Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Smoke –Dreams of Dreams

Smoke –Dreams of Dreams/ My Birth –Revolution REVP 1002 (1970 UK)

Often wrongly mistaken for the creators of My Friend Jack, this track has even appeared on at least a couple of the “other” Smoke’s anthologies/Comps. In fact this Smoke were a bunch of young freaks from Bury St. Edmunds (Suffolk) and I believe this was their only release. Dreams of Dreams is a great psych track but confined within a neat pop format so it doesn’t drag or have flute or anything of that ilk. The band once went for a record breaking 100 hours playing non-stop. You can see the hilarious news report on this here.
Thank god they were tighter on this single! The band were Taffy Ridgen -Vocals, Steven Vaughan-Williams - Guitar, Ted Chapman -Bass and Billy Grey - Drums

Hear a full version of Dreams of Dreams

Hear a full version of My Birth


The Philosophical Zombie said...

Hi Robin, it's Kelley - EV Grieve posted a video of the Barracudas and I put a link to PUREPOP in the comments section

Alvin said...

This is cool!