Sunday, January 05, 2020

Purepop Set Sale and Mini Auction


Hi all

The emails have gone out, From tomorrow (Monday 6th), I will update the list below to indicate what has sold
If you want the priced list please send me an email at purepop1ukATyahooDOTcoDOTuk

First the 48 hours mini auction (6 records) ending Tuesday 7th at 10pm GMT

Mini 48hr Auction

Dennis Wilson and Rumbo - Sound of Free / Lady -Stateside (UK) SOLD
Flamin' Groovies - Feel a Whole Lot Bettert/Paint it Black/Shake some Action (1973 Capitol version) -Sire  (UK)
Mary Kent- Lost Generation / Gentle Moments -CBS (UK) SOLD
Pantherman - Pantherman/ You Are My Friend -Polydor (NL)
Shakane - Gangman/ Jenny-UA (UK) SOLD
Ten Feet - Got Everything But Love/ Factory Worker - RCA (UK) SOLD


Sixties Freakbeat, Garage, Beat and Psych

Blue Beard -Sly Willy/Country Man -Ember UK Pic sleeve
Clik - Mary, Mary/Uptight Basil Festival (AUS) SOLD
Creation–Painter Man/ Biff Bang Pow/ - Vogue (NL)
Deep Purple - Hush/ One More Rainy Day  –Parlophone  (UK) SOLD
Dennis Wilson and Rumbo - Sound of Free / Lady -Stateside (UK) SOLD
Equals –Softly Softlyy/Lonely Rita –President (UK)
Flippers -Louie Louie/Sonny and Cher -The Letter -Polydor German pic sleeve SOLD
Kim Fowley –Bubblegum/ Wild fire –Liberty German Pic sleeve SOLD
League, The –Hey Conductor/Nothing On –President (UK) SOLD
Power - Children Ask (If He is Dead) /She is The Color of -MGM (US) Promo issue
Pretty Things - Defecting Grey/ Mr Evasion  –Columbia  (UK)
Purple Hearts -Early in the Morning/Just a Little Bit -Sunshine (AUS) SOLD
Russ Kruger - Splish Splash/Separate The Men From The Boys- Leedon (AUS)  SOLD
Silver Eagle –Theodore/True As A Brand New Lie –MGM Demo (UK) SOLD
Them –Walking in The Queens Garden/I Happen To Love You –Tower US Pic sleeve SOLD
Yellow - Living a Lie/ Roll it Down The Hill  –Demo  (UK) SOLD

