Monday, August 11, 2014

Godson –We’ve Not Made It

Godson –All Dressed in White/We’ve Not Made It -Philips 6006155 (1971 UK)

We’ve Not Made It is an absolute killer piece of Proto Punk coming across like an early Boys track with strong Stones inflections. The vocal delivery is positively yobbish and snotty in its attitude; it’s hard to believe that this came out in 71. Even more surprising is that Godson was a project created by John Bachini (ex-Orange Bicycle) with Mike Vaughan (Easybeats manager) on production duties and not a kick off effort by some young upstarts. All Dressed in White is more obviously commercial recalling John Kongos imitating Dylan over a Abbey Road/Hotlegs backing track but spelling out no hit wonder.

Hear a full version of We’ve Not Made It

Hear a full version of All Dressed in White


pissed-off said...

Well, Thanks! I produced it too by the way. And, I was really a Yob. Regards John Bachini

Robin Wills said...

Hi John
Thanks for your comment. Do you remember who played on it? Any anecdotes?