Thursday, June 20, 2013

Singles on ebay (Proto Punk, Glam, Bonehead Crunchers, Psych and Powerpop)

Hi I have just listed 47 singles on ebay including Bad Luck, Johnny Dick and this Andy (Anders) Glenmark single in it's original issue.

Hear a soundclip of Rock It in My Pocket

You can find the singles -click below
ebay purepop1uk singles for sale

All singles have sound clips and a low starting price

Here is the full list, let the games begin...

FOX-Who Do -Obscure Aussie Hard Rock-Bonehead 1974
Johnny Dick -The Warrior -Bonehead Cruncher/Glam -Vanda & Young 1975
Fourmyula -Otaki/ Which Way Did She Go -NZ POWERPOP -1970
Jackie Christian &Target -Love/Last Time I Go To Baltimore – Vanda &Young 1974
Merlin -Rock and Roll Express -Raucous Junkshop Glam-Demo 1975
Andy Glenmark -Rock It In My Pocket - Sleazy GLAM-Original Swedish issue 1975
U.K. Jones -Let Me Tell Ya -Glam/MOD Dancer -German Pic Sleeve 1969
Dawn Chorus -Little Green Men -Quirky BUBBLEGLAM –Galahad 1974
Third World War -Urban Rock/Working Class Man -Brutal Thug PROTO PUNK-1971
Third World War -Ascension Day- Brutal Proto Punk -1971
Früt (Frut)–Snatch N’ Grab It/ Ruby Baby –RAW Detroit Rock -1973
Bad Luck -Le Motard -THUG BIKER Punk RARE -100 copies pressed 1981
Easy Rider -Terry/Sister Sally Girlgroup/ GLAM 1973
Zingara -Girl Girl Girl -Heavy Dutch Glam Cruncher -1973
Serpentine -Powerful Jim -Driving Dutch Freakbeat -1970
Serpentine -Belinda Tomorrow- Dutch BUBBLEGUM -1971
Esprit De Corps -You've Taken... - UK POPSIKE-1975
Dump -Annabella -Top Dutch Glam. Hans van Hemert -1974
Paul Ryder and Time Machine-Are You Ready- GLAM STOMPER -1974
Honky Tonk -All The Young Dudes-Obscure Mott/Bowie cover 1972
Octopus -Bye Bye Baby - Rare UK Glam -1973
Grame Grace -What Do You Do...CAMP GLAM-1974
JET -My River/Quandary -JOHN'S CHILDREN -Glam debut -1975
Punchin' Judy -Settle Down- Tough Hard Girl Glam -1974
Brent Ford and The Nylons 19th Nervous Breakdown EP PUNK/KBD 1978
Teddy Lane -Do The Rock 'n' Roll -HARD Neder-GLAM -1973
Bonjour Aviators -Fury In Your Eyes -Boston PROTO PUNK 1976
Josuha -Jenny -WEIRD and obscure Dutch Glam/Hard Rock -1973
Bear Brothers -Red Shoe Trucken/Bondagio- GROOVE GLAM STOMPER 1973
Pink Fairies -The Snake/Do It -UK issue -1971
BOSTON BOPPERS -Did You Get What You Wanted-Mutoid GLAM 1974
NQB –Long Long Weekend –Killer Swedish Girl GLAM -1974
Park Lane –The Party –Hard Bonehead THUG Punk -1977
Forest -DO YA -Obscure cover of MOVE song-1976
William Shakespeare -Can't Stop Myself -Vanda & Young Aussie Glam 1975
Jailhouse -Bad End/ Ya Hoo Hoo - UK BONEHEAD Hard Rock -1972
Micky Moonshine –Baby Blue –STOMPING Glam –Demo -1975
Buster -Superstar -GLAM -sounds like SWEET – 1974
Pete Dunton -Taking Time -Phasing Psych Rocker Dave Edmunds 1973
A Raincoat -It Came In The Night -Creepy Psych/Glam – Kenneth Anger -1976
Casuals -Tara Tiger Girl -The Move -Kansas Hook -1972
Renegade –A Little Rock ‘N’ Roll/ My Revolution CRUNCHING GLAM 1974
Sensation –Black Eyed Woman Neanderthal CRUNCHING GLAM -1973
Mothers of Track -Motorcycle Rock -Biker Bonehead Cruncher 1975
Stackwaddy -Suzie Q/Roadrunner -Hard Rock -French pic sleeve 1970
Stars in The Sky –Baby Hold On –US POWERPOP-Dwight Twilley 1976

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