Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Smoke –Dreams of Dreams

Smoke –Dreams of Dreams/ My Birth –Revolution REVP 1002 (1970 UK)

Often wrongly mistaken for the creators of My Friend Jack, this track has even appeared on at least a couple of the “other” Smoke’s anthologies/Comps. In fact this Smoke were a bunch of young freaks from Bury St. Edmunds (Suffolk) and I believe this was their only release. Dreams of Dreams is a great psych track but confined within a neat pop format so it doesn’t drag or have flute or anything of that ilk. The band once went for a record breaking 100 hours playing non-stop. You can see the hilarious news report on this here.
Thank god they were tighter on this single! The band were Taffy Ridgen -Vocals, Steven Vaughan-Williams - Guitar, Ted Chapman -Bass and Billy Grey - Drums

Hear a full version of Dreams of Dreams

Hear a full version of My Birth

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Singles on ebay (Proto Punk, Glam, Bonehead Crunchers, Psych and Powerpop)

Hi I have just listed 47 singles on ebay including Bad Luck, Johnny Dick and this Andy (Anders) Glenmark single in it's original issue.

Hear a soundclip of Rock It in My Pocket

You can find the singles -click below
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All singles have sound clips and a low starting price

Here is the full list, let the games begin...

FOX-Who Do -Obscure Aussie Hard Rock-Bonehead 1974
Johnny Dick -The Warrior -Bonehead Cruncher/Glam -Vanda & Young 1975
Fourmyula -Otaki/ Which Way Did She Go -NZ POWERPOP -1970
Jackie Christian &Target -Love/Last Time I Go To Baltimore – Vanda &Young 1974
Merlin -Rock and Roll Express -Raucous Junkshop Glam-Demo 1975
Andy Glenmark -Rock It In My Pocket - Sleazy GLAM-Original Swedish issue 1975
U.K. Jones -Let Me Tell Ya -Glam/MOD Dancer -German Pic Sleeve 1969
Dawn Chorus -Little Green Men -Quirky BUBBLEGLAM –Galahad 1974
Third World War -Urban Rock/Working Class Man -Brutal Thug PROTO PUNK-1971
Third World War -Ascension Day- Brutal Proto Punk -1971
Früt (Frut)–Snatch N’ Grab It/ Ruby Baby –RAW Detroit Rock -1973
Bad Luck -Le Motard -THUG BIKER Punk RARE -100 copies pressed 1981
Easy Rider -Terry/Sister Sally Girlgroup/ GLAM 1973
Zingara -Girl Girl Girl -Heavy Dutch Glam Cruncher -1973
Serpentine -Powerful Jim -Driving Dutch Freakbeat -1970
Serpentine -Belinda Tomorrow- Dutch BUBBLEGUM -1971
Esprit De Corps -You've Taken... - UK POPSIKE-1975
Dump -Annabella -Top Dutch Glam. Hans van Hemert -1974
Paul Ryder and Time Machine-Are You Ready- GLAM STOMPER -1974
Honky Tonk -All The Young Dudes-Obscure Mott/Bowie cover 1972
Octopus -Bye Bye Baby - Rare UK Glam -1973
Grame Grace -What Do You Do...CAMP GLAM-1974
JET -My River/Quandary -JOHN'S CHILDREN -Glam debut -1975
Punchin' Judy -Settle Down- Tough Hard Girl Glam -1974
Brent Ford and The Nylons 19th Nervous Breakdown EP PUNK/KBD 1978
Teddy Lane -Do The Rock 'n' Roll -HARD Neder-GLAM -1973
Bonjour Aviators -Fury In Your Eyes -Boston PROTO PUNK 1976
Josuha -Jenny -WEIRD and obscure Dutch Glam/Hard Rock -1973
Bear Brothers -Red Shoe Trucken/Bondagio- GROOVE GLAM STOMPER 1973
Pink Fairies -The Snake/Do It -UK issue -1971
BOSTON BOPPERS -Did You Get What You Wanted-Mutoid GLAM 1974
NQB –Long Long Weekend –Killer Swedish Girl GLAM -1974
Park Lane –The Party –Hard Bonehead THUG Punk -1977
Forest -DO YA -Obscure cover of MOVE song-1976
William Shakespeare -Can't Stop Myself -Vanda & Young Aussie Glam 1975
Jailhouse -Bad End/ Ya Hoo Hoo - UK BONEHEAD Hard Rock -1972
Micky Moonshine –Baby Blue –STOMPING Glam –Demo -1975
Buster -Superstar -GLAM -sounds like SWEET – 1974
Pete Dunton -Taking Time -Phasing Psych Rocker Dave Edmunds 1973
A Raincoat -It Came In The Night -Creepy Psych/Glam – Kenneth Anger -1976
Casuals -Tara Tiger Girl -The Move -Kansas Hook -1972
Renegade –A Little Rock ‘N’ Roll/ My Revolution CRUNCHING GLAM 1974
Sensation –Black Eyed Woman Neanderthal CRUNCHING GLAM -1973
Mothers of Track -Motorcycle Rock -Biker Bonehead Cruncher 1975
Stackwaddy -Suzie Q/Roadrunner -Hard Rock -French pic sleeve 1970
Stars in The Sky –Baby Hold On –US POWERPOP-Dwight Twilley 1976

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Wax Museum –Confusion

Wax Museum –Lontano Da Te/Confusion –Rotor 7602006 (1974 Belgium)

The A side sounds like you would expect from the sleeve and the title. A mawkish Euro slow dancer that would have been conducive for a medallion-after-shave dipped disco Romeo to make a move and clinch the deal on some poor soul. However the B side is nothing that can be expected from the sleeve. It’s a maniacally wild and raw Punker positioned somewhere between Garage and Proto Punk. Confusion comes across as a close contender to Stud Leather’s Cut Loose even the low-mixed honking sax adds to the effect. A great release from this bunch of losers….

Hear a full version of Confusion

Thursday, June 13, 2013

TNS –Time’s Up

TNS –Time’s Up/Telling Your Fortune –TNS 111372 (1972 US)

OK, not only Bonehead Crunching time, but crackling time as well as this is copy is ahem…well played. TNS was from Grand Rapids (Michigan), originally known as The TNS Blues Band, they shortened their name to TNS in time for the recording of this bona fide crunching classic. It has all the ingredients, a heavy pulsating beat, really meaty and overdriven guitars, killer lead and pure PUNK vocals…I mean this is real Iggy-type stuff. Both sides are ace, but Time’s Up wins in the Stoogian department; Telling Your Fortune being a Chicken Shack cover.. The line-up was Allen Martinez (vocals), Steve Barkwell (bass), Dave Dehoog (drums) and Randy Nichols on guitar. Guys –if any of you ever read this please get in touch. We need more info and I need a better copy!

Hear a full version of Time’s Up

Hear a full version of Telling Your Fortune

Monday, June 10, 2013

Flamin' Groovies Decal...


No music to upload at the moment, but in the meantime enjoy this great decal that was once stuck on Terry Rae's drum kit circa 1973...prior to joining The Hollywood Stars

Back soon!