who was the HE in The Herd, performing a storming version of the theme to Saturday morning’s TV Pop programme Supersonic. Produced by Tom Allom (Tiger etc…) it’s a cracker to be filed next to Dazzle’s Jim’ll Fix It (DJM).

For those born too late or residing elsewhere, Supersonic was the ultimate in UK Pop TV featuring many Glam greats and was just around long enough to embrace Punk (the appearance by The Damned was particularly memorable). Presented by school boy crush-maker Sally James and directed by the Cecil B. DeMille of morning TV Mike Mansfield, the show ran from September ’75 to April ’77. More information and a full list of appearances here:

Cue the music!

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Friday, July 13, 2007

NQB –Long Long Weekend

NQB –Long Long Weekend/ Free The People –Hendrix Music Production SSS1040 (1973 Sweden)

NQB were an all female Swedish combo and Long Long Weekend is a rousing Junkshop Glam Stomper much in the tradition of Bonnie St. Claire or Heart (the Dutch one). Similar in chord structure to Bitch/ Mustard’s Good Time Coming, the performance is top notch with pounding piano and a mean lead guitar.
The B side is also interesting as it’s a gospel influenced rocker with mentions of freeing the people from the Bayou????
NQB had at least one album and more singles released, I would be interested to know if anything else lives up to the promise shown on this release.

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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Clutch –Black Angel

Clutch –Black Angel/ The Frighteners –EMI 2016 (1973 UK)

Black Angel is a 3 chord Boogie/Glam Cruncher with some neat revved –up Motorbike effects and Kim Fowley type grunts. The tune doesn’t really go anywhere, but you have got to dig those bike sounds… The B side is a pretty good up-tempo rocker. I couldn’t find any info on these guys, perhaps a one-off??

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Friday, July 06, 2007

Amsterdam –Mary Lou

Amsterdam –Mary Lou/ Best Friend –Pink Elephant 22.841 (1974 NL)

Amsterdam were members of the feared Ajax Inter-City Firm and they were always at the forefront when it came to bashing in Feyenoord skulls. They eventually rose beyond their violent notoriety when they started to bring their instruments to play for their mates on the football specials and somehow got themselves signed to the Pink Elephant label –They were even filmed for TV on a train performing this very same song!!!

….In fact Amsterdam were a bunch of namby- pamby hippie popsters (Indian Pipe), but they did appear on Van Oekel’s Discohoek performing this track in a studio train carriage…In any case Mary Lou is another fine example of period Boogie/Glam - nice and crunchy with a blistering lead break.

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Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Polyphon -Estonian Glam 1974!

Unbelievable! I need this single -What further gems are there to be found behind ye old Iron Curtain -Tallinn here I come...

Sunday, July 01, 2007

Marmalade –Our House Is Rockin’

Marmalade –Our House Is Rockin’/Hallelujah Freedom Blues –EMI 2071 (1973 UK)

Surprisingly heavy later release by the Cousin Norman mob. Both tunes are prime juicy cuts of Para Glam Boogie quite close to Hustler, Canyon, Geordie, Albatross etc…Marmalade had a pretty long career across several labels and some of their early singles and first album on CBS are definitely worth seeking out as they contained some great Psych/Pop (with 2 bass players!)

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