Sunday, August 31, 2014

Giano Ton –Matalo

Giano Ton –Bocca Di Rosa/Matalo –Rca PM 3550 (1970 Italy)

Giano Ton is a nom de plume for Giacomo Tosti and Matalo was featured on the soundtrack of Cesare Canevari’s Spaghetti Western of the same name. What is surprising is the mix of virulent Heavy Fuzz, Psychomania (Witch Hunt) choir vocals and snarly lead in English. The second half of the tracks is where the lead guitar gets cooking and the overall performance is pleasantly short,  getting to the point without time for any digressions.

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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

The New Lords –T.V.

The New Lords –Radio/T.V. –Columbia C006-30419 (1971 Germany)

The Lords were (and still are?) the longest serving German Beat group. Although their best (R&B and some near Psych numbers) was also offset by some more radio friendly comedic sing-along stuff. By 1971 the band had split and the short-lived New Lords incarnation only featured Ulrich Gunther from the original band with younger cohorts in tow. They managed to put out an LP under the new moniker along with a single culled from that album, however the two tracks presented here were exclusive to this release. The coupling of T.V. and Radio makes this a concept single of sorts. Heading in a more Heavy direction T.V. is a real corker. It is Euro Hard Rock of the highest order and sits nicely next to Propeller (featuring Achim Reichel and Herbert Hilderbrandt from that other German rock dynasty –The Rattles) The A side is also superb but in a more radio friendly manner but with plenty of twists and turns including some surprising backward guitar. It is a shame that The New Lords didn’t continue in this promising direction as this line-up of the band split in ‘72

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Monday, August 11, 2014

Godson –We’ve Not Made It

Godson –All Dressed in White/We’ve Not Made It -Philips 6006155 (1971 UK)

We’ve Not Made It is an absolute killer piece of Proto Punk coming across like an early Boys track with strong Stones inflections. The vocal delivery is positively yobbish and snotty in its attitude; it’s hard to believe that this came out in 71. Even more surprising is that Godson was a project created by John Bachini (ex-Orange Bicycle) with Mike Vaughan (Easybeats manager) on production duties and not a kick off effort by some young upstarts. All Dressed in White is more obviously commercial recalling John Kongos imitating Dylan over a Abbey Road/Hotlegs backing track but spelling out no hit wonder.

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Sunday, August 03, 2014

Angelo Finaldi –Le Sorcier Le Maudit

Angelo Finaldi –Le Sorcier Le Maudit/ Pas Fou –TC Extra EX 7726 (1972 Canada)

Here’s a pair of cracking raucous Glamrockers from this French Canadian guy. Le Sorcier Le Maudit was written for French wrinkly/Plastic surgeon victim Johnny Halliday, but Johnny didn’t give it the A side treatment it deserved. Anyhow both sides are top notch powerful performances, out-rocking Michael Pagliaro in his own backyard. Angelo was in 60s Canadian Garage Punkers La Revolution Francaise and Les Sinners. Strangely enough he recorded in London around this time for RAK. The result? Yes Angelo Finaldi was the Angelo in Angelo & Eighteen! Vivre Le Quebec –Vivre Le Quebec libre…!

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