Junkshop Glam, 70s Proto Punk, Bubblegum

Albatross- Rock 'n' Roll Boogie Man/ Witchy Witchy Lady -Mooncrest (UK)
Angel  - Little Boy Blue/Tragedy Queen-  Cube (GER) SOLD
Billy Hamon- Butch Things / Amusement Arcade Bronze(NL) SOLD
Billy J. Kramer- Blue Jean Queen/ Staying Power -BASF Demo UK) SOLD
Brett Smiley- Va Va Va Voom / Space Age-Anchor(UK)  Pic sleeve SOLD
Brett Smiley- Va Va Va Voom / Space Age-Anchor(UK)  SOLD
Brother Susan - See My Fingers Fly/Full Blooded Man - EMI (UK) SOLD
Buzz - The Rock Roller Coaster/Come Back Baby-  Pinball (GER)
Dirty Angels–Rock and Roll Love Letter/Debris- Philips- Norwegian Pic Sleeve SOLD
Equals- Diversion / Here Today Gone Tomorrow-President (UK)
Gary Steel Sound -  Go Go Girl/I’ve Got A Feeling Coming On -Zel-La  (UK) Here a sound clip of both sides
Gidians League- Hey! Did You Know You’ve Got Your Face On Upside Down/ You've Got a Mind of Your own -Parlophone (UK)  SOLD
Hello- You Move Me / Ask Your Mama -Bell Demo (UK)
Hot Chocolate Music Company ltd. - Wammy! There Goes Sammy/ I Know My Alphabet -Coral US promo SOLD
James Hogg Band- Gotta Be a Winner/Everybody Smile - Regal Zonophone demo (UK) SOLD
Johnnie Coolrock- Good Girls/ Cheeks - Top Jammer -Casablanca  UK Demo  SOLD
Johnny Palermo - Silly Old Songs/ Make it Allright - Hans Belgian pic sleeve  SOLD
Ken Khury- Baby Doll  /Super Queen -Jupiter German pic sleeve
Ning -  Machine/ More Ning -Decca  (UK) SOLD
Paul Ryan - Natural Gas/ Hellow Hellow - Maple Annie -UK  SOLD
Penny Wonder- Come On/ Angel -Philips (Ger) SOLD
Philadelphia Brown -  Vote For Rock and Roll/ Hold Me- Strawberry (UK) SOLD
Prowler- Pale Green (HMMMM) Driving Man / Jackwick Cowboy -Parlophone (UK) SOLD
Renegade- My Revolution/ A Little Rock ‘N’ Roll -Dawn (UK) SOLD
Snatch - For always and Forever / Hurting Kind -Polydor (UK)  SOLD
Stud Leather Cut Loose/ Emma Louise -Seabird(France) SOLD
Things Fall Apart- Bye Bye My Rose/ Manna -President (UK) SOLD
Tubthumper- Kick Out The Jams/Kahoutec -Alaska (Ger) SOLD
Yellow Taxi- Anna Laura Lee/ Mary Ann -President (UK) SOLD
Zingara- Girl Girl Girl / Give it All Up Boy -Pink Elephant (NL) SOLD

Heavy Psych, Bonehead, Hard Rock and Proto Metal

Avalanche- Little Miss Sad Eyes/ I'm Gonna Give My Love-Golden Sun (US)
Critical Mass-Illusion/ You and I  -  Greenwood  US
Easy-Rock 'n Roll/ His Lady - Private Label ( US)
Ezra- Teasers//Livin'  -self release  (US)  SOLD
Flight- Space Creators//Theme from Startrek -Cavern Custom  (US) SOLD
Front Office - Girl/Wow –Mijji US SOLD
Good Mother Sunday- Strap Yourself in / Take Flight -AMG (US) SOLD
Gypsy Amber - Rock-n-Roll Band/Lady -Onyx (US) GOLD
Influence, The - Driving Me Wild/ I Want to Live-Orange (UK) SOLD
Magi- Win or Lose/Mama-Magi  (US) SOLD
Middle Earth- Wild Rock-n-Roll Band//Runaway  -MGK  (US)
Moby Dick- Clear Days/Hold on Me -Negram (NL) SOLD
One Mile Ahead - There Ain't No Use In Crying /Contribution -Santiago (US)
Orchid - Go Big Red/Act Naturally -American (US)   SOLD
Padash- Rock 'n' Roll Duel / Can You Hear The Wind-Trinity (US) SOLD
Proud Flesh - Devil Flight / Blind - Resono (Ger)  SOLD
Snow- Sunflower/ Johnny B. Goode -Castle (US)  SOLD
Spirit of St Louis- See Me Go/Something Lazy -Negram (NL) SOLD
Sky Blue Pink -  Oats/Makin Love Now- Right Now!!  (US) SOLD
Stone Men-The Superdude Party/ instrumental Flatbush US SOLD
Sweet Cheek- Another Man's Sin/ Life Trap -  Blue Ash (US)
Thundermug- Jeanine/ Dunkworth Stomp -Papillon Dutch Pic Sleeve
Time Peace - Wizkids/Changing Images -TPI (US)
Tramp-Ghetto Dog/ Wondeful War Games -  Small Town US SOLD
Tribal Sinfonia- Something Has You Turned Around/ Do You Want Me-Tribe (US)
Unknown-Star Queen/ ?  -  Allied record test pressing
Werks- I Got The Feelin/ Stateline Blues-Self released (US)