Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Friday, November 23, 2012

Utrecht Record Fair Day 1

Once again...hit the floor at Jaarbeurs around 7:12am this morning then spent the next 8 hours pacing up and down the aisles, crunching over, squinting to read the  writting on Japanese Stooges singles  on display. All this interrupted by coffees, fags (you’re not supposed to smoke, but...) as well as frites and Frikandellen and other deep fried animal parts...

It felt like there was less in the way of huge amounts of cheap 45s being unloaded by German dealers, but there was a good mix mix of high priced treasures and reasonably priced gems.

Anyhow pick of the bunch for me was finally (after 6 years) getting a copy of the 32nd Turnoff single

It’s a real corker and I assume that it only came out as a single in Italy...

Another cracking single is this promo only single by I Califfi “Col Vento Nei Caprelli”
 Those were the only 2 Italian singles I had been actively looking for, so thanks to K. For holding these for me, for over a year.
Sometimes a sleeve just speaks to you....and you have to investigate further. So after googling on my Android, I was able to find a clip on Youtube which clinched the deal. Blue Creed deliver a slice of wild primitive ineptitude with the mother of all growling vocals

Hear Blue Creed –Need a Friend (1970) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ni-_8iwW7ko

The next three singles are new discoveries for me, They all had something special going for them.


And the rest...

And more rest...


Next...Greek debauchery to ensue. Update later.


Here is the English, Dutch, Welsh, French, Swedish and New Zealand contingent drinking a toast to "God Bless The 45" (and exterminate all forms of digital formatting


Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Utrecht Record Fair November 2012

Yes, it's that second time in the year again and tomorrow I fly off to my favourite holiday destination. 3 days of finds, close runs, near misses, new discoveries...not to mention great and not so great food, drinks, drunks and crazy French men, old and new friends and a semi- luxurious hotel room.

As always I will have camera and Netbook with me and will be reporting back. Since the very sad passing of Michel, the Da Capo store is now closed, so there is less reason to go early except to ensure I am on the floor by 7:11am on Friday. There is a small outdoor record fair on Thursday, so there may be a post tomorrow, although it is more likely that I will report back Friday evening...

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The Razz Band –Some Like It Hot

The Razz Band –Some Like It Hot/Baby Make Love –No label (197? US)

Great Proto Metal/Punk single, of which next to nothing is known, Written by Ronnie Lee (Venus and The Razorblades’ own Joan Jett) with Kim Fowley, the Razz Band do a great cover of their song. From the sound, I guess is that this single probably came out in 78/79… Some Like It Hot features some cool snarly vocals over a high octane performance, the middle part also reminds me of a less effete Quick. The B side is a bit more mundane in its Hard Rock approach, sure it rocks, but it lacks the attitude of the A side.
It looks unlikely that this single went beyond a few promo copies and I can’t find any clue of where the band were from, although LA looks like an obvious location due to the Fowley connection. There’s another version of Some Like It Hot by Ronnie Lee on the Canadian Permanent New Wave LP. (Thanks to Jan and Collin)

Update: Here is another piece of the jigsaw. A handbill from 1977...It looks and feels like the right band. (Thanks to Linda for the pic)

Hear a full version of Some Like It Hot

Hear a full version of Baby Make Love

Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Dug Dug’s –You Better Think Twice

Dug Dug’s –You Better Think Twice/ I Have Got To Run Away From Here –RCA SP 5095 (1978 Mexico)

To be honest it’s mainly the pic sleeve that warrants this single’s inclusion here as it perfectly transposes 1974 into 1978! The look is just killer, whereas the sounds are just amiable and vibrant. Mexico’s Los Dug Dug’s had a long career from the 60s into the 80s and are heralded in some parts for their earlier more psych material as well as for their El Loco LP. Although this single came out in 1978, it is likely that the recording and cover shot was from 1975, although this needs to be confirmed. Anyhow it was released after the group had been dropped by RCA.

More info here: http://raybrazen.webng.com/dugdugs/index3.htm

Hear a full version of You Better Think Twice

Hear a full version of I Have Got To Run Away From Here