Monday, March 26, 2018

26 Rare and Obscure 70s Glam singles just listed on ebay


I have just listed 26 Nice and rare Glam singles on ebay

You can find them here:

LINK to Purepop1uk singles on ebay

All have sound clips from the records for sale and all have low starts.

So have fun with this lot

Sting -Thief of Baghdad UK OTT Glam -German Pic sleeve 1974
Ronno -(Mick Ronson/Bowie ) 4th Hour of My Sleep -Heavy - Vertigo 1971
Tag -Off Down The Road -Loud underrated Junkshop Glam Classic -1975
Shado -Evil City Rare UK Hard and fast obscure Proto Punk 1974
Jet -My River/Quandary -John's Children Glam classic/ Non LP B Side -1975
Brett Smiley -Va Va Va Voom - Essential Junkshop Glam Demo-1974
Abacus - Indian Dancer -Pounding Glam Stomper- UK Demo 1974
Spode -Cincinnati Woman- Obscure 70s Joe Meek Sound!!! - UK Demo 1971
Knees- Day Tripper / Slow Down UA– Obscure UK rockers 1975
Jets - YEAH! Tough Crunching Glam Thumper Original UK issue 1973
Sparky -Summertime Woman - Sleazy Glam Troggs Cruncher-1972
Hector -Wired Up –Proto Punk Glam Fuzzfest Classic Original UK DEMO 1973
Oliver Day -Crazy Love -Over the top Junkshop Glam -1975
Whistle -The Party Must Be Over -Heavy Glam Thumper- UK Demo 1973
Washington Flyers -Another Saturday Night Top Glam 2 -sider-1974
Tracey Dean -Moonshiner -Top GLAM Thumping Cruncher-1974 UK Demo
Ransome Head -Sing - Obscure Fuzz Groover - UK Demo 1971
Soho Jets -Hi-Heel Tarzan -Mutoid Glam Cruncher Rare-1974
Slade -Get Down and Get With It - Original Australian 4 track EP 1972
Union Express -Do You Love Me/Alligator Fix Killer Crunchers- UK Demo 1973
Stud Leather -Cut Loose -WILD Proto Punk Madness ORIGINAL UK Demo 1973
Troll Brothers -You Turn Me On - GARAGE/GLAM SHOUTER! SRT-1973 UK
Buster -Motor Machine -Sweet-Like KILLER Glam -1974
Hamlett -Vampire Man Obscure UK Freak Rock/Glam-1972 UK issue
Giorgio -Son of My Father (original version of Chicory Tip) -1971 UK Demo